Four Reasons Why You Have To Use Soap

- By Kylie Tang -

How many bottles of liquid cleansers do you use every year? Not many people know that soap bars can cleanse your skin in a healthier way. Liquid cleansers most likely have anti-microbial preservatives added for keeping them fresh and antibiotic. Unhealthy stabilizers like Disodium EDTA, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and alcohol may be included during the fabrication process of most cleansers. If you don’t want cleansers to ruin or irritate your delicate skin, pick a soap without these substances.

Soaps’ Inner Beauty

Soaps are as functional as your liquid cleansers. A good soap is made of nutritious vegetable, seed oils and natural antioxidants, performing anti-aging and protective functions. Yes, both solid and liquid cleansers can be so nutritious for skin during the washing process.

Meanwhile, soaps can perform unimaginable functions! There are exfoliating soaps, deep cleansing soaps, bathing soaps, anti-aging soaps…You would be a smart consumer if you pick a good soap for skin.

Soaps’ Outer Beauty

I admit that I value appearances. Heart-shaped, round-shaped, star-shaped, irregularly-shaped... which shape of soaps do you like? I like simple, plain, natural squared one. Love does not need a reason!

Soaps Are Environmentally-Friendly

Soaps can be art-like, and they are friends of the Earth. One advantage is that using soap may save plastic bottles. And soaps made of natural ingredients can decompose in water naturally without ruining the oceans.

ERNO LASZLO – Expert of Soaps

ERNO LASZLO offers various soaps for different skin types. Phelityl Cleansing Bar gently cleanses with its pH balancing formula. The pH value is nearly the same as that of skin. With it, you will have smooth, supple and fresh skin without worrying that the soap will be too alkaline.

I like deep cleansing. Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar is made of 97% natural ingredient (I like looking for a natural one). It contains therapeutic Dead Sea mud which helps improve the overall quality of skin. This cool-looking soap features a charcoal color and a good smell. Try this ERNO LASZLO iconic, original cleansing bar and get soft, smooth and radiant skin.

Soap Made with Korean Royal Court Formula 

This elegant Herbal Soap is made of premium and nutrient-rich Korean medicinal herbs like Korean Red Ginseng, Small Solomonseal, Chinese Peony and Adhesive Rehmannia that have been refined for 12 hours to ensure maximum benefits. It can generate extraordinary rich foamy lather that softly cleanses and revitalizes skin, especially good for acne. A soap tray is included in the package so that you don’t need to buy one.

Shea Butter Soaps For the Softest Touch

Soaps can be both effective and inexpensive. This L’Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap Quartet includes 2 Milk Extra-Gentle Soaps, a Verbena Extra-Gentle Soap and a Lavender Extra-Gentle Soap. The brand’s Shea Butter soaps feature a 100% vegetable base formulation of (excellent!) and emollient Shea Butter. They are non-irritating and moisturizing for men, women and even children. Try their soaps by getting this set.

Exotic Organic Soap from Africa!

If soaps are new to you, you can always get a cheaper one for trial. Shea Terra Organics Black Seed & Propolis 33% Shea Soap is 100% natural. It is made of unprocessed Propolis which is renowned for healing benefit. I believe you can’t resist to purchase one with its attractive price. 

I am not telling you to put away all liquid cleansers. Just look at the ever-changing shapes of soaps (it gradually reshapes with your everyday use), it’s just like changes in life that we learn to embrace and appreciate. Grab your soap that makes you pretty and healthy~    

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