Get radiant with rouge – powder vs crème blusher?

This post is all about blusher but you have to forgive me, I just love the word ‘rouge’! The practice of making your cheeks look flushed or contoured makes you look young and sculpted, so listen up! Back in the Egyptian times, rouge was popular with both men and women. It was a sign of elevated status and class. Then along came the killjoys of the Victorian Age, and rouge became associated with women of low morals. The cheek of it all! Fortunately, we live in an age where your blusher is no indication of your status or your ethics, just a lovely way to highlight your cheekbones and achieve the look you want!

Is there a clear winner?

So, the big question is – which is better, powder or crème blush. Well, I am sorry to sit on the fence here but there is no clear winner. They both achieve different looks and suit different skin types, so it will come down to what you would like to achieve, your skin type and your personal preferences.

Crème de la crème

Let’s start with my favourite look – a crème blush or tint. The crème blush is usually applied with fingers or a stippling brush to the apples of the cheeks (the bit that pops up when you smile) with a little blending up the cheekbones. The look is soft, dewy and natural – like you have just had a little run (not all over tomato red like a major workout, just a little exertion!) It’s fresh and outdoorsy and gives your skin a healthy glow. Crème blush can also come as a tint or a gel and is the more lightweight and natural of the two. It is best for those going for a youthful look, as well as those with dry skin, as it is a more moisturising formula.

A crème blush can also multitask as a lipstick in some cases – bonus! When it comes to cheek and lip tints, there is one brand that just leaps out for me and that is Benefit. I absolutely love the lip and cheek stains that can be used for the lightest flush or layered to build up to major colour. I cannot get enough of these three colours: Posie Tint – for the prettiest, flattering youthful pink,

Cha Cha Tint – for a mango-coloured tropical sunset infusion that gives my favourite sun-kissed look,

Classic Benetint – the ultimate shade for that ‘Snow White ’cheek and lip look – Mirror, Mirror on the wall, you just can’t beat Benetint – no, not at all! 

One more Benefit product that is also lovely is their Coralista – a coral pink powder that really warms the complexion. 

Powder Blush

Powder blush, on the other hand, gives a far more sophisticated, polished look. It can be used to add contours to and sculpt the face and has a matt finish. It is applied with a big, fluffy brush, and is a must if skin is very oily as it helps to absorb excess oil. When applying powder blusher, it is best to tap the brush to get rid of excess product and slowly build up to the desired colour intensity. Unless you actually work in the circus, you don’t really want to look like a clown because of your blusher, so take it easy! You can get a very natural to more extreme look with powder, depending on what you want.

One of the biggest benefits of powder over crème is that it is more long-lasting, and you can take your time getting it just right, whereas the crème blushers tend to ‘set’ quite quickly so you need to blend swiftly. And sometimes, a girl just wants to take her time! A tip to achieve really long-lasting results is to actually use both. You start with a crème blusher and then use powder over that in the same or similar shade. This ensures your look stays put all day long! Pink cheek colours really suit my complexion and make me look healthy and fresh – I love Bobbi Brown’s 
silky formula powder blush in Apricot 6 as it is very natural and long-lasting. 3 Concept Eyes also have a fabulous powdery lip and cheek colour in soft pinks, full-on attention-grabbing neon pink and blush-perfect reds.

Want it all?
And then we have the grand dame of multitasking makeup products (drum roll please) – NARS The Multiple. 

This glorious tube of goodness can be swept over eyes, cheeks and lips. It is a lightweight cream-to-powder formula that adds colour and shimmer, contours and highlights for a glowingly perfect complexion. An absolute must-have for everyone! It comes in many shades but my absolute favourite is South Beach 1503. 

So, there you have it – the rouge is complete! Enjoy this complexion enhancing tool in your makeup bag of tricks, one of the best ways to stay beautiful!

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