Recreate the Look: Kate Middleton’s Natural Beauty

 Who could forget her Royal Wedding day, where she decided to do her own makeup?

It seemed courageous of her to not seek any professional stylist for that special day. However, much like her wedding, Kate Middleton continues to brave and succeed over several Royal events without any professional help. As such, the Duchess of Cambridge has been well considered as a symbol of both elegance and simplicity.

Apparently, you don’t really need to marry a Prince or earn a new Royal title to look as beautiful as Kate Middleton.

Here’s how you can easily get her look:

Kate Middleton is a popular fan of the Bobbi Brown line and its Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation is actually a perfect choice for her. This foundation already has SPF 15 to protect yourself from the harmful ray of the sun. It has medium coverage and a matte finish. If you are always on the go with a busy schedule, you can rely on this foundation to keep you looking fresh all day.


The Duchess of Cambridge always has the perfect eyebrows to frame her face. To achieve the same effect, you can use the Bobbi Brown Dark Brow Kit to fill in your eyebrows and enhance your look. You just have to keep in mind, however, choosing the right shade for your brows to make them look as natural as possible. Make sure the color is not too light and not too dark.

Eye makeup

     Urban Decay Naked Palette

Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge is also a fan of this famous palette. Who wouldn’t love it? It has 12 matte and pigmented colors to give your eyes the definition they need while maintaining that sophisticated look.

This Gel Eyeliner is long lasting which means that it won’t fade right away. You wouldn’t want smudged eyeliner in the middle of the day, right?

To recreate Kate’s impressive eye makeup, you can use a medium sized brush to pick up some colors from the Naked palette’s Toasted shades. Blend it all over your eyelid, particularly where your socket area is. Pick up your Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and swipe it on both your top and bottom lash lines. You can gently pull the skin around your eye area taut to have an easier eyeliner application. However, you must be very careful in pulling your skin as the area around your eyes is very fragile and sensitive.


 Finish off your look with a natural lip color. You can choose to simply use a lip gloss or pick out a neutral pink shade. The trick here is to stick with a neutral color as much as possible.

Kate Middleton exudes confidence in her own skin. Perhaps, it’s one of the many reasons why she’s always glowing. Although it’s quite easy to look as glamorous as she is, we also need to have a bit of that same confidence in order to feel as beautiful as how we look. Inner beauty shines, right?

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