Fill This Weekend With Pleasure And Surprise!

-By Kylie Tang-

You must have experience this: hectic weekdays always frustrate you, making you feel that Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are gifts from God. When time files and Friday finally comes, we cheer for the holiday and all tiring things can miraculously disappear!

We All LOVE Weekends!

Nobody would disagree that “We love weekends!”. No matter what age and what your jobs are, I suggest you release your pressure and forget things that upset you. You don’t need a big gift but you have to put “pauses” to your hectic schedule. Great opportunities and surprises come when you’re in a peaceful state, and you will find these chances particularly pleasing and amazing.

Seize The Chance Between 24th And 26th February

If you really like to go for a real shopping, I recommend you to do so. And weekends are designated for taking a walk, short journey or anything that differ from your weekday routines. For beauty and health care items, I think you can just obtain those products at COSME-DE.COM which provides what you need. We care about your beauty needs and we fill your weekends with great deals! Get up to a 22% off for this weekend, between 24th and 26th February:

l   Use code SURPRISE at check out for USD 12/ AUD 16/ HKD 100/ £10 off when you purchase USD 150/ AUD 190 / HKD 1150 / £120 or above.
l   And use code SURPRISE20 at check out for a 20% off on orders USD 260/ AUD 340/HKD 2000/ £190 or above.
l   Enjoy 22% off on orders USD 320/AUD 410/HKD 2400/£230 or above, and remember to apply code SURPRISE22 at check out!

We all treasure vacations and great discounts! Apart from taking a break, get attractive skincare and makeup products that you might have missed before.

I can tell you some reasons why you have to get this: LUNASOL Selection De Chocolat Eyes. It represents the world of delicate and rich chocolate. This four-color eye shadow set creates an alluring look. Its bitter-sweet scent would unwind your soul every time you use it. In one price you can get layering chocolate colors in different textures for sheer yet deep, dramatic-looking eyes. And why LUNASOL? Sure we shall select from an expert eye makeup brand.

You certainly need a sunscreen in spring. It postpones aging, protects skin from sunburn, combats pigmentation… (smart ladies carry a sunscreen all year long). Visit http://cosme-de.blogspot.hk/2016/12/why-you-should-wear-sunscreen-in-winter.html for more information about the importance of sunscreens. This LANCÔME sun block provides 12-hour UVB protection while shielding skin against long UVA rays. The SPF50 / PA+++ sun protection is excellent for your daily outdoor life. And, as for LANCÔME, you don’t need me to explain how premium and luxurious it is. 

Inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary's famous elixir of youth, Beauty Elixir is formulated with Grape Extracts and clarifying ingredients to provide an immediate burst of radiance. You may use it to moisturize skin, set makeup or as a pick-me-up mist throughout the day. Yes, toners can be so multi-functional and .work perfectly as a moisturizing mist or add a finishing touch to your makeup. 

Ladies, don’t start countdown for weekends to come. Enjoy your every good moment! And don’t miss any great deals on COSME-DE.COM~  

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