Keep the parties going!!!

How are you all pretty ladies? Party party party at Christmas? Let's not let it stop, keep on partying!

Happy 2010!

While the make-up are drying up your skin, use this magical Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion with Pump. I first thought it would be oily (as it looks very thick textured), but actually it's more watery to oily. And VERY moisturising. Love it. Use it to replenish the water your skin needs, and then move on to the next party tonight!!


French cosmetic tycoon Yves Rocher passed away

I remember the first skincare prodcts I bought when I went to France for exchange programme was from Yves Rocher. R.I.P. Mr Yves Rocher.


Yves Rocher, founder of a world-wide cosmetics empire, died in Paris on December 26, 2009 at the age of 79.

"I confirm that he passed away this morning," said a spokesman without giving a cause of death.

Rocher founded the company in 1959 and nurtured it into a firm with annual sales of over $2.9 billion and a presence in over 80 countries.

The company is renowned for cultivating its own plants and running stores, mail order, and online business. Yves Rocher offers several beauty lines including skin care, cosmetics, fragrances, and hair care.

(news adapted from Examiner.com)


Merry Christmas 2009!

My friend and I made these gingerbread men for Christmas, this is the first time I made them, it's fun and tasty! Too bad I couldn't let you guys try them, so I made it into a Christmas card for you all! : )


2009 Christmas Gift Guide - Fragrance


GIFT HER - Fragrance

(left to right)

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum Spray (USD57.00 - Save 20%): Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum is a sparkling floral bouquet featuring the same notes as the original Daisy Eau de Toilette with enhanced notes of jasmine petals, violet petals and gardenia, all captured in a deluxe collectable black bottle with a luxurious gold daisy cap that expresses edginess with an offhand charm.

Armani Code Pour Femme Eau de Parfum (USD42.00 - Save 13%): Giorgio Armani Pour Femme Eau de Toilette seduces the senses with an intriguing orange flower note, fresh ginger accents and the caress of honey. Sandalwood accords create an unforgettable and captivating new encounter. A woman's mysterious code of seduction revealed.

Notes include: orange, ginger, and pear sorbet softened with hints of sambac jasmine, orange blossom, and lavender honey, warmed with precious woods and vanilla.

Stella McCartney Sheer Stella Eau de Toilette (USD45.00 - Save 15%): Stella McCartney Sheer Stella Eau de Toilette includes notes of spicy white rose, peony, white freesia, pink pepper, white musk in the base, and raspberry. The bottle has a feminine frosted glass exterior, with a beautiful etching of a rose flower.

Floral notes of peony and white freesia combine with a spicy heart of pink pepper and rose. As a final contrast, white musk in the base gives a warm sensuality, combining with the crisp finish of raspberry.
L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette (USD57.00 - Save 12%): L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette is a fresh and floral fragrance that celebrates the beauty of the cherry blossoms during the first days of spring. It is a soft, fresh and floral fragrance with ...
Top Notes: cherry, freesia and blackcurrant.
Middle Notes: cherry blossom and lily of the valley.
Base Notes: rosewood, amber and musk.

Jill Stuart Eau de Toilette (USD73.00 - Save 10%): Jill Stuart Eau de Toilette expresses the dreams and wishes that transform an innocent girl into a woman. The bottle is designed to capture the beauty of a big, sparkling diamond.

Top notes: Cassis, Pair, Green Apple, Lemon, Aquatic Green
Middle notes: Bulgarian rose, Gardenia, Peony, Lily of the Valley, Indian jasmin, Magnolia, Tunisian Orange Flower
End notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, Amber, Vanilla

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette (USD57.00 - Save 20%): Enter the world of Daisy: fresh and feminine, with a playful innocence. At the heart of Daisy is a floral with vintage edge: violet. Sophisticated, with a touch of whimsy, violet captures the eclectic, vintage flavor of Marc Jacobs' feminine, edgy designs.


2009 Christmas Gift Guide - Lip Gloss

GIFT HER - Lip Gloss

1. Stila Gift of Glaze (USD41.00 - SAVE7%): Lip Glaze is Stila's most popular lip gloss product. Add a splash of color and fabulously matching flavors and scents in one easy click of the famous pen. (Grapefruit, Apricot, Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg Spice, Candy Cane)

2. Jill Stuart Jewel Collection Diamond Dew Lip Colour (USD81.00 - SAVE 14%): Jill Stuart Jewel Collection Diamond Lip Colors are luxuriously glossy for a diamond-like shine. They glide smoothly onto lips for even coverage and a wonderful feel, leaving a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

3. L'Occitane Lip Gloss Trio (USD38.00 - SAVE9%): Discover the sweet deliciousness of rose petals, honey & lemon dessert, and cherry blossom in this set of 3 lip glossed. Enriched in shea butter and delightfully iridescent, they leave lips nourished and protected, ultra shiny and sparkling.

4. LANCOME Jicy Glace Ice Cream Lip Gloss (USD23.00 - SAVE22%): A fresh and cooling lip gloss, just like an ice cube on the lips enriched with a coconut milk aroma, and an instant plumping effect that glides on and moisturises dry lips.

5. Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion Collection (USD49.00 - SAVE30%): LipFusion Collection contains six purse-sized Micro Collagen Lip Plump Color Shine in Clear, Bare, Blush, Crave, Boca Babe, and Goddess.


2009 Christmas Gift Guide - Skincare

For this Christmas, I have selected especially some of the best products
for you to GIFT your family and friends. I hope you will like them!

(from left to right)

Clinique Daily Essential Set includes: (USD57.00 - Save 9%)
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel 1.7oz / 50ml
  • All About Eyes 0.5oz / 15ml
  • Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula 1oz / 30ml
  • Clarifying Lotion 3 2oz / 60ml
  • Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips 1.7oz / 50ml

Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Essentials (USD63 - Save 15%) contains three absolute must-haves from the Rosewater range, tucked into a pretty pink printed cosmetic bag. Made from a distillation of Rosa centifolia - the legendary hundred-petal rose - cherished for its clear, sweet fragrance, these are classic English tonics for the skin.
  • Rosewater Hand Therapy 3.4oz / 100ml
  • Rosewater Bath & Shower Gel 8.5oz / 250ml 
  • Rosewater and Glycerine Hand & Body Lotion 8.5oz / 250ml

A classics collection of Jurlique's hero products (USD167 -Save 15%) which help to balance, renew, protect and moisture skin. Jurlique Classics Collection includes:
  • Herbal Recovery Gel 1.0oz / 30ml
  • Rosewater Balancing Mist 1.0oz / 30ml
  • Daily Exfoliating Cream 1.4oz / 40ml
  • Moisture Replenishing Day Cream 1.4oz / 40ml 


OPI Hong Kong Collection SS 09/10

OPI is going to launch a Hong Kong Collection, it immediately catches my attention, I am happy that they are inspired by the Pearl of Orient, a name for Hong Kong as known to people in the world. This collection includes 12 shades:

- Bling Dynasty

- Red My Fortune Cookie

- Hot & Spicy

- Dim Sum Plum

- Jade is the New Black

- Suzi Says Feng Shui

- A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find

- Lucky Lucky Lavender

- Meet Me on the Star Ferry (I love this name, sounds romantic)

- Panda-monium Pink

- Pearl of Wisdom

- I'm Chop-Ssticking to My Story

Personally, I think it's more like a old Hong Kong, like in the 60s/70s, especially from the setting above with the boat, and also the hair style and chunky accesssories (below). As for colours, Mathilda's favourites are Red My Fortune Cookie and Suzi Says Fung Shui.

This collection is set to be in stores in February 2010.

(Photos credit: P'ssion)

Sidenote: Dell has launched OPI X Dell laptop, so nice! I like No Room for the Blues by OPI.


My own Clinique 2-step skin care system

Clinique's 3-step skin care system is very well-known, I am not sure how many people are following it completely, I just know that I am not one of them. I have created my Clinique 2-step skin care system. Since for its Step 1: Cleanse, I replace it by Bioderma Non-rinse cleanser which I wrote about a while back on this blog. It's simple and fast, can be used for eyes and mouth and face.

Then it's Step 2: Exfoliate

I use Clinique Clarifying Lotion No.2 (normal/combination skin) for exfoliation, my face feels very clean and fresh everytime I use it. But I have to admit that although they say that it's alcohol-free, it's very strong when I sweep on my face with the cotton pad, every time I do it, I have to close my eyes and stop breathing, otherwise my eyes and nose wouldn't feel well. Anyway, afterwards my face feels cool and fresh, and as the product description said "A gentle 'tingle' tells you it's working", and that's what I feel on my face, so I suppose it works every time! :D

Step 3: Moisturize

I bought this Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Relief solely for my long-haul plane ride in June initially, and after that I have put it aside for the whole summer. It's only until recently, the weather becomes drier, and it comes back to my magical product. Every morning and evening, I would apply it after the Clarifying Lotion, before the foundation. I can feel that my skin immediately becomes more supple and smooth, and elastic. It's a perfect product for Autumn/Winter seasons.


Mascara Comparison: HR VS Revlon

This is the first time I do any product comparison, and I think it's quite clear from the image which is the winning product. Helena Rubenstein won by far, then why did I buy Revlon? Because one day I found that my beloved HR was lost, and I was in a rush, so I just went into a shop to buy Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara. After using it for the first time, I immediately realized how much I miss my HR Lash Queen Mascara (Waterproof). Why?

First, there are 2 sides on the Revlon mascara, the white one as base, and then the other side to put on top, the base is supposed to enhance the volume of the lashes. But it didn't work on my lashes, maybe I didn't put enough? (My lashes are not short ones) I did make sure I cover all lashes before applying the mascara though, anyway, after applying the black mascara, apart from being clump free, I can only see small effect and not-so-volumous eyelashes. Whereas the HR mascara, although it doesn't have a base coat, the lashes are instantly thicken and lengthen. Undoubtedly there are a bit of clumps compare to Revlon, but if eyes look bigger and sharper, I guess a bit of clumps don't matter, right?

Sometimes, you really have to spend more to have good results.


Brand new make-up "bag"

Ok, I love it when designers put creativity in product designs. And I can’t stop myself from writing about this innovative new product. So, now, everyone, take a wild guess, what’s this thing in the picture? Kitchen tool? Key ring? Speakers? No! No! And NO! Alright, for those who didn’t cheat and scroll down to look for the answer, this is a make-up bag, um, ok, I know, it’s not a bag. It’s a white chunk of layers, but it indeed performs the function of a make-up bag. So how does it work? Look at this picture:

Is this clearer now? Oh…still not quite, right? Ok, how about this one?

Yes, it’s a stackable make-up palettes! How genius! Launched by former Lanôme artistic director Fred Farrugia. This neat new product range aims to de-clutter consumers make-up bag, making it easy to find what you need, including eyeshadows, lips colours, blush, and foundation.

The individual palettes are designed by Ora-Ïto, they can be clipped and stacked together to make a compact and complete make-up set in one.

Moreover, applying them are like finger-painting, you don’t even need a mirror. You can choose from 104 stackable palettes of colors. For those who aren’t accustomed to finger-painting, the range also includes a make-up tools set to suit your needs:


Make-up Products: Autumn 2009

Candy colours

(click to enlarge)

Pinks and purples are usually spring colours, but this season they also appear to be the main colours, showing a sense of romance.
Earthy colours

(click to enlarge)

Earthy colours for autumn are the ever-lasting, classic shades. The main products are eye shadows, the tones include golden bronze, chocolate brown and olive green.

These are best for the less adventurous consumer, because they are easy-to-wear and natural, you can’t possible go wrong with them.

- Benefit Brow Zings – Color: Light – USD34.00 (save 10%)
- Bobbi Brown Nude Lip & Eye Palette (Limited Edition) – USD55.00 (save 32%)
- Christian Dior Iridescent Eyeshadow –color: 559 Parisian Lights - USD55.00 (save 12%)
- Lavera Lipstick – Color: No.25 Brown – USD12.00 (save 52%)
- YSL Multi Usage Make-Up Palette – USD41.00 (save 28%)

Blue shades

(click to enlarge)

This season’s top colour is precious blue, most obvious are the eye colours. NARS Liquid Eyeliner’s turquoise blue is a lighter alternative for this colour trend. There are many brands offering a blue palette, so I believe this will be a big colour trend for autumn.

- Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes – Color: 08 Dazzling Moon – USD53.00 (save 9%)
- Chanel Noire Et Marine Professional Eyeliner – USD45.00 (save 10%)
- NARS Liquid Eyeliner – Color: Neverland 8105 – USD28.00 (save 5%)
- Chanel Irreelle Duo Silky Eyeshadow – Color: 73 River-Light – USD41.00 (save 12%)
- Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow – Color: 92 Bleu Celestes – USD58.00 (save 8%)


Make-up colours: Autumn 2009

In addition to the usual plum and earthy colour, this autumn adds vibrant turquoise, pink and purple as a contrast.
Be a doll

(click to enlarge image)
  • Smoky browns, plum tones and red lips
  • Softer, more romantic and youthful look
  • Browns, greys and taupes to purples, pinks and blues
  • Perfectly flawless base


(click to enlarge image)

  • More suited for the evening or a party occasion
  • Bold mouths and smoky eyes
  • Bright two-tone shadows
  • Purple, turquoise and yellow
  • For lips: use lipstick not gloss

Sexy appearance

(click to enlarge image)

  • Sultry, alluring make-up look
  • smoky shading on the eyes
  • sculptured cheekbones
  • bronze, browns and gold tones
  • grey and green shadows
  • Lips: browns, natural or nude shades

What products are suitable for creating these looks? Don't forget to come back and check out my autumn cosmetics products guide!


The Devil wears Prada

I especially like the comment Anna Wintour made on Letterman at the beginning "You have interesting socks", haha!! A truely fashion-focused person. This interview is interesting, I love it.

For those of you who aren't familiar with who Anna Wintour is, she's the "devil" in the movie of The Devil wears Prada, the Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue, as you would have known from the movie if you have seen it, she's decisive and seems like a very cold person, but very charismatic. Watch out for the "September Issue" documentary, it's intriguing. For now, take a glimpse of it with the trailer:


Za eyeliner

I am always adventurous when it comes to cosmetics products, and I have just finished the eyeliner I bought in Thailand in March, so about 4 months. (hehe, I forgot the whole cosmetics bag in HK that time, quite disastrous...) So I was looking for a new one, and here it is, Za Ever Liner for eyes. It's been like a week I have been using it, this time I bought black, not brown, and was thinking whether this colour would make my eyes look bigger. Um. I guess it makes my eyes look brighter than the brown colour.

It doesn't have a cap, so it's good because I don't have to worry of losing it while putting my eyeliner on (on the bus/train). Yes, I mostly do my makeup on public transport :P. Anyway, you just need to turn the head (the transparent part of the photo) of the pen then the eyeliner will come out, convenient! And I also like the colour of the eyeliner itself, white, simple and clean.

As for the texture, it's very easy to apply, it doesn't require a back and forth drawing for the colour to stand out, just basically one stroke is enough. I am lovin' it. I still remember the first eyeliner I had, I need to re-draw and re-draw to have a nice solid colour, so much effort. And this one is so much easier.

How about you? Any eyeliner you recommend to everyone?


Disappointing OPI x SEPHORA

I was so happy that I could finally bought the OPI x Sephora Nail Polish when I went to the US in June. First it was cheaper (US$9) than normal OPI edition, and (I thought) the size is smaller because it does look smaller on the USA Sephora site. :P

I didn't use it until like 2 weeks ago. As much expectation as I have in it, it does really disappoint me...I normally start polishing the thumb first, and you know how the nail size is bigger than others, and the first touch the brush had with my nail, the first impression I got was "What? It's so thick" Anyway, I just keep applying on the nail, but it's so hard to make a nice, smooth surface compares to other nail polish I use (e.g. Missha, Revlon). I still did put them on all my finger nails and toes. However, I had to clean the index and middle finger afterwards because they were screwed up (uneven surface). And I didn't re-apply until like 2 days later...

So 2 days later, I gave it a second chance. Again, I failed, I started to think whether it's my applying skills or what, but it couldn't be because I used to be good with other ones. So I concluded it's the nail polish's quality. So I cleaned (yet once again) the 2 fingers and just left them, really can't be bothered anymore. So for like a week I was with 3 fingers on orange-reddish nails and 2 with none (yea, looked so "nice") :(
I told my friends about it, and they couldn't believe that the quality is that bad. But again, maybe I was just unlucky to have picked the not nice bottle, afterall, I only bought 1 bottle. But I swear that OPI version are all good ones.
Has any of you have a different opinion about this product?


Shu Uemura X Moyoco Anno

Shu Uemura collaborated with one of Japan's most famous manga artists, Moyoco Anno, to create a limited collection of cleansing oils and make-up tools designed with an image of the cute Tokyo kamon girl.


Victoria's Secret Mist

I went to San Francisco early June, went shopping and I found Victoria's Secret, but I didn't buy any underwear there, what did I buy then?

Yes, dream angels heavenly, it's a mist, and to my surprise it's quite cheap, US$15, not bad. Although it's plastic bottle, not glass, it's good enough for me. The smell is nice, a bit like the male Jean Paul Gaultier I used to love a long time ago. The smell is light, just enough for myself and people standing close to smell it, not strong. I like it.

And I have to say that this is the first mist I bought for myself. I don't put it on every day, just sometimes when I feel like it, I don't want it to be my signature "smell", you know how smell would remind people of you, i mean fragrance smell, not body odor. :P It would just be boring if I am just a particular smell. I like myself to be more diversed and unpredictable...haha!



I like this dress

Don't you just like this dress? And it's Kate Hudson, it just shows her lovely body and accentuates her honey skin colour. And the black graphic sculpts her waistline so well.



My new BB cream

Here it is, my new BB cream! Etude BB Magic Cream SPF 30 PA++
Etude is a Korean brand, like I said before, BB (Blemish Balm) cream is originated from Germany, popularized by the celebrities and ladies in Korea. The reason I prefer this to Missha is 1. the design of the bottle, 2. the texture.
As you can see from the left and centre photo, the bottle is slimmer than the Missha one, and it's easier to squeeze the cream out with the compress bottle mouth. And when squeezed out, it's like the right photo. The texture is watery, yet still perform the even colour tone function. Below is the demonstrating photo I took.

You can see that my face is brightened and colour so even. It might not be as good as other thicker texture BB cream in covering the spots, but it's good enough for me, i prefer watery.

The trick in using BB cream is to wait for about 5 minutes before applying anything else on top, like eye shadow, blush...etc. And it's ok to also apply BB cream around your eyes. It wouldn't hurt the delicate skin around it (but do apply eye cream beforehand though). The reason for waiting 5 mins is that BB cream normally takes a while to get into the skin, and then when the skin absorbs it, it will start the tone-evening and other functions it possesses. You can see in the photo very obivious that my forehead colour difference is gone and became brightened.
BB cream normally doesn't have different colour or just 2 or 3 colour tones, this is because it simply just adapts to your skin colour after a while, so it doesn't really matter what its colour shade is.
My daily routine for a light and natural make-up is:
1. Dermalogica day bright SPF 15
2. Dermalogica total eye care SPF 15
3. Etude BB Magic Cream SPF 30/PA++
4. Blush
5. Eyeliner
6. Eyeshadow
That's it, I don't need to use concealer or powder, and a simple and natural make-up is done and I am ready for work!
It's takes only about 10 mins or less for me to get the make-up done. Hassle-free! Go get your own BB cream now!


BB Cream

The first time I heard of BB cream was about 2 years ago, and I thought that it's a cream for babies, well, BB cream, it makes sense right?! But then I found out it's originated from Korea, BB stands for Blemish Balm, its functions include:

1. Moisturize

2. Repair

3. Evening face tone

4. Oil control

5. Whitening

6. UV protection

7. Anti-wrinkles


The first one I bought was a bottle of Missha, it's quite good in the sense that it evens my face colour, so my face looks more awake and brightened, and it's also good for moisturization, I just need to put on a thin layer of UV cream and then BB cream, it's enough to last for a 8-hour day or more. I have been using this Missha one for like a year until I found a better one...
It's to be revealed tomorrow, stay tuned...


The Lady Dior short film

Dior’s Hitchcock-inspired film starring Marion Cotillard, this is the first of a four part series advertising the Lady Dior handbag. Intriguing!

And on this link http://www.ladydior.com/thefilm/, click on "The Legend" at the bottom, you can see the making of the legendary Dior bag, how they sew it and carve out the D logo. Check it out!


Foundation advice needed

Hi all, how's your Mother's Day, I had a great dinner with my family and relatives, a whole bunch of people, it was such a lovely evening!
I have been hunting for a good foundation recently: Bobbi Brown, Armani or IPSA? I really don't know which to choose, a friend said IPSA's is very thin and light, almost too thin to cover your imperfections; and another friend said Armani is thin and better, oh my god! Which one should I choose?

Could anyone give me some advice?


Special Cleansing Gel - It's really special!

Guess I am just a really bad blogger...alright, I promise I will keep up with the pace of my blogs. Anyways, here's another great product's review: Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel.
Have you ever come across facial cleansers that left your skin dry and tense? I do! I can't remember how many different brands I have tried until I found this perfect cleansing cleanser! Yes! It's really true to its name, Special Cleansing Gel. It doesn't produce enormous amount of foam when rinse with water, but enough to make you feel that your face is being cleansed. I use daily during shower, and after using it, my face is clean and supple. And afterwards, I just need to put on toner and then go to bed, doesn't even requires moisturizer. How great!
I highly recommend this to all of you who's searching for a good facial cleanser.
P.S. Recently I am addicted to this Dermalogica brand. Next time I will tell you about the other products from it which I am also using. :)


Dry Skin SOS!

Just came back from Beijing (China), oh my god, the weather was SOOOO dry there, my skin literally cracked. And the worst thing was that my sensitive nose became crazy, I kept sneezing for the whole 1st day, and my nose was in so much pain. And you know what, in the next few days, the skin beneath the nose began to dry and none of the moisturizers i brought helped. And that's when I really wanted to have Sisley Comfort Extreme Day Skin Care (Very Dry and Sensitive Skin).
I remember the last time I used it while i was in Hong Kong, I felt that it's a bit too rich because Hong Kong is humid. But it's perfect when it's for such dry weather like in Beijing! If I had it, I would put a thick layer on my skin and my nose wouldn't look as bad as it had been. If you have experienced what I had experienced, you would know what I meant, I couldn't even put my foundation on because it would look even worse...poor me...so the next couple of days I was meeting people with the peeling skin underneath my nose...
So next time, I would remember to bring the a-little-too-rich cream with me whenever I am travelling to dry places!


Hello Kitty X MAC @ Thailand

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Hello Kitty, MAC and Thailand, they don't seem to relate, do they? They actually do!! I just came back from a holiday in Thailand, went to Bangkok, and I saw the launch of MAC and Hello Kitty crossover limited edition. I know it's not anything new, but it's cool that I actually saw the launch of it in Bangkok and a human male mascular Hello Kitty! :)
The product range includes everything from eyeshadow, eyelash, blush, lip conditioner to face powder...etc. Basically, everything your face needs for a beautiful make-up.
Abstracted Info from WWD:
While the 34-year-old Hello Kitty character is usually assumed to be a cat, she is actually a girl, according to Sanrio. And a girl without a mouth, so she “speaks from the heart,” the company MAC said. “She may not have a mouth, but she’s going to sell a lot of lipstick,” cracked Demsey.
“To me, MAC Hello Kitty embodies the ultimate beauty icon,” said Jennifer Balbier, senior vice president of product development for MAC Worldwide. “She’s sweet and sexy, slightly edgy, and appeals to a wide range of customers. We wanted to reflect that through a sweet side, but also something slightly mischievous when it came to the colors. I started out by creating a palette of pinks, since they fit and always trend well in the spring. And this look is so much about the eyes that we did two eye shadow quads.” The Lucky Tom quad has violet blue, brown, gold and pink-coral shades, while the Too Dolly palette has mint, blue-silver, pale pink and magenta shades.


2009 Lady Dior Radiant Couture Touch Up

How would you like a Dior bag combined with your beauty magic inside? It sounds like a perfect match, isn't it? Here it is, the beautiful Lady Dior Cannage bag has been combined with make-up for both cheeks and lips, how exciting! Look at the right of the picture here! It's so cute and yet elegant.

Lady Dior Radiant Couture Touch Up in Parisienne Chic or French Chic, a complexion highlighter and a creamy tint for both cheeks and lips.
Want to own this before the start of Spring? Check out COSME-DE.COM!


The way to say I Love You

What are you getting for your love one for this year's Valentine's Day? I thought about it for a long time, I want something which could represent him as a unique human-being. I have chosen frangrance at the end, since I think that a smell could bring out the character of a person. Here are some of my choices for women.

(left to right)

1. Guerlain Colours of Love Eau de Toilette (Limited Edition) - USD44

2. Mark Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette spray - USD57

3. Flower by Kenzo Eau de Toilette - USD64

4. YSL Paris Fragrance Coffret - USD80

5. Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Parfum (Crystallin Edition) - USD83

6. Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette - USD45


Happy Chinese New Year of Ox!

In the Year of Ox, COSME-DE.COM wishes you all AS PRETTY AS EVER every day, and be PROSPEROUS throughout the year! In order to celebrate the New Year, we are giving out Lucky Money up to 50% discount, buy more get more!

Happy 牛 Year!

P.S. The colour red represents prosperity and good luck to Chinese, and 牛 is pronounced as "Niu" in mandarin which is a homophone to "New" in English. And the word 福 above means good luck and fortune, and it's been turned upside down to mean the arrive of good luck, again, the word "upside down" in Chinese is a homophone to "arrive" in mandarin.


Newly added Amazon Payments

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Learn more about the different Amazon Payments account types.

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Get Blake Lively's look

I realised that I haven't written much about cosmetics on this blog, so let's start this first time with...BLAKE LIVELY's make up style. She's from the famous series Gossip Girl, I watched only a few episodes of it because it's about highschool girls lives, well, it's a bit too...young for me I guess. But anyways, I love the real glam styles the characters carry. Thus, I started to notice her. She's Blake Lively, 5'8 tall, great body and sexy smile. Let's see how you could get her look!

Moderate cover, natural matte finish.
High-performance makeup. Stays smooth all day, come stress or high humidity. Oil free.
Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.
Eye shadow:
NARS Duo Eyeshadow - Stage Beauty 3051 (US$33): Same longwearing crease resistant formula as the NARS Single Eyeshadow. First apply the brown colour at the end of your eye lid, and blend with the shimmer white colour on the rest, don't forget the front corner of the eye to archive the hightlighting effect.
Eye liner:
Just one line that will completely change your expression and enhance your impression!
My new favourite mascara! Light, non-sticky, waterproof and gives your eyelashes a dramatic effect, what more could you ask for?
An orange blush to boost your mood!
A not-to-bright colour for the lips giving you a natural look.
Glossy lipstick with SPF 15. Brilliance, comfort, protection. AQUALUMIÈRE: the immediate pleasure of a smooth cream texture for lasting comfort. A lipstick with incredible shine in semi-sheer shades to reveal the fullness of your lips. Its sparkling cocktail of ingredients leaves your lips soft and supple. Your lips are protected and luminous.
Try these products out today and become a Hollywood star yourself!


New Year Hot Picks!

What are your new year resolutions? Mine is very simple: be happy and save money. I have chosen some bargain products which are really worth buying. I have decided to present them like the music award ceremony: The LIST, The BEST for Women, The BEST for Men.


1. SKII Whitening Source 50ml (US$122 - 25% off):
This oil free gel hydrator brings radiance and moisture to your skin, evening out your skin tone and overall complexion. Whitening Source, used daily, will help to promote a clear and translucent glow while moisturizing your skin.

Shielded with state-of-the-art UVA/UVB filters, powerful anti-oxidants and an anti-pollution agent Bienfait Multi-Vital helps protect against the causes of premature ageing. Hydrated, strengthened and protects, your skin is energized and more resilient to external aggressions.

This set includes:

- BIOSOURCE - Clarifying Cleansing Gel (20 ml)
- EAU D'ENERGIE - Awakening Mist (15 ml)
- SOURCE THÉRAPIE SUPERACTIV - Boosted Spa Concentrate Revitalizing - Skin Perfector (15 ml)
- Small hair comb

Nourish your skin with organic almond oil while your senses are awoken by the wholesome mediterranean oils. Pistachio oil will condtion and moisturise your skin while milk extract will leave your skin silky soft. It also contains shea butter, nature's most moisturising ingredient to ensure your skin is thoroughly nourished.

Rehydrates and firms dry skin. Helps minimize the look of lines. Triggers skin's ability to build and hold moisture. For normal/dry skin.

ULTRA CORRECTION NUIT represents a total solution which will restore a youthful appearance to your face by correcting all the signs of time. This night cream has been developed and enriched to ensure intense hydration at night, the most active period of regeneration.

7. Anna Sui Luxury Face Powder (US$49 - 23% off):
Fine, brilliant and moist! Makes your skin look luxurious.

Anna Sui Dolly Girl Bonjour L'Amour Eau de Toilette was introduced in 2007 summer. This is a yearly limited edition of Dolly Girl from Anna Sui. Dolly Girl Bonjour L`Amour is the fourth version since the first launch of Dolly Girl in 2003.

It gives a touch of Parisian world of romance, couture & allure with the chic elegance of this fruity floral fragrance. The notes include grapefruit, sweet lemon, cinnamon, orange blossom. Blended with magnolia, tuberose, jasmine, rosewood, peach, raspberry, coconut, amber and musk.

Boss in Motion Electric Edition is bursting with aquatic freshness which smoothly transcends into a crisp aromatic heart, to create a beautifully masculine, dynamic and sensual fragrance. Boss in Motion Electric Edition combines a powerful blend of rich woods in the base to add subtle contrast and distinction, for a truly engaging scent.

This set includes:

- Moisture Deep Cleansing Oil (15 ml)
- Moisture Liquid Cleansing Foam (15 ml)
- Balancing Water (15 ml)
- Balancing Emulsion (15 ml)
- First Care Serum (8 ml)
- Lifting Cream (5 ml)
- Anti-aging Eye Cream (3.5 ml)
- Pouch Bag (Promotional Item)

Clarins Men Smooth Shave (US$20 - 32% off):
Enjoy a close shave each time without nicks and cuts. This alcohol-free foaming gel helps soften stubble, ensuring razor's optimum performance. Soothes and protects skin from irritation (Grindelia extract).

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