The Lady Dior short film

Dior’s Hitchcock-inspired film starring Marion Cotillard, this is the first of a four part series advertising the Lady Dior handbag. Intriguing!

And on this link http://www.ladydior.com/thefilm/, click on "The Legend" at the bottom, you can see the making of the legendary Dior bag, how they sew it and carve out the D logo. Check it out!


Foundation advice needed

Hi all, how's your Mother's Day, I had a great dinner with my family and relatives, a whole bunch of people, it was such a lovely evening!
I have been hunting for a good foundation recently: Bobbi Brown, Armani or IPSA? I really don't know which to choose, a friend said IPSA's is very thin and light, almost too thin to cover your imperfections; and another friend said Armani is thin and better, oh my god! Which one should I choose?

Could anyone give me some advice?

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