5 Beauty Tips Every Expecting Mother Should Know

 Pregnancy obviously does several things to your body. As a matter of fact, it can do more than just change your body physically. Pregnancy can affect your mood and even your emotions. It can also change your mind in an instant and even influence the way you feel about yourself.

 However, although there are a lot of things that can happen when you’re pregnant, it still isn’t enough reason to not take care of yourself. In fact, it's actually the time you should double your effort. Here are some of the best ways you can enhance that pregnancy glow:

     Check your beauty products.
Pregnancy affects your hormonal balance. As a result, you tend to develop more acne than you were in your pre-pregnancy state. As such, using salicylic acid at this time can be really tempting. Don’t!

The use of salicylic acid during pregnancy, whether applied on your skin or taken in oral form is strongly discouraged. Salicylic acids can cause not just birth defects but miscarriages as well. It can even cause organ and bleeding problems to both you and your baby.
Retinoids, on the same note, can also cause malformations and defects in your child. It won’t matter how short your exposure is or how much you took. The main point is that you should not take risks on such ingredients when you’re pregnant

     Choose organic products.
There could probably be no safer beauty product for pregnant women to try than organic products. These products do not contain chemical names on their labels and they do not cause severe skin reactions and even irritations.

     Take enough rest.

 Getting enough sleep and rest is very important whether you are pregnant or not. This is the time where your body heals and rejuvenates itself from everything it has experienced the entire day. However, aside from your normal sleep requirement, you must also invest on frequent rest periods. You can take breaks in between tasks and just sit down and prop your feet up. Your tired legs will really be thankful for it.

     Keep hydrated.

 With a growing baby bump, it can be really hard to keep a certain amount of water in your bladder. You’ll need frequent trips to the toilet.

However, staying hydrated during pregnancy is very important. It can keep pregnancy symptoms at bay and your vital functions on top condition. Water is also vital in your breast milk. You wouldn’t want your child to have too little of it, right?

In more recent news, a study revealed that a pregnant woman needs to have around 10 cups of fluids per day. This already includes your glasses of milk, cups of tea and even your vegetable juices. You must keep in mind, however, being mindful of what you drink and to stay away from sweet and carbonated drinks.

     Do your exercise.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to stop all forms of exercise. However, you can still have the option to omit this part.

There a lot of things you need to consider once you decide to continue with your physical routine. You need to take in consideration what type of activity your body can perform and what your doctor allows you to do. Generally speaking, exercise can be helpful in preparing you for both labor and childbirth.

Being pregnant can be a mix of emotions. However, not feeling pretty shouldn’t be one of them. Pregnancy is a celebration of life, right? You should make the most out of it.


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