5 Foods That Harm The Skin

Some people are willing to spend a fortune for skin creams that promise to rejuvenate aging skin, but give little thought to the role that diet plays. Just as there are foods that enhance skin health, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, there are ones that can harm skin and increase the risk of skin laxity and wrinkling. Isn’t it time to take a closer look at the foods you’re eating? 

Here are some dietary habits that can harm skin health.

Eating High Carb, Processed Foods

High carb, processed foods such as white bread, white potatoes, white rice, and sugary desserts not only destroy the waistline, but also harm the skin. A carb rich diet causes rapid elevation of blood sugars which promotes glycation where sugar molecules bind to a protein such as skin collagen and damage it. When skin collagen is damaged, it leads to skin wrinkles and sagging. How to prevent this undesirable sequence of events? 

Substitute processed carbs with whole grains whenever possible, or even better, look for healthy fats like fish and avocados.

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol harms skin in a variety of ways. By dilating blood vessels, it aggravates the condition known as rosacea, causing worsening of the characteristic redness and flushing. Alcohol is also associated with the formation of telangiectasias – those ugly, red spider veins that form on the face and body. Alcohol is dehydrating to the skin, leading to excess moisture loss which can increase skin dryness. It also increases inflammation which can damage collagen and elastin leading to skin wrinkling and sagging. 

Try to limit consumption of alcohol, and remember to hydrate and drink plenty of water if you do drink.

Excessive Salt

Too much salt in the diet harms skin appearance in the short term by causing undereye puffiness and swelling, as fluid collects in the tissues around the eyes and face. Reducing sodium in the diet and getting more potassium rich foods can help to reduce puffy eyes. Drinking more water also helps to flush out excess sodium. 

Not Choosing Protein Wisely

A diet rich in red meat induces inflammation which can be damaging to skin collagen. Eating fatty fish high in omega-3’s has the opposite effect.

Omega-3’s are believed to be anti-inflammatory and healthy for the skin. Wild Alaskan salmon is a good choice since it’s high in DMAE, a compound that some studies show can reduce the signs of skin aging. 

Not Getting Enough Fat

Too much of the wrong kinds of fat in the diet can clog the arteries, but too little can lead to skin that appears older. A study showed that animals that were given a diet without essential fatty acids developed skin dryness and signs of aging skin. The key is to add the right kinds of fats – polyunsaturated ones – particularly the omega-3’s

Try almonds, avocado, extra virgin olive oil.

The Bottom Line:

Processed foods, a diet high in red meat and processed carbs, excessive salt and alcohol use, are all dietary habits that can lead to skin problems and premature aging. Avoid these dietary demons as much as possible for more beautiful skin.


How to Treat Chest and Back Pimples

It's bad enough to have acne on your face, but chest and back pimples can be just as unsightly and annoying - especially in the summer when you wear a swimsuit. Instead of keeping your shirt on, try some of these ways to treat chest and back pimples.

Wear the right fabrics.

Chest and back pimples can be made worse by wearing synthetic fabrics. Switch over to all cotton clothing to allow better air flow and to give the skin a chance to breathe. Synthetic fabrics allow moisture and sweat to build up which can block pores and make acne worse.

Take a shower as soon as possible after exercising. 

Because sweat and moisture can make chest and back pimples worse, take a shower after exercising to wash away sweat which can clog pores and worsen acne.

Use a gentle exfoliating brush once a week.

Dead skin cells can build up on acne-prone skin which clogs the pores and increases the risk of an outbreak. Buy a gentle exfoliating brush with a long handle and use it to lightly exfoliate your back and chest are once a week. Be careful not to scrub too hard.

Use the right cleanser.

The best cleanser for chest and back pimples is one that contains benzoyl peroxide. Alternate a benzoyl peroxide cleanser with one containing salicylic acid. The benzoyl peroxide helps to kill acne-causing bacteria, while salicylic acid removes dead skin cells that clog pores. Keep using these cleansers even after the pimples disappear to keep them from coming back – remember the old saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Cleanse your chest and back twice a day.

Use the above cleanser combination twice a day on chest and back pimples for best results. Don't use them any more often since this can dry out the skin too much and worsen acne.

If all else fails. 

If the above doesn't help, see a dermatologist who may suggest prescription creams such as Retin-A for treating stubborn chest and back pimples.

If chest and back pimples are a problem, give these tips a try. Chances are you'll be rewarded with clearer skin on the chest and back so you can enjoy your summer worry-free!


Recreate the Look: Kate Middleton’s Natural Beauty

 Who could forget her Royal Wedding day, where she decided to do her own makeup?

It seemed courageous of her to not seek any professional stylist for that special day. However, much like her wedding, Kate Middleton continues to brave and succeed over several Royal events without any professional help. As such, the Duchess of Cambridge has been well considered as a symbol of both elegance and simplicity.

Apparently, you don’t really need to marry a Prince or earn a new Royal title to look as beautiful as Kate Middleton.

Here’s how you can easily get her look:

Kate Middleton is a popular fan of the Bobbi Brown line and its Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation is actually a perfect choice for her. This foundation already has SPF 15 to protect yourself from the harmful ray of the sun. It has medium coverage and a matte finish. If you are always on the go with a busy schedule, you can rely on this foundation to keep you looking fresh all day.


The Duchess of Cambridge always has the perfect eyebrows to frame her face. To achieve the same effect, you can use the Bobbi Brown Dark Brow Kit to fill in your eyebrows and enhance your look. You just have to keep in mind, however, choosing the right shade for your brows to make them look as natural as possible. Make sure the color is not too light and not too dark.

Eye makeup

     Urban Decay Naked Palette

Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge is also a fan of this famous palette. Who wouldn’t love it? It has 12 matte and pigmented colors to give your eyes the definition they need while maintaining that sophisticated look.

This Gel Eyeliner is long lasting which means that it won’t fade right away. You wouldn’t want smudged eyeliner in the middle of the day, right?

To recreate Kate’s impressive eye makeup, you can use a medium sized brush to pick up some colors from the Naked palette’s Toasted shades. Blend it all over your eyelid, particularly where your socket area is. Pick up your Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and swipe it on both your top and bottom lash lines. You can gently pull the skin around your eye area taut to have an easier eyeliner application. However, you must be very careful in pulling your skin as the area around your eyes is very fragile and sensitive.


 Finish off your look with a natural lip color. You can choose to simply use a lip gloss or pick out a neutral pink shade. The trick here is to stick with a neutral color as much as possible.

Kate Middleton exudes confidence in her own skin. Perhaps, it’s one of the many reasons why she’s always glowing. Although it’s quite easy to look as glamorous as she is, we also need to have a bit of that same confidence in order to feel as beautiful as how we look. Inner beauty shines, right?


Easy Tips To Look Your Best On A Date Night

Looking great on your date night is very important if you want to create a good and lasting impression to your partner. However, you don’t really need a lot of effort. As the old saying goes, “the simpler, the better”.

Take a look at these beauty tips and be inspired to look your best on your special night.


Draw attention to your eyes by making them more noticeable. Bold eye shadows, however, are not the way to achieve that. Instead, you can use a matte brown or nude color on your eyelids to make your look more natural. The said color is very versatile in that it can match any skin type.

You can also make your eyes look more dramatic by using an eyeliner on your waterline and adding a bit of shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes. Next step is to curl your lashes starting from the base going outwards. The trick to make the curls last longer is to heat your curler first using your blow dryer. You can test the temperature of your curler on the palm of your hand before you use it on your lashes. This helps make sure you won’t burn your lids while curling. You can set the curls using a waterproof mascara. Its formula can hold curls better without weighing them down.

Product suggestions for eye makeup


        Excessive bronzer and contouring is not an option for a special date night. On such occasions, it is still better if you keep everything subtle. You can, instead, use a rosy color to brush on the apples of your cheeks. This shade gives you an instant glowing effect. Be sure to blend the color well to achieve that perfect blush.

Product suggestions for cheeks makeup


        Lipsticks are a good way to get an instant confidence boost on your date night. Although the colors will generally depend on your skin type, it would still be best if you stick with natural lip colors. Pink or nude colors are your best options if you want to look naturally radiant and beautiful.

Forget teasing and the excessive hair products. For a date night look, you can simply pull your hair to a ponytail or go for a romantic look by setting your hair in loose curls. The key here is to make your look as natural as possible.

        As much as possible, avoid overpowering perfumes. For a special night, you can choose to use fresh and light scents or floral and flirty perfumes. 

Products suggestions for Scent

     Avoid overdoing it.

        Of course, you want to look your best. However, your date night is not the right time to be bold or to try out a new look. As much as you want to look interesting, you still need to keep everything plain and simple. You wouldn’t want to drive your partner away, right?

        As date nights are special nights, you should take enough time to prepare for it. The trick, however, is to make it look like you didn’t spend too much time getting dolled up.

The impressions you create are expected to last. So, why not give it your best shot?



5 Beauty Tips Every Expecting Mother Should Know

 Pregnancy obviously does several things to your body. As a matter of fact, it can do more than just change your body physically. Pregnancy can affect your mood and even your emotions. It can also change your mind in an instant and even influence the way you feel about yourself.

 However, although there are a lot of things that can happen when you’re pregnant, it still isn’t enough reason to not take care of yourself. In fact, it's actually the time you should double your effort. Here are some of the best ways you can enhance that pregnancy glow:

     Check your beauty products.
Pregnancy affects your hormonal balance. As a result, you tend to develop more acne than you were in your pre-pregnancy state. As such, using salicylic acid at this time can be really tempting. Don’t!

The use of salicylic acid during pregnancy, whether applied on your skin or taken in oral form is strongly discouraged. Salicylic acids can cause not just birth defects but miscarriages as well. It can even cause organ and bleeding problems to both you and your baby.
Retinoids, on the same note, can also cause malformations and defects in your child. It won’t matter how short your exposure is or how much you took. The main point is that you should not take risks on such ingredients when you’re pregnant

     Choose organic products.
There could probably be no safer beauty product for pregnant women to try than organic products. These products do not contain chemical names on their labels and they do not cause severe skin reactions and even irritations.

     Take enough rest.

 Getting enough sleep and rest is very important whether you are pregnant or not. This is the time where your body heals and rejuvenates itself from everything it has experienced the entire day. However, aside from your normal sleep requirement, you must also invest on frequent rest periods. You can take breaks in between tasks and just sit down and prop your feet up. Your tired legs will really be thankful for it.

     Keep hydrated.

 With a growing baby bump, it can be really hard to keep a certain amount of water in your bladder. You’ll need frequent trips to the toilet.

However, staying hydrated during pregnancy is very important. It can keep pregnancy symptoms at bay and your vital functions on top condition. Water is also vital in your breast milk. You wouldn’t want your child to have too little of it, right?

In more recent news, a study revealed that a pregnant woman needs to have around 10 cups of fluids per day. This already includes your glasses of milk, cups of tea and even your vegetable juices. You must keep in mind, however, being mindful of what you drink and to stay away from sweet and carbonated drinks.

     Do your exercise.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to stop all forms of exercise. However, you can still have the option to omit this part.

There a lot of things you need to consider once you decide to continue with your physical routine. You need to take in consideration what type of activity your body can perform and what your doctor allows you to do. Generally speaking, exercise can be helpful in preparing you for both labor and childbirth.

Being pregnant can be a mix of emotions. However, not feeling pretty shouldn’t be one of them. Pregnancy is a celebration of life, right? You should make the most out of it.



New In: SK-II Mid-Day and Mid-Night Miracle Essence

Sk Ii Mid Day Mid Night Miracle Essence

Good news for SK-II Facial Treatment Essence fans! 

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, SK-II will be releasing Mid-Day and Mid-Night Miracle Essence in Japan on the 21st of April.

Coming in convenient 50ml spray bottles, they make the beloved Facial Treatment Essence more portable. Apart from a high level of Pitera, the new Miracle Essence also comes with added MoistureLock Complex, which contains natural moisturizing factors that bind water with skin tissue to lock in moisture. Using Mid-Day MiracleEssence
in your morning skincare routine can help make skin more hydrated

Sk Ii Mid Day Mid Night Miracle Essence 1

According to SK-II’s studies, the skin’s moisture levels drop significantly from 4pm to 8pm as compared to in the morning, which can explain why our makeup usually dries out around that time. With fine mist particles that are 1/4 the size of visible skin pores, a spray of the Miracles Essence instantly penetrates and replenishes skin with moisture. A single application can give long-lasting moisture for up to 4 hours.
Mid-Night Miracle Essence is also infused with cooling agent to soothe environmental stresses during the day and give a refreshing feeling to the skin.
SK-II recommends using the Miracle Essences 5 times daily for best results. Using 14 days continuously can make the skin a lot more hydrated and clear, with less visible wrinkles.

I’m already adding these two bottles to my wish list, how can you miss it? 


Skin Care Routine: Tips For A Relaxing Evening

Feeling tired? Don’t get under the covers just yet.

Working all day can be really exhausting. There would be occasional headaches and even back pains. However, have you ever imagined what it actually does to your skin? Other than making it wrinkly and dull, constant exposure to makeup, dirt and pollution can actually make you look older than you really are! Sounds scary, right?

Before you get in your bed, you may want to take a look at this night routine. It can keep you away from beauty nightmares.

    ❖     Clean it.

        Perhaps, it’s one of the most heard beauty advices but it really does help to clean your face before going to bed. At night, your skin needs the time to rest, breathe and heal itself. However, it won’t be able to do that when there are still products clogging up your pores.

        Before washing your face, you can use a makeup remover to make sure you get everything off. There are some makeup that can’t be removed by just using soap and water. Applying an oil based makeup remover can make sure you take longwear mascaras and eyeliners completely off.  Just make sure that you find one that doesn’t contain any alcohol so it won’t make your skin dry.

     Wash it.

        After removing your makeup, wash your face thoroughly with water including your neck area. You can choose to use warm water to make your pores more open. This helps make sure you get a more thorough cleaning. You can also try exfoliating with a facial scrub to remove dead skin cells.

      ❖     Toner.

        Using a toner after washing your face maintains your skin’s natural pH level. It also prepares the skin to better absorb the moisturizers you’re going to apply. However, just make sure you get one that’s alcohol-free.

     Eye cream.

        Keep it in check to use eye creams to help keep the skin around your eyes hydrated. Doing this step prevents dark circles and reduces your eyes’ puffiness. Just avoid tugging the skin around your eyes as these areas are more sensitive compared with the rest of your face. Other than eye cream, you can use an eye serum for better absorption. It has the same formulation as your eye cream but with a different preparation. If you like to soak your skin in moisturizer, you can use a cream. However, if you prefer easy absorption, opt for the serum.

       ❖     Lip care.

        Chapped lips are never beautiful nor comfortable. You can remedy this simply by exfoliating your lips. You can use warm water and a towel to scrub off dead skin cells or you can make your very own sugar lip scrub. After exfoliation, be sure to hydrate your lips using a lip balm.

        ❖     Serum.

        Using serum is a good way to meet what your skin needs. If you want anti-aging effects, you can choose to use a Vitamin A serum. If your skin feels dull, you can try a Vitamin C serum. The wide range of serums can really be confusing at certain times. To be sure you get what you want you can consult for customized skin serums.

        ❖     Moisturize it.

There are also several types of moisturizers you can use for your skin. But before you can actually apply some on your face, you have to know first your skin type. There are natural moisturizers you can choose for a maximized effect. You’ll not only keep your skin hydrated, you’ll also be staying away from chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Taking care of your skin requires dedication and discipline. The five or ten minutes you’re going to spend on pampering your skin at night is incomparable to the long term effects you’ll experience. Decide on a routine now and you’ll be so glad you did!

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