Gifting Ideas

When the holiday season comes, everyone is joyful, and even more joyful when receiving gifts. However, sometimes thinking of what presents to buy could be a headache, here are some gifting ideas for you.

For Friends
If you don’t know the taste of the person you are giving the gift to, go for body/hair care set, essentially including shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, the optional ones are hair masque, body exfoliant. This is always the safest choice.

(Photo: L'Occitane Spa On The Go Hair & Body Care Travel Set $33)

For Wife/Girlfriend
Running out of gift ideas for the love of your life? Don’t worry, you could still surprise her by getting her Limited Edition products. Limited Editions are always very well-packaged with nice design, it’s guaranteed that she’s gonna love it.

(Photo: YSL Baby Doll Pompoms Collector Eau de Toilette - Limited Edition $52)

For Husband/Boyfriend
Men are always not so keen on skincare, but the wives and girlfriends are always very keen on caring for their skin. So, I think it's always good to start with the essentials, i.e. shaving foam or deodorant. This is what they need, right? So they would certainly use it.

(Right photo: Biotherm Day Control Deodorant Anti-Perspirant Stick $17)

If they are used to using shaving foam/deodorant, let's give them a skincare set for them to have a complete cleansing and soothing skin experience, and remember to teach them to how to use each of the product in the set, as you know, they would be utterly confused by all those "stuff".

For the "greedy" ones

It's always happier to receive something more than you expected, so if you are thinking of cosmetics, instead of giving just one lipstick or eye shadow, why not choose a make-up palette which contains eye shadow, mascara, lipstick and more in one box? Fulfilling 3 wishes at one go!

(Left photo: Stila Gift of Glamour $49)

Let's do your shopping now!


The night cream myth...

A while ago, I wrote an article about night cream, whether to skip it or keep it. The professional said, on the source I based that article on, we should skip it and replace with their more watery serum kind of product at night. But today I saw another professional saying something totally contradictory to it, and I am completely confused:

"Smoothing on a healing night cream bolsters this activity. Hirsch says rich formulas are best because their thick, heavy base can help drive active ingredients into the skin."
(from totalbeauty.com, by a dermatologist in Cambridge, Mass., and president-elect of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery.)

OK! Now another professional says not only we should use night cream, but thick heavy one?? I am totally confused. Actually, I think what I will do is to keep the night cream I am using (some nights I skip it to rest my skin), I found out that skin care products are so personal that it's hard to use one theory to apply to all, so my advice is that if you have found what is suitable for you, just stick to it, reading too much sometimes just confuse you (like what I am now).


A great cleanser for busy people

I have been so busy recently, but as a girl, I do normally put some light makeup when I go to work. With makeup, even after arriving home with a weary mind and body, I still couldn't go to sleep straight away because I need to clean my face! Normally what I do is to use face and eye make-up remover to clean up eye shadow and lipstick. And then use foam cleanser and rinse with water for the rest of the face, the whole process takes up about 20mins, it's totally tideous. However, I found a good helper recently - Bioderma Créaline H2O Ultra-Mild Non-Rinse Cleanser for Normal to Sensitive Skin (Face & Eyes), it can be used on face, eyes and lips, so handy!

I used to dislike non-rinse cleanser since I think the cleansing power is not as good, but after trying this Bioderma one, I would never say that again. It feels very clean and soft after using, unlike cleansing milk or lotion, which makes me feel like a sticky layer covering the face.

It's very easy to use: just wipe over the whole face including eyes and lips until they are clean, no need to rinse. The whole process is only about 5 mins.

Now I can go to bed very quickly when arrived home!!

Product description:
Bioderma's micelle H2O solutions are as transparent as water and gently take care of all your skin's needs, ensuring perfect cleanliness and make-up removal via an original procedure involving micro-emulsion to eliminate dirt.


A great moisture mask for autumn

I have been searching for a good moisture mask for a while, nothing really suits my taste, it's either to watery, or too moisturising. Until I found this Dermalogica - Intensive Moisture Masque, it's white in colour, a nice texture (I hate the soft-turned-hard ones which would make you unable to talk), easy to apply. And just 10 mins, then rinse with water. My skin feels supple, but not too overly supple, it could also be applied to neck which is an area many women forget to take care of (it could reveal your age!!).

The description:

A creamy, moisture-replenishing masque that provides vital nourishment for ultra-dry skin. Skin-conditioning Evening Primrose Oil and antioxidant Vitamin E restore skin's softness and suppleness. Revitalizing plant extracts, Honey and Vitamins A and C bind moisture to the skin, helping to alleviate fine lines and visible dryness. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

The usage:

Apply generously to cleaned face and throat. Allow masque to set for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use masque once or twice a week as needed. Follow with a moisturizer.

This is a great treat for your face, use it twice a week to make it brighter.

I wonder if it would really be better to match a Dermalogica moisturizer with it...should I or should I not?


Online shopping saves money

Last week I was visiting the beauty blog I always go to as usual, I was shocked when I saw the post by that blogger which read sth like "I would be posting much less often as usual since the global economy crisis is really severe and I won't complain even though I have to work 16 hrs every day. It's already better than many people who lost their jobs..." It striked me because it feels like it's really hitting every tiny corner of the world, and this makes me even more incline to go shopping online. It's good because I don't have to go out which saves transportation cost, and the things I buy could arrive right at my doorstep. I don't have to be bugged by sales people. It saves a lot of hassle.

Under this kind of economic situation, everyone is trying to save a penny whenever they could, so are you going to go out less and shop more online? Or would you still go out but do more window shopping? What do you think?


The real luxury

When you think of luxury, what would come to your mind?

A relaxing spa/full-body massage?

A holiday in the Caribbeans in 5-star hotel?

Or would you try this Crema Nera Obsidian Mineral Regenerating Cream? This is what I would call real luxury, "great" price, but it's worth it!

Giorgio Armani premiers Crema Nera--a unique cell regenerating cream inspired by the Italian island of Pantelleria. Containing a unique formulation of obsidian, a natural mineral compound extracted from the petrified lava on Pantelleria, Crema Nera perfectly captures the Earth's rejuvenating secrets. This exceptional, patented formula is scientifically proven to actively restore and revitalize skin's natural radiance and regenerate surface cells. The immaculate white cream helps to uncover your skin's beauty, life and youth.

  • Boosts skin radiance

  • Helps refine and perfect skin texture

  • Nourishes and hydrates
I have read numerous blogs, reports about it, every single one gave great praises to this seemingly magical cream despite the high price. The texture is wonderful, it feels great and nourishing, it isn't expensive if it works, right?

Would you also want to try it?


This summer, I realise this is the toner I need!

I never really used toner during my skincare routine unitl I read an article early this year about the importance of it (forgot which one though :P). So I started trying out Clinique's Clarifying Lotion No.2 because of its popularity, and it really does live up to its reputation!

The first night I used it, my skin felt very smooth and clean, although the smell wasn't to good I have to say. Every time I use it, I have to hold my breath because the smell is too strong, and also I have to close my eyes for the same reason. The skin will feel a bit tingling as it says on the bottle which means it's working.

Sometimes after a whole day out on the street, even after washing with foam cleanser, I would still see a grey patch on the cotton pad with the toner! Thus, I never stop using it since, because I know my skin wants to feel refresh and clean before going to bed.

I like it, and do you?


Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong Split!

Sadness...shocking news to me
They are separated, I think they look good together...
Wish Kate will find her prince for life in the future


We are wearing the right colours!!!

For Beijing Olympics! Our team has got the right colours!
(P.S. We didn't wear the colours on purpose :P)


Kate Hudson's twin sister?

Don't really know who she is - Becki Newton, but at first I thought she's Kate Hudson, don't you think she really looks like her? At least on this photo. She's more chubby of course.


Beauty products of lower prices

Human-beings of course want to have things cheap but top quality, however, when it comes to beauty products which I actually have to apply on skin, if it's too cheap, I tend to be hesitant.

This Yukeido Placenta Collagen Mask is a typical product I want to talk about. This brand Yukeido is a Japanese brand, many people said it's useful and skin is actually whiter, brighter and finer after using it. But it's only US$22/5 pcs! Isn't it cheap? I have been skeptical, so I didn't try it until my sister talked about it and my colleagues saying it really works and worth buying. So I did, and I tried...it does work! Skin looks brighter instantly, I have used it for 3 consecutive nights now, and my skin seems to be finer. I will need to finish the other 2 to see the true result.

But so far, I like it. Here are some other brands which are also of lower price range for those who are interested to have a look:

Yukeido: http://www.cosme-de.com/en/brand/brand_page.html?bpid=b00000163

Miracle: http://www.cosme-de.com/en/brand/brand_page.html?bpid=b00000112

Are you interested to try? Or you are as skeptical as I once were?


Boring hair smelling good

Thinking of changing my hair style these days, it's always when it gets hot then I want to have my hair cut short. I have been checking out some celebs hair styles, and I quite like Posh Spice's, but well I think I won't get that at the end because we Chinese have different "hair" from western people, our hair is not as soft, and especially mine, if I get her hair style and don't use hair drier to style my hair every morning, I'd better wear a hat to work. So...this one is not for me.

By the way, the main reason I captured Victoria's picture is the one of her and her son, it's funny how their styles contrast. She's looking cool and glamorous, while her son is looking like a rice dumpling, thick and non-stylish with the scarf wrapping round his head...haha! I just want to laugh when I look at this pic.

So, no straight short hair, then I move on to my other choice, curly long hair with volume, it's easy because I have lots of hair, thick dark hair, but I normally dye it brown. And this is the hairstyle I want to have, and the colour too. Hehe, I like this kind of curly hair because I don't need to comb ever after. Yeah! Seriously, whenever I have curly hair I never ever comb it, suits my laziness.

Ok, I need to figure out a date to fix my hair, they are getting more and more outrageous.

Although I am lazy in combing, but I am not stingy about the shampoo and conditioner, I like my hair to smell nice and feel good, so I try different brands from time to time.

Here are some good shampoo and conditioner suggestions:

Lavender Clarifying Shampoo
Almond Apple Hair Conditioner (Normal & Fine)

Burt's Bees
More Moisture Raspberry & Brazil Nut Shampoo
More Moisture Raspberry & Brazil Nut Conditioner

Sometimes I do treatments too:

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Hair Cream
(I really like the smell of L'Occitane's shea butter, like babies' smell)

Phytocitrus Vital Radiance Mask


Laneige TV commercial

Just saw a blog today with a TV commercial on it, so I thought I could also do the same, so I was searching some TV commercials. (Side note: I always find commercials outside Hong Kong funnier, e.g. Thailand) Anyway, I found this about Laneige Stylish Body Smoother and Stylish Body Pearl with Jeon Ji-hyun, she's famous in Korea and Hong Kong. I think she's quite cute, but not pretty.

Back to the product, at first I didn't really know how it works, I don't think it could be THAT shiny (as shown on the ad). I guess it would be great for parties! Ok, the brush is for the legs and arms and the puff is for applying to areas like neck and decollete. See the TV commercial, then you will understand.

But would the shine be gone very soon? Well, it doesn't really matter, does it? As long as your first appearance is sharp and pretty, it's enough. :)


Summer Must-haves!

Banner Maker

Summer is already here, but it's been rainy in Hong Kong, this week has become better, sunshine and blue sky, who wants to stay in the office? All I have in mind is the beach!

However, before going, some preparations are needed. And now I am going to share with everyone the products on my list.

A list of my summer must-haves:


Bikini!! (Have you got a cheap but pretty one from H & M yet?!)

Celluli Laser Biofibrine - High Precision Slimming Treatment

It seems too late too try to get rid of the celluli now, but this peel seems to work magic, see my other post about it. It might be too early to say, but I might soon be recommending it as a quick fix!

Dermalogica Multivitam in Body Block SPF 20

This body sun block has fast-absorbing formula so you don't feel greasy like many other sun blocks. The product even says "even sand won't stick to it!".


Clinique Derma White Super City Block SPF 40/PA++

At first I thought this could be used daily as a moisturizer, but after trying, it's actually a bit greasy for daily use, it's perfect for outdoor activities though! Long protection. Great!

SkinCeuticals Sport UV Defense SPF 45

An even higher SPF than the one from Clinique, but this one is waterproof and sweatproof. Suitable for swimming and the beach!

Dermalogica Solar Shield SPF 15

You won't want to have burnt lips, do you? Haha, imagine what they would look like--a pair of sausauges! It would be hilarious...

This can also be applied to nose and ears, basically for easily-burned areas. Water resistant up to 80 minutes.

Biotherm Biosource Skincare Gift Set (Normal to Combination Skin)

I always think that it's troublesome to need to pour my usual skincare products into small bottles for going the beach, now I just buy a skincare set to solve this problem, I can just pick and go.

This set has everything you need for the face:

  • BIOSOURCE - Clarifying Cleansing Gel (20 ml)
  • EAU D'ENERGIE - Awakening Mist (15 ml)
  • SOURCE THÉRAPIE SUPERACTIV - Boosted Spa Concentrate Revitalizing - Skin Perfector (15 ml)

  • Small hair comb


LANCÔME Hypnose Waterproof Mascara & Bi-Facil Exclusive Edition

You don't need to sacrifice your good look for going into the water.

Get this waterproof mascara set by LANCÔME, it comes with the mascara remover, it's really worth buying.

Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil

To highlight your big bright eye!


Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme

It's easy to forget about the feet, mine are dry especially after going to the beach. This cream is a savior so you can say bye to dry feet.

After sun:

Clarins After Sun Gel Ultra Soothing

After sun-bathing, skin becomes dry and hot, this gel gives you a soothing and relax feeling.


New discovery! Orange peel skin improved!

I have 2 packs of sample of this Celluli Laser Biofibrine - High Precision Slimming Treatment for over a month, and it's only 2 weeks ago I used it for the first time. It has quite a strong sweet smell, and the palms are sticky after applying, so can't let it penetrate, need to wash hands afterwards.

You are supposed to use it for 10 days consecutively to see results, but lazy me, I just used that night and stopped for a week. Last night, I used it again and today, the celluli on the sides of my thighs seem less obvious...I know it sounds strange, but it's true! I never thought this kind of thing would work, I am a true believer in excercises (when I am not lazy :P). I will keep applying and will keep you posted about the results. I still have 1 pack left...


Nail Polish

I saw girls having manicure, and I just love their polish's colour, orange! Seems orange is the trend? Or it's just Hong Kong? Anyway, I tried some cheap polish before and the result weren't at all good, so I decided to go for the good one (if not the best) - OPI. I have found 3 colours online which look like the orange I want, and I also had a look at a shop, and found yet another product code which looks like it too...I don't know which to get...Or I should go and have a manicure?

Don't they look similar? Don't know what they are like when put on nails...I guess I will try NLG11 (the right one), now I have them put together for the first time, I think that's more like the orange I want.

A collection of Kate Hudson

Right...I admit that I have been a bit...a tiny bit slow recently in posting. Well, I have been collecting materials for posts though...here! A collection of my favourite Kate Hudson. Enjoy!

This one is the first time I found Kate having a clothing blunder, it just makes her look fat and old.

The other ones, she's just as gorgeous as she always is!


Eye Care (Part 5): Concerns & Tips

3. Dark Circles:
Dark shadows under the eyes are often caused by excess pigment, which tends to be hereditary and more common in people with olive skin tones. Medical conditions such as renal and thyroid problems can also cause dark circles, as can fatigue. When you’re tired, you become dehydrated more easily, making skin look thinner and circles more prominent.

Don’t want to look like a panda?

1. Enough sleep and plenty of water
Get adequate sleep and drink 8 glasses of water (I know it’s been mentioned in the DOs, but this is the golden rule!)

2. Natural eye masks
Dip a cotton swab into freshly extracted mint juice, rosewater or cold milk. Lie down with your feet raised higher than your head, and then place the wet pads on your closed eyes. Stay that way for 10 minutes. Do this every day and you will start seeing results before long.

Cucumber does for the outside of your body what drinking water does for the inside of the body. Leaving thin slices of cucumber on the dark ring under the eye will make the dark area virtually disappear. Leave on for at least ten minutes.

3. Choose the right cream
Choose a cream with gentle lightening botanicals such as bisabolol and bearberry, plus capillary-strengtheners such as vitamin K and arnica.

4. Stop smoking
Smoking damages the skin and destroys certain vitamins in the body (especially vitamin C, needed to re-build skin cells). De-hydrating the skin, especially when combined with a regular intake of coffee and other high-caffeine drinks will make dark circles worse. To remove dark circles under eyes it is absolutely crucial to take good care of your health and that includes quitting with smoking.

4. Puffiness:
Do you always get puffy eyes in the morning from drinking too much water or crying the night before, but still have to go to work?


Kill puffiness in 1 minutes
If you are in a rush (especially in the morning!) but the eyes are puffy, try these easy steps:
1. Take 2 pieces of tissue, fold each into size enough to cover the eye
2. Wet each with cold water
3. Cover them on the eyes for 1 minute
4. Then, there you go! No more puffiness and ready for makeup!

Chilled steel spoon
1. Chill 4 stainless steel spoons in the refrigerator until they are ice cold.
2. Place one over each eye.
3. When the spoons become warm, switch them with the others chilling in the glass of water.
4. Keep switching until you see improvement.

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