Imju Dejavu: Bigger and brighter eyes

Last night, I tried out the new Imju Dejavu Fiberwig Lash Knockout Mascara, the result is soooo good that I decided to make a video of it to show you how good it is. But first of all, some photos:

The mascara is incredibly light, it feels like there nothing inside, so just want to let you know when you receive it, don't think that it's a defect product with nothing inside, it's just the material of the container which is light.

The applicator is straight, just like a normal mascara, it doesn't have the curl shape or anything fancy with the design, which I think is good, because I'd rather the brand focus on the function and quality rather than the design of the applicator.

And finally, how does it perform?

It's easy to apply, and it doesn't produce clumps like many other mascaras, so you won't feel that your eyelids are "heavier". And see...my left eye is bigger and sharper! (And I haven't applied eyeliner yet! So I am sure it would be even better with eyeliner)

Don't you wanna buy one and try it yourself?


LANCOME Sunblock + BB Base??

This is the first time I heard that a sunblock has BB base (BB cream), attention, it’s not BB cream with SPF, it’s the other way round.

The launch of LancĂ´me UV Expert Active Protection BB Base SPF 50 PA+++ proves that Korean BB cream trend is hotter than ever. The texture is quite soft and light, easy to apply, and just a small dot (see picture and video below) is enough for the whole face because this small dot I took, it's too much for the hand. It covers up fine lines and it suits Asian’s skin colour because the yellowy colour is gone after applying, making you look bright and nice. And it’s also good for other skin colours, because its BB cream base can adapt to the skin colour and balance it, so it never gets too dark or too pale.

It’s still a bit sticky as other sunblocks, but at least the smell is nice and flowery, not too strong though. A sunblock which can be used as foundation, sounds good, right?

Have a look at the Sun Protection blog post

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