Summer should be colourful: OPI

I am sure no one would disagree if I say summer should be flowery, colourful and happy. And so if any packaging that give me this feeling, I would be very tempted to buy them. Like this one, OPI Summer Flutter Minis.

I just can't resist it, the colours, the flowers, the box, oh so nice! All four colours are bright and easy to match, so get them and start showing off eye-catching summer finger and toe nails (that's what sandals are for, right?) colours!


BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Pack

My friends always tell me that BAWANG shampoo really works but it has a very strong herbal smell, and THAT is what stopped me from buying.

Then why did I buy it at the end? It was when I found that quite a lot of my hair fell off for a continuous period, and it really bothered me. So I gave BAWANG a try. When I opened it, it did have a strong chinese herbal tea smell, and I used it anyway. After a week, it's about three times because I washed my hair every other day, the hair loss situation improved significantly. Not only that, the hair condition improved too.

So aside from the smell, it's really worth trying!

Tips: Use it in the evening before you sleep (of course blow dry before sleeping). If I have to go out after washing my hair, I use my other shampoo with nice smell. :P 

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