Who are Afriel & Lofiel?

Being described as an angel doesn’t happen to me often. I laugh far too loudly and I never walk, I run! BUT, if I keep quiet, I have been told it is possible to LOOK like an angel!

I have long been on the lookout for the perfect moisturizer, I mean, who hasn’t? The one that is just right for my skin and instantly makes me feel better, look younger and improves my skin texture every day. Well, I think I have finally found it! Yes, the holy grail – the perfect moisturizer! I have been using Afriel & Lofiel Perfect Cream for a few days now and my skin looks radiant, dewy and bright. If I do say so myself!

Where is this magical cream, I hear you shout, what are you on about? Well, it is brand new, and has just been launched. It is only available online at COSME-DE.COM.

Afriel & Lofiel Perfect Cream is inspired by angels, who emanate radiant, natural beauty. The cream itself is made from only concentrated, natural ingredients which is why it is so effective on my skin.

OK, it’s all very well saying it is magical, where is the science bit? It is actually very simple, and the 3 main ingredients in this cream are yeast extract, gingko biloba and coix seed. Yeast extract helps balance sebum secretion, promotes skin renewal, and restores firmness and youth. 

Ginkgo Biloba has excellent whitening and antioxidating benefits, helping to even skin tone and leave skin visibly brighter.

Coix Seed contains minerals which help retain skin moisture and luminosity, and soothe sun damage.

I have really enjoyed using it, as it just sinks straight into my skin leaving no oily or greasy feeling, just softness. My skin is quite sensitive, and the natural ingredients are important to me as anything harsh or chemical makes my skin a bit red, or even sometimes causes a fine rash. So not a good look!
Well, this combination just works! My skin is definitely glowing much more, and the fine lines around my eyes are disappearing, which is great. When you laugh as much as I do, you have to worry about this!

Afriel & Lofiel are two angels that represent Youth and Beauty. And if I can’t always act in a very angelic way, I will be more than happy to just look a bit more angelic. My day has been made!

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