A facial mask you(r skin) can "eat"

I am always lazy to put on masks, so in order to stimulate my interests, I look for interesting masks. This time, I found this, The Face Shop Strawberry Yogurt Pack, I almost mistaken that The Face Shop has started selling healthy yogurt of their own, you know, it's not unpopular for brands to do that these days.

After I examined the pack, I realised it's facial mask and immediately fall in love by the "yogurt" packing. And it doesn't just have a good look, the smell is really nice and sweet. The after-effect is fresh and moisturising, leaving your skin with a slight sweet strawberry taste. Yum!

If all masks are of similar moisturisation function and effect, I'd rather choose something which is more interesting and "edible" (well, at least it looks like it is :P).


Kill the irritating ulcer in no time!

Summer is always the peak ulcer period for me, probably because of the hot and humid weather and lots of deep fried snacks, what I always use is an ulcer gel, but the problem with it is that you have to dry the ulcer before applying and the worst thing is, you have to hold your mouth open and stop talking in order not to  wet that area and sweep away the gel.

Great that now I found this Taisho Mouth Ulcer Patch, you basically just need to stick it onto the ulcer and then the pain will be lessened, the healing time is faster than the gel!

I love this product!

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