Achieve Natural Looking Brows with bbrowbar

bbrowbar, a recent brand that has launched in the UK, develops innovative beauty products for the eye zone. It has been a great hit, featured in various renowned publications such as Vogue, ELLE and many more.

COSME-DE.COM will be teaching you how to apply bbrowbar products to achieve the natural look for your brows!

It is important to manage the shape of your brows. You will need to determine where your brows should start, followed by the arch and the end of your brows.


Use the bbrowbar Eyebrow Pencil to achieve the natural look:

The bbrowbar Eyebrow Pencil is the perfect choice for a natural look due to the mild colour tone and waterproof function that will last all day long.

3-Step Demonstration of the Natural Brow Look:
1)First, mark a dot on the start, the arch and the end of your brows. Then, connect the dots to form an outline and fill in your brows with the bbrowbar Eyebrow Pencil.

2)Next step, we will use the eyebrow brush, which is at the other end of the bbrowbar Eyebrow Pencil to smooth out the brow and the colour.

3)The last step, we will use the bbrowbar Eyebrow Gel to fill in more colour and to secure the shape of the brows. This will help define your brows more clearly and will match the tone of your haircolour to create a refreshed look.

Before & After:

Just by simply applying the bbrowbar Eyebrow Pencil and the bbrowbar Eyebrow Gel, it makes a great difference of how the brows appear. The brows become more toned and defined.

To celebrate bbrowbar joining COSME-DE.COM, we are offering a 10% off any purchase of bbrowbar products and a chance to win the limited edition bbrowbar brow kit by using the discount code: INSTABBBAR. It will be one product per entry.

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