Girls’ Heartthrob of all time – Dr Hauschka

Elegant, classic, delicate, nourishing, caring, thoughtful…  If I have to suggest a skin care brand which embraces all these adjectives, I will intuitively say ‘Dr. Hauschka’.  Will it be your answer too?  This girl’s heartthrob utilises flower power from nature to pamper your skin.


I have sensitive and combination skin; my face cream has to be thin and light to avoid build-up of grease and oil.  I tried Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream and fell in love with its flowing and thin texture.  It keeps my skin hydrated and moist the whole day, and thus my skin doesn’t generate excessive sebum.  For the comparatively dry areas, like cheeks, I just apply a bit more.  The botanical ingredients, Anthyllis Vulneraria and Calendula, support the skin’s healthy moisture balance and make it soft and supple.  After a full day out, my skin still looks fresh without a build-up of oil on my face!

You see the watery texture? 
It gives your skin a dewy and moist touch!
A little goes a long way! 
It smells mildly floral.


Facial mask is the dessert that my skin savors!  I love the healing and revitalising effects of Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask.  It not only pumps up the moisture, but lightens the marks and spots on my face.  On the affected areas, I put a thin layer of this mask and leave it overnight.  After a few uses, my acne marks are almost invisible and my skin tone looks more even, bright and fresh. 

After being exposed under the sun, I would also use it to prevent any freckles and spots appearing.  No one would realise that I have spent a whole day on the beach.  I always bring it with me when traveling to hot and sunny countries.  It is always better to restore your skin health before the signs of sun damage appear. 
It is a decent hydra-boosting sleeping mask and very easy to apply with its creamy consistency.  Extracts of Quince Seed extract and Wheat Germ oil are very essential antioxidants to repair skin damage and promote new skin cell generation. 
Why am I a loyal fan of Dr. Hauschka?  The skin care of Dr. Hauchka is prepared with a thoughtful selection of organically grown plants, free of synthetic elements.  It really transfers the powers of nature directly to your skin.



Stay Thin or Stay Slim? - Natural Slimming Aids

Many women follow the diet routines avoiding sweets, fat and carbohydrates.  They lose weights and become thin unfortunately at the cost of their health.  ‘Keep fit’ should be to tone and firm your body and revitalize your metabolism for a general enhancement to your health and beauty.
I believe diet pretty much determines your body shape and yet I never eat less!  Always eat fruits, nuts, fishes and vegetables.  These foods provide you with collective nutrients, minerals, fiber and vitamins.  Detoxification is also very crucial for keeping fit.  It releases toxins and refuses from your body for better nutrient absorption.  Lately I discover that high fiber diet with Active Lactobacillus supplements can complement each other and achieve a surprising detoxifying effect. 
The Cha Plum from Umeya contains intestine-friendly bacteria, Mumefural, which occurs naturally in low temperature baking process and Active Lactobacillus. They promote healthy bowel movements and prevent constipation.  You will absolutely feel youthful and fit and your waist will be slimmer!

I make 100% sure for the safety of everything I put into my mouth.  Medicine and chemicals will never be considered.  This Cha Plum is made out of 100% natural ingredients, and so I give it a try for 10 days.  At the beginning of trial, my bowel habit changes and becomes smoother and with ease.  With intestinal health, other problems like bad breath, unpleasant body odor and depression can also be improved.

Jogging, jogging, keep jogging!  Doing exercises is very important to stay slim and healthy.  Kick your lazy ass and find companions to PLAY sports with you!  If you want to particularly shape your arms, waist and legs, acupuncture therapy can stimulate the parts of body not being used during sport.  While doing acupuncture therapy, I prefer to use slimming gel or massage oil.  I found this Chinese medical formulated slimming gel, comprising different Chinese herbal extracts including Horse Chestnut Extract, Hedera Helix and Ruscus Aculeatus. 

My skin feels very warm with this gel, but not burning.  I follow the instruction of slimming acupuncture to apply the gel on my arms and belly and then use the scrape to stimulate the acupuncture points on the area.  Be patient and keep doing it every night.  Over time my arms and waist look firmer and more elastic. 
Want a consequential skin improvement from slimming?  Use this wonderful Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil for the acupuncture massage.  This is an angel to those who find their skin limp and loose after losing weight with inappropriate slimming methods.  It renews your skin cells and structures with its vital fatty acids compatible with your skin’s natural fatty acids, rejuvenating your skin from inside out.  Many users realize a visible improvement of their skin tone and the orange peel skin appearance is noticeably less pronounced.

Stay thin or stay slim?  Be a beautiful and slim one of course!  Slimness and fitness do not only come from external beauty treatments, but reflecting your wellness philosophies and living styles.  Regular exercise, healthy diet, and bright attitudes towards life contribute to your health and beauty.


Beauty is skin-deep!

Yes!  This is me, laugh-loving, curious, girly and addicted to beauty!  I am the new editor of COSME-DE, looking forward to being connected to others who share my passion for beauty knowledge and tricks.  There is a variety of ways to be beautiful but only one truth‘Beauty is skin-deep!’

I believe the older I get the prettier I become, for I believe ‘Beauty is skin-deep!’  Beauty glows from the inside out.  Appearance reflects your thoughts, philosophies and characters.

To be beautiful at heart, I aim for natural living.  I embrace Mother Earth in my leisure time, beaches and hikes.  I enjoy good food, but still try to eat as healthy as possible.  Feeling healthy gives me motivations to enjoy life. 

To be an endless beauty, inner beauty complements and raises your outer beauty.  I love traveling and music.  Some memorable traveling experiences inspire me with new insights into life.  When you interact with the others carrying different ideologies from different countries, you will feel the contrast of cultures which definitely widens your horizons.  The desires to travel, create, learn, dream, enjoy, feel and love are innate within each of us.   Sometimes we forget them because of work or pressure, but they are always here with us.  Pick them up and follow your heart!  These fancies do not only enhance your temperaments and your beauty, but attract your family and more friends.

Maintenance of your appearance strengthens your self-confidence and inner assertiveness.  My ‘must’ daily beauty routine is sunscreen.  My favourite sunscreen is ‘Very High Protection Fluide Extreme SPF 50+’ from La Roche-Posay.  I use this SPF 50+sunscreen fluid composed of both mineral and chemical sunscreen as a preparation for strong sun exposure.  It doesn’t whiten and looks completely natural on my skin. 

Wanna be loved and adored?  A sweet smile is the easiest way to gain love and care.  Smile is known as the best make-up, spreading warmth, affections and kindness.  Beautiful smile always associates with soft lips and white teeth.  I love the toothpaste and the lip balm from Weleda which are very affordable and made with all natural ingredients.  Furthermore, Weleda commits itself to helping the farmers, women and children of the working class in developing countries.  I feel like I am sending my blessings to the people who need cares while using its cosmetics.  Support!


How to be a beautiful one from inside out is a lifelong learning.  I am pleased to share this art of living to and explore different aspects of beauty with all of you, beautiful girls!

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