2016 Autumn Makeup Color Trend Part 2: Lipstick

We love our lipstick, we can’t help it! It’s the makeup essential that really adds focus to our face, and this autumn is definitely no different. Following on from the recent trend for individuality, you can take just about any look that you really love lip-wise and adapt in into your autumn makeup look. But there were a couple of strong trends to watch out for that will update your look to right here, right now in autumn 2016!

Going Over To The Dark Side

This is a prominent trend for autumn 2016 – deliciously dark lips that hint at moody, seductive secrets, this look is full-on drama and glamourous in the extreme! The lips showed up in velvety textures, full and sensual. The colour palette showed up with deep burgundy, dark purple, intense brown, scrumptious plum and the most daring of all – pure black! So, how do you wear this daring and deep look? The best way is to keep the rest of the look fairly minimal, so the focus is on those lips!

Just because we are dabbling in the dark makeup arts, doesn’t mean we don’t want to protect our precious skin, and Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer with coconut and Vitamin E oils will soothe and nourish your lips. Choose the stunning ‘Rhubarb’ shade and you will be devastatingly dark, but very bright at the same time as you look after your lips!

In The Pink

Some days you will just want to indulge in one of the most flattering and on-trend shades around – pink! It suits everyone and gives that innocently pretty and youthfully fresh look. Once again, formulation is important, and Jane Iredale Just Kissed lipstick is created as “lip plumper” as well, so you can fill out your pout and once again, care for your skin at the same time. This product is amazing because it combines the saturated colour of a lipstick with a more liquid texture of a lip gloss. The product includes a peptide that can increase collagen synthesis and hydration, and it doesn’t sting the lips as some lip-plumping formulas can do. This all-in-one protector plumps, softens, exfoliates and imparts gorgeous colour all in one. Go for the delightfully pretty pink ‘Sydney’ shade for an on-trend colour that you will keep wearing and wearing.

Lacquer your look

The 90’s trends are all creeping stealthily back into our hearts (and onto our faces) this autumn! One of those is to use a whole lot of lip gloss. This winner is youthful and fresh, and glows with innocence. For a super shiny glossy gloss and a glamourous lacquered effect, you just cannot go wrong with Lancome’s Juicy Tubes. Give yourself a totally transparent shine with the tiniest hint of pink with the delightfully named “Peche” shade. It’s so easy to wear and also great for days when you do not have a lot of time, just slick some on and go!

LANCÔME Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss Ultra Shiny
                                               LANCÔME Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss Ultra Shiny 

So whether you are a gothic dame, an innocent pink debutante or a lip-lacquer girl (or all three, when you choose to be,) update your look and get some new lip shades to ease you into autumn.


2016 Autumn Makeup Color Trend Part 1: Eyeshadow Palette

Keep It Subtle Or Swing Out With Bold Styles – It’s Up To You!
The autumn catwalks one and all were awash with exciting and delightful new makeup trends for autumn 2016. The skin was bare-looking and healthy, and the range of eye makeup looks absolutely astounding! The great thing about having such a range is that there is always going to be something that is totally “now” that is right for you. With modern takes on retro trends and great new ways of wearing colour, you are going to love updating your eye makeup this autumn.

Comebacks and Creative Firsts
The looks range from a simple, one colour sweep of terra cotta, orange or pink, to the 2016 version of the all-time classic and sexy smoky eye, to a sparkling blast of rock n’ roll chic with glam green and gold, exotic, bold rainbow looks to very bold blocks of blue, gorgeous minimalist 90’s looks revisited, and even further back in time, Twiggy lashes were featured too. Winged eyeliner swept up to new heights, coloured in with aubergine, and white highlights on the inner eye sockets made a comeback too.

Whether it’s an expressive halo of black shadow and liner, a proud pop of intense colour or a gentle and pretty wash of gorgeous bronze, chocolate and copper, there is definitely going to be a look (or many looks) that you will love this autumn.

The Ever-Seductive Smoky Eye
One of the looks that never quite seems to fade from fashion is the dark, sexy, smoky eye, so it makes sense to give this one a go and add it to your makeup repertoire (if you haven’t already.) Make the look yours by investing in the Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Colours & Effects Eyeshadow Palette. This stunning, 5-colour kit gives a professional smoky eyes effect with a host of finishes, including matte, satiny, iridescent and ultra-shimmery. The quality of the eyeshadow is evident when you use it, it is extremely blendable and smooth with a “second skin” effect.

Grab a Variety of Looks in One Palette
To tap into the rock n’ roll look, the rainbow effect, as well as the aubergine wings, the natural one shade or the pretty coppery eyes, you can’t go wrong with the versatile palette available from Shu Uemura – aptly named “I love my Shu Shu Palette”, which you can achieve all these looks with this limited edition palette of 7 gorgeous shades, that can be used to be spot on with all the autumn trends! The 7 eye colours combine textures of pearl, metallic, iridescent, metallic and matte as well as a bonus “glow on pink” blush. Get yourself some fuchsia, pale pink, purple, eggplant, copper, dark green and lavender happiness and indulge the full spectrum of your creativity!

Blue-Eyed Bombshell

Spring and summer saw us all donning an elegant navy shadow, and blue is still the bomb in autumn, except the shade has moved on to a bolder, brighter blue. This is a great, fresh look with the pop of colour really making a statement. Make your statement an even better one with the awesome formulation of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow that glides on and stays crease-proof and budge-proof all day long. What’s more, it doubles up as an eyeliner if you use the hard angle definer brush. Grab the “Blue My Mind” shade for a hard-working product and update your makeup look this autumn. 

So, move with the times and don’t be dictated too – choose the look that rocks your world and enjoy being you!


Secret Garden Promotion: Final Week! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

Do you enjoy unravelling a bit of mystery? Are you delighted by the idea of hidden treasure? Because that is exactly what we have been giving over the last three weeks with our delightful “Secret Garden” promotion. Transporting you to a garden of sensory delight every week has been such fun. If you have missed it, do not despair, there is one last chance, for in week four, you can get your eagle eyes on and be part of the treasure hunt!

All you need to do is find the hidden codes on the COSME-DE.COM website, enter them into the search box and as if by magic, your treasure will be unlocked! Now, we all know that treasure for a COSME-DE girl comes in the form of the best and most exciting beauty products in the world, so you will instantly unlock either a cash discount on products or a free gift!

Spectacular Sunflowers
So, each week we have shone the spotlight on one of the exquisite flowers in the secret garden, from the delicate rose, the colourful tulip to the soothing, calming lavender. For this week, we cannot deny the happiness that the bright and beautiful sunflower brings to our lives! She brightens up the dullest day with her burst of yellow happiness. Close your eyes and think of a field of tall, proud sunflowers dancing in the breeze and tracking the sun across the sky – do this and you cannot help but feel happy – go on, try it! The sunflower is the symbol of goodness and hope, so we can never get enough of her!

Be Inspired
And speaking of our dear sunflower’s beautiful face, what about your beautiful face? If you want the face that inspires famous paintings like Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” then look no further than La Mer Genaissance De La Mer The Serum Essence. An immediate infusion of life, this age-transcending serum imparts lifted contours, refined pores and a plumper, more translucent look to the skin, as if you have been lit up inside by the sun, it’s magical! And worth treating yourself to!

And if that sunlight is getting a little hot and leaving you flushed, keep a fragrant spritz of Dermalogica Multi Active Toner nearby. Its refreshing spray gives the skin immediate and soothing hydration with aloe, lavender, mint and arnica.

If dullness and dark spots are preventing you from taking your place in the sun, look no further than Clinique’s Even Better City Block Anti-Pollution SPF 40 to protect your skin against what the city takes out and boost your radiance with powerful anti-oxidants.

And what about the fact that we might not have seen the sun for a little while, and need a bit of gentle colour to brighten our days? No problem, all you need is a few strokes of Dolce & Gabbana The Bronzer Glow Bronzing Powder on temples, hairline, centre of the nose, chin and under cheekbones, and instantly you have a sun-kissed glow!

With discounts, free gifts and solutions to every beauty dilemma, you cannot afford to miss your spot in the sun this week!


Hairstyle Tutorial: Fishtail Bun Half-Up

Watch this video to learn from the lovely Belle on how to achieve a very pretty, unique hairstyle look – the Fishtail Bun Half Up Hairstyle is relaxed and natural but a bit different and interesting too! She shows you what you will need to achieve the look, as well as profile the Phyto 9 Nourishing Day Cream with 9 Plants (Ultra-Dry Hair) – an ideal product for nourishing the ends of the hair and imparting a gorgeous softness and shine for even the longest hair.

Product Mentioned:


Secret Garden Week 3: Luxurious, Fragrant Lavender Has It All!

By now I know you have been doing your detective work around the COSME-DE website, looking for your secret codes that unlock a treasure garden of cash discounts and free gifts! And if you haven’t, do not despair, as Week 3 of our Secret Garden promotion has arrived. We know you love beautiful things, because you are a COSME-DE girl, and we are always the beautiful ones. Which is why we want you to have more of the exquisite products you love, for less!

All you need to do is put your most stylish detective hat on, and search the secret garden on COSME-DE.COM for our secret codes. Once you spot one, you enter it into the search box, and as if by magic, a cash discount on products or free gift is yours! So we have given the transcendent rose and the beautiful tulip each a week to bask in your attention, and now it is the turn of our exquisite new flower, lavender, to have its aromatic week in the sun!

Lavender really has it all – it’s beautiful, bright and extremely fragrant! Lavender has been used for centuries as a calming and soothing balm, one whiff and you feel restored, serene, fresh and calm. So, get your purple glow on and take a look at some of the pick of products that give you the beauty advantage.

What better way to get all the benefits of lavender in Jurlique’s Lavender Hydrating Mist. It’s the perfect pick-me-up if your skin is feeling a bit tight and dry, and if you need that boost to restore your senses and calm your mind. All you need to do is close your eyes and gently give your face a rejuvenating, moisturising, toning spritz.

When it comes to aromatics, Clarins just does it so well with their finest quality botanical ingredients. You can give oily and combination skin a fragrant boost with the Lotus Face Treatment Oil. Pure plant extracts of Rosewood, Geranium and Lotus tighten pores and refine skin texture, while Hazelnut Oil softens, soothes and seals in moisture for a perfect facial treat, in only a few drops.

And what self-respecting bathroom does not have at least one beautifully scented lavender soap in it? For a wash that smells so heavenly you will never want to leave the bathroom, try John Masters Lavender, Rose, Geranium and Ylang Ylang soap for an aromatic experience. It is also highly moisturising so will not dry your skin, but leave it soft, luminous and deliciously fragrant. This indulgent treat also makes a great gift – who can resist?

And while we are basking in the glow of fragrant aromatics, you can make sure your environment smells as lovely as you do by adding a couple of drops of Aromatherapy Associates Relax Room Fragrance to an aromatherapy burner. Rich scents of geranium, myrrh and West Indian Bay will waft around your home or office, transporting you and all those around you to a happy place.

Fragrance is the most evocative of our senses, we have all experienced that moment when a smell transports you to a place from the past. So, make memories in the present by using the calming, delightful aromas of nature to keep you deliciously happy!

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