Weekly Bargain Picks - 18 Feb

Moist! Moist! Moist! is all you need in this cold dry winter weather.

When cream is not enough, supplement your skin with masks, not just one, but 5! (and it's cheap!)

What about when I sleep? This is it! "Water" your skin even during sleep!

Before all the moisturisation, don't forget about the basic (but magical) essence.


Makep up tips: Lower eyeliner

Normally for daily make up, people just put eyeliner for upper eyelid in order to brighten the eye, ignoring the lower eyelid to avoid looking too "fierce". But it's actually not true that you would look "fiercer" with eyeliner applied to the lower eyelid, it's just a matter of where you apply it on.

My friend K is taking a make-up course and I am lucky enough to be asked to act as her make-up model the other day. It's was a make-up practise for an evening occasion, so it's a bit more intense than daily make-up. At the end of the it, she asked for teacher's opinion, and that's where I learnt the new tip for eyeliner: she took the eyeliner pencil, pull down my lower eyelid a little bit, and then start "drawing" on the lower eyeline, the moist line, NOT the outer skin, i.e. the root of the eyelash. This can avoid a fierce look while looking sharp and bright! :)

Point: You must pull down your eye to be able to draw it. And you need to use eyeliner pencil, not liquid, not gel because that line is wet itself, only pencil will stay.

Some eyeliner pencil recommendations:
                                 Benefit BADgal Extra Black Waterproof Eye Pencil (USD$28)

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