New In: SK-II Mid-Day and Mid-Night Miracle Essence

Sk Ii Mid Day Mid Night Miracle Essence

Good news for SK-II Facial Treatment Essence fans! 

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, SK-II will be releasing Mid-Day and Mid-Night Miracle Essence in Japan on the 21st of April.

Coming in convenient 50ml spray bottles, they make the beloved Facial Treatment Essence more portable. Apart from a high level of Pitera, the new Miracle Essence also comes with added MoistureLock Complex, which contains natural moisturizing factors that bind water with skin tissue to lock in moisture. Using Mid-Day MiracleEssence
in your morning skincare routine can help make skin more hydrated

Sk Ii Mid Day Mid Night Miracle Essence 1

According to SK-II’s studies, the skin’s moisture levels drop significantly from 4pm to 8pm as compared to in the morning, which can explain why our makeup usually dries out around that time. With fine mist particles that are 1/4 the size of visible skin pores, a spray of the Miracles Essence instantly penetrates and replenishes skin with moisture. A single application can give long-lasting moisture for up to 4 hours.
Mid-Night Miracle Essence is also infused with cooling agent to soothe environmental stresses during the day and give a refreshing feeling to the skin.
SK-II recommends using the Miracle Essences 5 times daily for best results. Using 14 days continuously can make the skin a lot more hydrated and clear, with less visible wrinkles.

I’m already adding these two bottles to my wish list, how can you miss it? 

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