The Top 5 Makeup Brushes That Should Be In Your Cosmetic Bag

Do you have a multitude of makeup brushes cluttering your bathroom vanity? Do you keep each applicator that comes with a new makeup purchase yet find yourself returning to your favorite makeup brush time after time? 

The truth is, women only need five makeup brushes in their arsenal. Review the following five must-have makeup brushes to see which ones you need to add to your cosmetic bag:

1.  Every woman should have a fan brush in her makeup bag. This wide, rounded brush is excellent for applying powder foundation and distributing bronzer on your cheeks and temples.
2. An angled brush is great for applying liquid or cream foundation makeup. The short, dense bristles help you distribute makeup evenly while the angled tip helps you contour makeup under your eyes.

LANCÔME Multi-Function Foundation Brush
LANCÔME Multi-Function Foundation Brush

LANCÔME Multi-Function Foundation Brush is a versatile synthetic bristled foundation brush for use with all formulations, whether liquid, cream or powder.Thanks to the association of rose petal shaped brush and a short handle, the application is controlled and uniform, creating an expert and flawless makeup result.

3. A round buffing brush is a must for those wanting a finished look. Once you have applied foundation, blusher, and bronzer, a round buffing brush lets you complete your look. With small, circular sweeps, use the soft bristles to give your complexion a final touch-up before heading out the door.

bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush
bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush

bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush is a multi-purpose brush for the multitaskers.
With its soft-tapered, semi-round bristles, this versatile brush works great with powder foundation, bronzer, blush and loose powder.

4. A stippling brush is terrific for applying blusher. The dense yet soft bristles of a stippling brush are perfect for dabbing blusher on your cheeks.

5. Another must-have is an eye shadow brush. The soft applicator lets you glide eye shadow across your lid while contouring darker colors in your eyelid crease.

RMK Original Brush Set (Limited Edition)
RMK Original Brush Set (Limited Edition)

This limited edition RMK original 3-piece brush set comes with a high-quality cheek brush, an
eye shadow brush and an eye shadow tip. The soft bristles feel comfortable on your skin and help create a refined and even makeup look. The short handles make them great brushes on the go. 

If you focus on these five makeup brushes, you'll never be at a loss for the right applicator. Make sure not to cross-contaminate your brushes, and replace them at regular intervals. How many of the above-listed brushes are currently in your makeup bag?


6 Fashion and Beauty Mistakes Men Make

If you think beauty tips only apply to women, you couldn't be more wrong. Men can benefit from beauty tips too (some more than others!). Whether you're going for a metro-sexual look or buff and burly, paying attention to your appearance is crucial. Failure to attract the attention of a potential mate or losing out during a job interview just might be due to not paying enough attention to your appearance. If you want to make a better impression from now on, following are six fashion and beauty mistakes you should avoid.

1. Unless you're Mick Jagger, skip the skinny jeans. While a twenty-something hipster might be able to pull off this look, most men can't rock a skinny jean. Opt for a straight-cut jean instead.
2. While we're on the topic of jeans, a relaxed fit jean with a narrow ankle on a man is the equivalent of mom jeans on a woman. Say goodbye to jeans with narrow ankles and opt for a denim that elongates your leg.

3. Don't overdo the aftershave. If you're still spraying cologne in the air and then walking through a cloud of fragrance, just stop it! Scent should entice not overpower. 

4. Socks should be a fashion statement. Gone are the days of matching your socks to shoes or trousers. Opt for patterns that stand out and you're likely to receive plenty of compliments in return.

5. Footwear matters. If your shoes show off your bunion bumps and curly toenails, it's time to invest in a new pair of kicks. Shoes shouldn't be scuffed and tired-looking; they should be the foundation for your look. You can completely ruin a cool look by stepping into a pair of shoes that belong at the local charity shop.
6. Your belt shouldn't look like you're tying a gunny sack in the middle. Belts can be a fashion statement and not just an accessory that holds your pants in place. Opt for a classic belt with style and don't cinch your belt so tight that your pants scrunch. 
Women aren't the only ones that care about their looks. Men can be just as concerned with their looks, especially when it comes to making fashion choices. Bear these tips in mind the next time you think about wearing flip-flops without a pedicure or dousing yourself in cologne. The admiring glances that come your way will be all the thanks you need.


Hacking Your Beauty Routine - Top Health and Beauty Tips You Need to Know

Are you looking for fast and efficient ways to improve your beauty routine? Do you want to spend less time on basic health and beauty tasks so you can spend more time doing the things you love? 

Just like growth hackers can use short-cuts in marketing, you can use beauty hacks to take care of your hair and skin. Check out the following beauty hacks to see which ones might be just what you need to increase the efficiency of your beauty efforts:

1. Remove Foot Odor with Vodka 

Although you might hate to waste it, vodka is particularly good for stinky feet. Massage your feet with vodka to help kill off yucky odors.

2. Petroleum Jelly: The Best Eye Makeup Remover

Use petroleum jelly to remove your eye makeup. Not only will your eye shadow and mascara come off with ease, you might even notice your eyelashes growing longer over time. Be sure to remove excess petroleum jelly to avoid leaving marks on your pillow cases.

3. Get Stronger Nails with Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil isn't just for cooking. Rub coconut oil into your nail cuticles for soft skin. If you take a few moments to massage your nails at the same time, you're likely to find your nails gradually growing stronger too.

4. Avoids Bad Breath with Parsley 

If you are plagued by bad breath in the morning, try nibbling on parsley before going to bed. The chlorophyll in parsley can help you avoid those smelly morning breath problems.
It's easy to hack your health and beauty routine if you know a few essential tips. Instead of investing in expensive lotions and potions from the drugstore, you might already have answer to your health and beauty problems in your home. Do you think you'll be trying any of the above-listed beauty tips?


Foolproof Beauty Tips for Surviving Wicked Winter Weather

Are you plagued by dry lips and cracked skin during winter? Do you dread the harsh dry weather you know you'll have to suffer through before spring arrives? 

If you hate dealing with cracked hands, flaking skin, and sore lips, there are easy ways you can avoid the damaging effects of winter weather. 

Consider the following beauty tips for surviving winter weather:

1. Hair needs extra care during the winter months. 

Moisturize liberally to ensure your hair remains healthy and vibrant. If you find your hair plagued by static electricity after brushing, gently wipe a dryer sheet over your hair follicles to eliminate those dreaded fly-away hairs.

2. Winter is an excellent time to exfoliate your body skin. 

Skin is already dry during the colder months of the year; exfoliating dry skin helps you feel fresh and clean. Follow your exfoliation routine with an invigorating shower for maximum freshness.

3. Sun protection is crucial even during the shortest months of the year. 

You want to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays even if you aren't out in shorts and tank tops. Check the labels on protective moisturizers to ensure the SPF rating is appropriate for winter sun.

4. Adequate water intake during winter is a must. 

Opt for ice water if you want an energy boost. As your body works to regulate its temperature after an influx of ice water, you'll feel an increased sense of vitality that won't result in an energy crash that normally comes after a caffeine intake. Your skin will feel plumper and you might even notice less flakiness in your skin as the result of adequate water intake.

Winter needn't be harsh on your skin and hair if you take extra care to maintain a beauty routine. Simple beauty tweaks can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. Will you be implementing any of these winter beauty tips to ensure you survive the coldest months of the year?


These Common Kitchen Items Will Transform Your Beauty Routine

You don't need to go further than your kitchen to rejuvenate your skin, soften your hair, and regain that youthful glow. Some of the most effective beauty treatments can be found in your pantry closet. Whether your wallet is empty, or you want to try a more natural beauty approach, try these cheap, natural methods to look and feel your best. 

1) Baking Soda

Do you have oily hair and dandruff? Baking soda helps removes dead skin and oil buildups – without drying out your scalp! Rub a baking soda and water solution into your roots before you get your hair wet. For best results, scrub your entire scalp with your fingertips. After rinsing, apply an apple cider vinegar solution and rinse clean for silky, soft hair. 

Baking soda can also be used as a cheap, effective teeth whitener. Brush your teeth twice a week with baking soda until you have achieved your desired level of whiteness. Use sparingly; baking soda is abrasive and can damage tooth enamel if used long-term. 

2) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a popular cooking staple, folk medicine for upset stomachs, and, it turns out, an indispensable beauty product.  Apple cider vinegar is a popular component in many all-natural face washes, creams and toners. It can be used as a hair conditioner. 

Kick stubborn acne by applying an apple cider vinegar and water solution to your face daily. Undiluted apple cider vinegar can be used to target stubborn blemishes, fade acne scars, and reduce the swelling in cystic acne. 

Rinse your hair with an apple cider vinegar solution after your regular shampoo routine. Apple cider vinegar returns shine, prevents split-ends, and even reduces frizz and hair-static during dry winter months. 

3) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the ultimate moisturizer. Say goodbye to scaly elbows and cracking cuticles. Apply pea-sized amounts of coconut oil to rejuvenate dry skin anywhere on your body. 

Do you struggle with frizzy hair and split ends? Coconut oil has a cure for that too. Periodically apply a coconut oil mask to your hair to re-moisturize dry ends, reduce frizz, and even enhance your natural curl pattern. 

Take Charge of Your Appearance

Looking good is important. Your appearance is the part of yourself you project to the world, and a bad hair day or zit can make you feel less confident. Project the best version of yourself without spending a fortune. These natural beauty methods are cheap, simple, and effective. The best part is that these ingredients are likely already in your house!

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