Mascara Comparison: HR VS Revlon

This is the first time I do any product comparison, and I think it's quite clear from the image which is the winning product. Helena Rubenstein won by far, then why did I buy Revlon? Because one day I found that my beloved HR was lost, and I was in a rush, so I just went into a shop to buy Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara. After using it for the first time, I immediately realized how much I miss my HR Lash Queen Mascara (Waterproof). Why?

First, there are 2 sides on the Revlon mascara, the white one as base, and then the other side to put on top, the base is supposed to enhance the volume of the lashes. But it didn't work on my lashes, maybe I didn't put enough? (My lashes are not short ones) I did make sure I cover all lashes before applying the mascara though, anyway, after applying the black mascara, apart from being clump free, I can only see small effect and not-so-volumous eyelashes. Whereas the HR mascara, although it doesn't have a base coat, the lashes are instantly thicken and lengthen. Undoubtedly there are a bit of clumps compare to Revlon, but if eyes look bigger and sharper, I guess a bit of clumps don't matter, right?

Sometimes, you really have to spend more to have good results.


Brand new make-up "bag"

Ok, I love it when designers put creativity in product designs. And I can’t stop myself from writing about this innovative new product. So, now, everyone, take a wild guess, what’s this thing in the picture? Kitchen tool? Key ring? Speakers? No! No! And NO! Alright, for those who didn’t cheat and scroll down to look for the answer, this is a make-up bag, um, ok, I know, it’s not a bag. It’s a white chunk of layers, but it indeed performs the function of a make-up bag. So how does it work? Look at this picture:

Is this clearer now? Oh…still not quite, right? Ok, how about this one?

Yes, it’s a stackable make-up palettes! How genius! Launched by former Lanôme artistic director Fred Farrugia. This neat new product range aims to de-clutter consumers make-up bag, making it easy to find what you need, including eyeshadows, lips colours, blush, and foundation.

The individual palettes are designed by Ora-Ïto, they can be clipped and stacked together to make a compact and complete make-up set in one.

Moreover, applying them are like finger-painting, you don’t even need a mirror. You can choose from 104 stackable palettes of colors. For those who aren’t accustomed to finger-painting, the range also includes a make-up tools set to suit your needs:

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