Reverse the Clock with Clarins’ Double Serum

Recently, I’ve noticed crow’s feet began to creep up around my eyes and my face is not as firm as before. A little internet search revealed a shocking fact: after the age of 25, we lose 1.5% of collagen every year and the production ceases around age 40-45.

So, don’t wait until 30 to start your anti-aging care.

I’ve tried a few anti-aging products and the Double Serum from Clarins  works really well on fighting signs of aging. 

 Clarins Double Serum

Clarins Double Serum combines two powerful anti-aging serums – Hydric and Lipidic – in one optimum golden ratio to defy the signs of aging. Powered by 27 years of science, it is blended with 20 effective plant extracts to deliver visible younger-looking results. The core ingredient Cangzhu stimulates the G Protein in skin cells, which helps to boost the effectiveness of the other ingredients in Double Serum.

The Double Serum features a unique twin-tube bottle, which contains the two different serums in each tube. It releases a wonderful anti-aging elixir freshly as you press the pump. Just one pump is enough for your entire face.

After using this product for a week, I feel my skin has become visibly softer, more radiant and elastic. My cheeks and chin have also appeared more tightened and less saggy. Moreover, it helps my skincare routine with products that follow as I get a faster effect. 

If you’re looking for an anti-aging product, be sure to try this out! Clarins Double Serum will definitely impress you.

 Clarins Double Serum


7 Amazing Anti-Aging Tips for Your Skin

Aging – so unavoidable. It can change the way your skin looks earlier than you expect, and most people find aging signs as they hit the big 3-0. Although we cannot control genetic factors such as a decrease in estrogen levels which can lead to saggy skin, there are a lot of external influences on how our skin ages. Knowing the proper anti-aging care can help slow down the clock.

1. Eat WellYou might expect skincare products to do the job when it comes to turning back the clock, but young-looking skin starts with nutrients that reach it from within the body. The skin is the largest organ of our body, after all. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet can have a positive effect on fighting the signs of aging.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that lead to skin aging. Eat green and red vegetables like spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and carrots, and blue and purple berries. These foods contain antioxidants that help prevent the formation of free radicals. If you can get your hands on maqui berry, we really recommend it as these super-fruits contain the highest amount of antioxidants around. Also eat foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, which help protect the skin’s moisture barrier that tends to become thin as we age.

2. Wear Sunscreen
UV light is the number one cause of wrinkles, because sun exposure can damage elastin and cause loss of collagen, which results in the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, studies show that UVA rays are responsible for inducing the grayish, yellow-y cast you see on older skin. So, remember to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, rain or shine! 

3. Get Moving Exercise has immense benefits for your body and skin. Not only does it strengthen your heart and reduce risks of various diseases, it also boosts your immune system and improves circulation, which in turn brings a rosy, healthy complexion..

4. Beauty Sleep Your body and skin repair and regenerate during sleep. Research shows that if you sleep less than 6 hours a night, you are at greater risk of having a heart attack or strokes. Also, a lack of sleep makes you more agitated and prone to anger, which may trigger hormonal imbalances and signs of aging. Sleep at least 8 hours per night for maintaining good health and beautiful skin.

5. Drink Plenty of Water
We always recommend enough water. Young and beautiful skin is supple and moist. Moisture functions as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss. Make sure to drink at least eight 8-oz glasses of water a day, as dehydration will make your skin look dry and wrinkled. Moreover, water helps flush out waste and toxins from your system to improve health and achieve radiant-looking skin. 

6. Effective Skincare RoutineGreat skin doesn’t require complicated skincare procedures, as long as you get the basics right. Remove your makeup before going to sleep every night, and use a 3-step regime for your skin type. To achieve youthful and glowy skin, try exfoliating once a week. This is because the turnover rate of skin cells lowers as you age, resulting in loss of firmness and luster. Peeling can help remove dead skin cells to eliminate dullness while stimulating collagen growth for a firmer contour.

7. Try Retinol Cream

Consider a wrinkle cream that contains retinol, a derivative from Vitamin A. It can minimize the appearance of wrinkles, strengthens skin’s thickness and elasticity, slow down the breakdown of collagen, and fade brown spots caused by UV rays.

Slowing down the clock is not impossible, you just need to start early and remember to create a healthy and regular routine. What are your favorite anti-aging secrets? Let us know!


How to Take Care of Your Lips

Lip care is often overlooked, even though lips are one of the most expressive parts of your face. The skin of the lips is delicate and has no oil glands to protect them from dryness. Here at  Cosme-De.com we really try to care about our lips and we believe with these easy steps you will start noticing the difference in just a few days.

Lip care steps:

Exfoliate weekly
Exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation for your lips. Use a nice lip scrub which contains fruit acid-based alpha to remove dead skin and deep cleanse the lips.

Massage daily
This is an easy step that can be incorporated into your daily skincare regime. After you’ve brushed your teeth, use a toothbrush (make sure it has soft bristles) to gently scrub your lips. This will help remove chapped skin and keep your lips soft.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
The skin of the lips is thinner and more delicate than any other parts of our body. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep them moisturized to avoid dryness and ugly and uncomfortable cracks. Use lip balms that contain hydrating ingredients such as Beeswax, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Also look for lip balms that have SPF to protect your lips from sun damage. 

For intensive nourishment, put some moisturizer or Vaseline on your lips at night, rubbing it in until completely absorbed. Then, take some more and dab a thick layer onto your lips so they look white (the color of the moisturizer). Leave it on overnight, and it will soak into your lips during the night. You will wake up with soft, smooth lips.

Bonus Tips:
1. Drink plenty of water.
This should already be part of your daily routine as drinking enough water is the basis for a healthy body. Maintain the hydration level of your lips by drinking 8 glasses of water throughout the day. This will help keep your lips soft and moisturized.

2. Eat lip-friendly food. Add high water-content fruits to your diet, such as cucumber, watermelon, orange and lemon. Consume foods that are rich in Vitamins A, B and C, which help maintain skin health and reduce chapping of lips.

3. Don’t lick and bite.
Licking your lips can make them dehydrated further as the saliva evaporates. Lip biting can damage the protective barrier of the lips and dry them out.

How to plump your pout:

For a simple daily look:
1. Moisten your lips with a wet tissue or cotton pad.
2. Apply Vaseline to soften lips.
3. Apply a thin coat of lip gloss or tinted lip balm. (Tips: Fill in lips with lip liner first can prevent lip gloss from wearing off fast, as it has something to stick to.)

For an evening look:
1. Repeat steps 1 & 2 above.
2. Use a lip liner in a shade slightly darker than your lipstick to fill in your lips, and then define the outer edges of the lips.
3. Apply a thin layer of lipstick (for a more natural look, choose neutral tone lipsticks).
4. Finish off with a coat of lip gloss, adding an extra dab of gloss on the center of your lips to make them look plump.

What are your favorite lip balms? Do you prefer scented or natural ones? Let us know in the comments!


How to Wash Your Face Properly

Many people think that washing their face is a simple task. However, what they don’t normally realize is that if the face is not properly washed, it could do the skin more harm than good. A proper face wash does not only get rid of dirt and excess sebum, but it also helps improve complexion and prepare the skin to absorb the nutrients of the skincare products that should follow.

Even though it might sound simple, here is our easy five-step process with tips on how to properly wash your face.

1. Remove your makeup
If you have applied makeup, remove it before washing your face, because many facial cleansers do not take off foundation or eye makeup completely. Make sure you wash your hands first, as we don’t want all the grime, dirt and germs from the hands on our face.

2. Use the right face wash
Is your skin dry, oily or normal? It’s important to choose a face wash that suits your skin type, because the right cleanser can restore water and oil balance to your skin. If you have oily skin, you’ll want a cleanser that contains sebum-regulating and clarifying ingredients. Sensitive skin benefits from hypoallergenic and fragrance-free cleansers. We suggest avoiding using soaps, which are too harsh and can easily dry out your face.

3. Wet your face and gently massage
Wet your face with water at room temperature. Hot water will strip the natural oils off your face and could even cause broken capillaries, resulting in unsightly red spots. Next, squeeze a small amount of cleanser onto the palm of one hand, and then rub both palms together. Massage the foam into your skin in small and gentle circular motions, starting from the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and down to the neck. 

4. Splash with cold water
Rinse your face with cool water to close your pores, and then pat dry with a clean towel. Remember, a clean towel is really important! Unless your face has been exposed to dirt and heavy pollutants during the day, washing it twice a day (in the morning and evening) is enough.

5. Apply toner and moisturizer
Toners help remove leftover makeup, excess oil and dead skin cells after cleansing. They also help minimize your pores and refine skin. Finally, apply moisturizer to lock in moisture and provide nourishment to your skin.

Remember, healthy looking skin starts with simple steps like a thorough and regular wash. What are your favorite face washes? Let us know in the comments!


9 Easy Steps to a Perfect Makeup

Have you ever wondered how you can use your makeup to get a natural and glowy look? Knowing a few basics can help you create that flawless style  

1. Start with a clean face

Cleanse and tone your face. It will make your skin look perfectly clean and help rid it of dead skin, blackheads, sebum, and dirt. It helps prepare your skin for applying makeup – this is a really important step!

2. Apply a SPF moisturizer

Choose a good SPF moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. It helps keep your skin hydrated. If your moisturizer does not have SPF, apply a sunscreen on top.


3. Choose a suitable primer

Applying a primer before foundation can help seal pores, correct red and dull skin, and cover imperfections. It also softens your skin and makes your complexion smooth and glowy.  

4. Foundation is next

If you already have flawless skin, you can use a tinted moisturizer. If you want a bit more coverage, use a foundation. You should pick a shade which is closest to your skin color.

Put a bit of foundation on the back of your hand, dab it with a foundation brush or your fingers and smooth it onto your face. Make sure to blend along the jawline so you don't have that tell-tale line. Tips: foundation is meant to even out your skin tone. Don't apply too much to avoid a caked-on look. 

5. Next up: Concealer

Choose a concealer that is close to your skin tone, one that is not too dark or too light. Apply concealer on any blemishes, red spots or dark circles. You can use a brush or fingers to apply it, and then blend it in with fingers. 

6. Set your makeup

Set your face with a light dusting of translucent powder. Gently dab the setting powder all over the face with a powder brush. 

7. Color your cheeks

Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. If you want to appear sun-kissed, apply a bronzer on the forehead, nose and cheeks as well. 

8. Apply eye makeup

Apply a dab of eye shadow primer first to make your eyeshadow last. For a simple eye makeup, apply a base shade on the lid of the eye, and then apply a darker contouring shadow in the crease. Make sure to blend the colors well.

Next, apply eyeliner to upper eyelids. For an intense look, apply eyeliner to the lower lash line too and smudge it a bit. Then, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply mascara. Place the mascara wand at the roots of your lashes, slowly wiggling it from left to right while bringing it up to separate lashes.

9. And finally, the lips

Depending on the look you opt for, choose a suitable lip product. For a simple day-to-day look, just wear a lip balm or gloss. For an elegant evening look, fill in your lips with lip liner and apply a lipstick in the same color, then finish with a gloss.

Once you get the hang of these easy steps, you are bound to achieve that natural and glowy look. Do you have any important steps to your make-up routine? Let us know!


How to get the au naturel makeup look?

Less is more when it comes to the latest trend in makeup. There is even a growing hashtag – #nomakeup – on Instagram.

Last summer, Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston uploaded a picture of herself and her hairstylist on the social media app, looking sun-kissed and relaxed. The bare-faced look soon became a trend among celebrities and models worldwide.

The au naturel look is all about fresh, radiant and natural-looking skin with minimal makeup. Foundation is normally abandoned. Just a touch of concealer and a dab of highlighter are applied to make the skin look luminous.

Here are some great tips to get a natural glow without using a ton of makeup:

1. Moisture, moisture, moisture
The key is hydration. Our skin is constantly in need of moisture so if we give it the right boost, it will plump up immediately. Use a 3-step skincare routine that is suitable for your skin, plus brightening products, then your skin is ready to glow.


2. Exfoliate
Exfoliation is the best way to brighten dull skin as it removes dead skin cells. Scrub at least twice a week to keep your face looking fresh.  

Clinique Exfoliating Scrub

3. Apply a brightening mask
Many people think that serum is enough to hydrate skin and often skips using facial masks. Actually, face masks complement the skincare regimen by providing the skin with essential nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins. Apply a mask once a week and it will give a natural glow to your skin instantly.

 SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

4. Dab on a highlighter
To give your face a dewy boost, apply a highlighter after concealing skin imperfections. Swipe and dab onto the contours of the face: bridge of nose, cheekbones, brow bone, and chin.

 Estee Lauder Ideal Light Brush-On Illuminator

5. Drink green tea
Green tea is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C, which helps reduce wrinkles and get rid of free radicals that damage skin. It also gives a boost of collagen and elastin to keep your skin radiant. 


So there you have it. All it takes to achieve that perfect natural look are a few simple steps. What are your beauty tips to achieve the very popular au naturel look? Let us know in the comments!


Secrets Revealed: Fair, Translucent Skin

It’s midsummer now and the sun is strong. Apart from putting on sunscreen when you go out – to prevent the formation of dark spots, don’t forget that skin whitening care is equally important. Fair, translucent skin often gives people a young and pretty impression, while a freckled and dull face can make you look a lot older than you actually are.

To target dark pigments effectively, we must first understand their causes. UV light is the number one factor for color pigments. After being exposed to the sun, the level of Tyrosine will increase in our skin, which turns into melanin after oxidation. Hormone imbalance is another reason for dark spots to form among women. During pregnancy, the level of Estrogen is exceptionally high in a mother’s body, which will induce the production of melanin. Unstable moods can also trigger the formation of dark spots. Moreover, stress and sleep deprivation slow down the skin’s metabolism and result in accumulation of melanin.

In another words, reducing Tyrosine and dissolving existing melanin are ways to prevent and eliminate dark spots. Hydroquinone and Arbutin are two major ingredients often found in whitening products to reduce Tyrosine, while Ferulic Acid and Kojic Acid suppress its activity level. Vitamin C, a.k.a. L-Ascorbic Acid, is commonly used for breaking down melanin. Also, AHA accelerates the renewal of stratum corneum, thus helping to lighten pigments.

Here’re our picks for some highly effective skin whitening products:

La Roche Posay Sensi White [+] Essence Essence (Upgraded Version) (For Sensitive Asian Skin), 30ml
Features an upgraded formula for more effective and longer lasting whitening results. All-new ingredient Phenylethyl Resorcinol brightens skin from the source. Ferulic Acid and Ginkgo Biloba Extract even out and smooth skin tone while LHA gently removes dead skin for a brightened complexion. Nicotinamide is effective in preventing skin dullness.

SkinCeuticals Serum 20 AOX, 1oz / 30ml
Formulated at the precise concentration proven to deliver maximum amounts of Vitamin C to the skin, Serum 20 is formulated with AOX+ advanced antioxidant technology, combining Ferulic Acid with 20% L-Ascorbic Acid to enhance skin whitening antioxidant performance. This lightweight and fast-absorbing serum neutralizes free radicals, defends against environmental damage, and helps prevent premature signs of aging.

Obagi Professional-C Serum 20%, 1oz / 30ml
Contains 20% highly concentrated pure Vitamin C, which targets stubborn dark spots and acne marks, and prevents the formation of melanin. It helps promote skin cell renewal, rebuilds collagen, brightens skin, firms and smoothes wrinkles, and replenishes moisture to the skin.

Apart from whitening products, foods that are rich in Vitamin C and E, such as fruits and nuts, boost great skin-whitening benefits. Include these foods in your diet, get plenty of sleep and always apply sunscreen, then you are on your way to having bright, clear and translucent skin.= )

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