Pick Your Love: Enjoy Up to 22% Off Sitewide Discount this Valentine’s

- by Caroline Hastings-Brown –

OK, I am just going to come right out and say it! I don’t really like Valentine’s Day in its standard form. It’s become too commercial, and I don’t find it romantic to be desperately trying to get a reservation in a good restaurant, or paying inflated prices for a few blooms, or eating loads of chocolate that quite frankly, just makes you fat.

So, before you call me the Valentine’s Grinch, let me say I LOVE love! I am a hopeless romantic with a wild imagination, so I suppose the ‘plannedness’ of romance on Valentine’s Day just doesn’t ring true. It’s almost like you HAVE to express your love, which makes it a bit strange.

Share the love, it’s for everyone!

So, on a far more practical and exciting note, COSME-DE.COM is not going to be sending just a few people a few roses and chocolates. No siree, we have the right idea by sharing the love, with all of you, no matter what! And how do we do that? By giving you all sitewide discounts on ALL your purchases! No discrimination, no discounts only for the popular, pretty girls – EVERYONE gets to feel the love. So that’ll get you in a much better mood then!

Yup, for 3 days between 11 Feb and 14 Feb 2017 you will get a percentage off your order!  

·        For 15% off on orders, spend USD 220 / USD 220 (around RMB 1,523) / AUD 270 / HKD 1600 / £ 150 or above, and use the code WITHLOVE15 at checkout.
·        For 20% off on orders, spend USD 260 / USD 260 (around RMB 1,800) / AUD 340 / HKD 2000 / £ 190 or above and use the code WITHLOVE20 at checkout.
·        For 22% Off on orders, spend USD 320 / USD 320 (around RMB 2,215) / AUD 410 / HKD 2400 / £ 230 or above and use the code WITHLOVE20 at checkout.

So, I am going to use the opportunity try out some new stuff, and I suggest you do the same!

Like Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base. The iconic foundation is a cult favorite with professional makeup artists. It instantly illuminates the complexion with a subtle halo of light and perfectly evens out the skin's texture. Facilitating the application of foundation and prolonging its hold, this base is infused with Witch hazel extract to reduce the appearance of pores. It also contains silica and mica powders of mineral origin to mattify the complexion. Enriched with a moisturizing complex, it restores softness and absolute comfort.

And, seeing as now is my chance, I am going to snap up the Christian Dior Hydra LifeClose-Up Pore Reducing Pro-Youth Moisturize. It moisturizes and treats the causes of visible pores by targeting them at their source. The skin is perfectly moisturized and mattified and the skin's texture is smoother, while the appearance of all types of pores is deeply corrected, instantly and lastingly. The effect is a silky, subtly glowing finish. The skin's texture no longer has anything to conceal, even close-up, with no need for tricks or operations. Its rosy-colored aqueous gel glides comfortably onto the skin and offers the dual sensation of powdered freshness and improved makeup hold throughout the day. Now, that’s romantic if you ask me!

So, get your browsing hat on and get romantic, for yourself or the significant ones in your life!

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