Tame your messy hair


My hair is always a big problem for me, they are as dry as straw, that's how I usually call them. I tried numerous shampoo and conditioner, and none of them really help. I was about to give up recently, but accidentally, in a hotel room during my short trip, I found a set of L'Occitane 5 Essential Oils Shampoo and Conditioner. And they revived my hair.

The shampoo is not so foamy which I didn't feel very comfortable with at first, because I always think that only foamy shampoo can clean my hair thoroughly, anyway, at least the smell was quite nice, I thought to myself in the shower room. But the conditioner felt good on the hair, very pampering for the hair, smell is light as the shampoo.

The result wasn't significant until the next morning (I wash hair in evenings normally, so my hair can have a whole night to get back in shape, well, better shape at least). When I saw myself in the mirror, I was like: "wow, this is the very first time which I don't need a hair straightener!". My hair was soft and straight and shiny (well, of course not as shiny as in hair product TV ads, but much shinier than normal).

I was so pleased with their performance, and of course this L'Occitane set has now become my bathroom essential!


Tips: No liquid eyeliner pen should be brought on the plane

It's like this on the plane, and it's like this ever since! It's been over a week already, and it's impossible to use, it just smudge all over the eyelid...so sad! It has to be thrown away I guess.

So, don't bring this type of eyeliner on a plane ride.


With this set, Winter is not scary anymore

I am sure many people are like me, going through an on-going journey, looking for the perfect moisturiser. Good news! I think I have found mine! And not just one, but a whole set of them!

This is a set of what I would call "all-rounded" skincare set, from essence to sleeping gel to emulsion to emulsion to moisturise cream. And the essence is 60ml! Normally the essence is the smallest among a set, right?

Use them all every night you will witness the significant change on your skin's suppleness, I especially love the sleeping pack, very easy to use, no need to wash, just sleep through it, then the next morning, the skin is fresh and "bouncy".

Try it for yourself, you will understand what I meant!

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