Natalie Portman: ELLE April 2008

I fell in love with Natalie Portman since her brilliant acting at Leon the Professional with Jean Reno, she's so talented, gracious, smart and pretty. And the main thing is...she is about my age, but she's so successful...well...I am just differently talented :)

This month's ELLE US has her on the cover, so pretty and different! Her chic blonde style suits her well and I like her slightly smoky eyes, very stylish.

Kill the wrinkles below the eyes

2 years ago, wrinkles started to appear below my eyes...I didn't do anything to them until 2 months ago. I found a sample of this Laneige* Future Age Eye Serum in my sister's cosmetic box, I have used it for nearly 3 weeks now (twice a day), the result is quite obvious. The 2 lines are improved and less visible but it doesn't help with dark circles (fair enough as this isn't mentioned in the product description). But I am satisfied with it and will keep using it.

*Laneige is a large Korean cosmetics and skincare brand.

95% Humidity

Hong Kong is getting humid with humidity of 95%...i hate it! And I need to buy new less-greasy moisturizer for my face, otherwise I will have little pimples on my face...yak...But I still don't know what to buy and am just too busy and lazy to do research (yes, a research is always important before buying skincare products!).

Recommendations anyone? I have combination skin with slightly greasy T-zone.


Online Shopping

My first online shopping experience was only a few months ago (I know...very late...). I have always been skeptical about buying things online, or I was just being lazy. But since having my new job doing web stuff, I started to slowly believe in the online shopping world.

I was so excited when I got my first thing delivered right into my hands, the convenience is so irresistable. I just browsed online and with a few clicks, the stuff was in front of me in a week! It's so great! Especially Hong Kong is such a small place (for those who don't know, Hong Kong is just 1,100 square kilometres with population about 7 million), you can easily be squashed on the busy shopping streets.

I have also looked at some cosmetics online shopping site, they are cheaper than buying at the counter or shops, it's such a good thing for girls, make-up, skincare...etc. What I do is that I check the products at the shops or counter and then find them on the online shopping store, this way I can ensure I got the right product and also a cheap price!

I really enjoy hassle-free online shopping!

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