2017’s Biggest Fitness Trends

- by Caroline Hastings-Brown –

Hey my hearties! Now that 2017 is truly on its way, it’s time to talk exercise goals and fitness fabulousness. Don’t you do that at the beginning of the year? Yes, most people do, but that can be a trap! What with the stress and all of January, I find it better to focus on fitness once the year has been worn in and tried on. Less stressful that way!

I don’t know about you, but as a very busy individual (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) I am all for getting as much as possible accomplished in a day, with the least amount of stress! So, I have found that flexible, effective workouts that don’t require trekking across town and spending extra time commuting work well for me. I also have a short attention span – get me bored, and I’m lost, so I need to shake things up, do different things and adapt my workouts to how I am feeling on a particular day.

And as we all know, exercise is absolutely key to living a healthy, long and happy life. The many benefits, from weight loss, increased muscle mass, endorphins and fresh, glowing skin are well documented. So, here are a few of my tips and tricks to ensure that the workout is worked in to your daily schedule, no excuses! Believe me, I have tried them all!

Up The Intensity To Up Your Results

One of the most effective training methods, whether you love walking, running, cycling, swimming or weight training, is to use HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training methods. Instead of spending a long time exercising at a moderate pace, with HIIT, you’ll use short bursts of exercise at maximum or near-maximum heart rate. Most of us are short on time these days, so it’s no wonder that High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is one of the major exercise trends of the coming year. That means you’ll burn more calories in 20 to 30 minutes than you would in a longer session. The best bit – results are so quick – just two months of regular HIIT training and your endurance and fitness are markedly increased!

Bring The Professionals Home

Another favourite training method of mine – bring a professional into your home, for free! Yes, the wealth of fitness videos and professional workout routines available on YouTube, or Netflix, is astounding! In the mood for yoga – find a workout that suits you. Feeling like a bit of booty shaking today – grab a Zumba workout. You see, it’s free, you can do it at home and you can tailor it to your exact needs, every day. You never have to repeat the same workout, if you don’t want to that is!

Reward yourself

And one of the best bits about working out? Congratulating yourself once you are done! A soothing shower or bath after a workout is one of the best treats, and you can make it even better by treating yourself to a delightfully fragrant shower gel such as Clarins Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate.

Specifically formulated to calm both body and mind, the fine, creamy foam very gently cleanses the skin and helps relieve stress and fatigue. It also helps relax the body after exercise.

So, get on your bike, take a hike, HIIT the gym or bend, twist and booty shake your way to great health in 2017, and make sure you LOVE what you do!

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