Skin Care Routine: Tips For A Relaxing Evening

Feeling tired? Don’t get under the covers just yet.

Working all day can be really exhausting. There would be occasional headaches and even back pains. However, have you ever imagined what it actually does to your skin? Other than making it wrinkly and dull, constant exposure to makeup, dirt and pollution can actually make you look older than you really are! Sounds scary, right?

Before you get in your bed, you may want to take a look at this night routine. It can keep you away from beauty nightmares.

    ❖     Clean it.

        Perhaps, it’s one of the most heard beauty advices but it really does help to clean your face before going to bed. At night, your skin needs the time to rest, breathe and heal itself. However, it won’t be able to do that when there are still products clogging up your pores.

        Before washing your face, you can use a makeup remover to make sure you get everything off. There are some makeup that can’t be removed by just using soap and water. Applying an oil based makeup remover can make sure you take longwear mascaras and eyeliners completely off.  Just make sure that you find one that doesn’t contain any alcohol so it won’t make your skin dry.

     Wash it.

        After removing your makeup, wash your face thoroughly with water including your neck area. You can choose to use warm water to make your pores more open. This helps make sure you get a more thorough cleaning. You can also try exfoliating with a facial scrub to remove dead skin cells.

      ❖     Toner.

        Using a toner after washing your face maintains your skin’s natural pH level. It also prepares the skin to better absorb the moisturizers you’re going to apply. However, just make sure you get one that’s alcohol-free.

     Eye cream.

        Keep it in check to use eye creams to help keep the skin around your eyes hydrated. Doing this step prevents dark circles and reduces your eyes’ puffiness. Just avoid tugging the skin around your eyes as these areas are more sensitive compared with the rest of your face. Other than eye cream, you can use an eye serum for better absorption. It has the same formulation as your eye cream but with a different preparation. If you like to soak your skin in moisturizer, you can use a cream. However, if you prefer easy absorption, opt for the serum.

       ❖     Lip care.

        Chapped lips are never beautiful nor comfortable. You can remedy this simply by exfoliating your lips. You can use warm water and a towel to scrub off dead skin cells or you can make your very own sugar lip scrub. After exfoliation, be sure to hydrate your lips using a lip balm.

        ❖     Serum.

        Using serum is a good way to meet what your skin needs. If you want anti-aging effects, you can choose to use a Vitamin A serum. If your skin feels dull, you can try a Vitamin C serum. The wide range of serums can really be confusing at certain times. To be sure you get what you want you can consult for customized skin serums.

        ❖     Moisturize it.

There are also several types of moisturizers you can use for your skin. But before you can actually apply some on your face, you have to know first your skin type. There are natural moisturizers you can choose for a maximized effect. You’ll not only keep your skin hydrated, you’ll also be staying away from chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Taking care of your skin requires dedication and discipline. The five or ten minutes you’re going to spend on pampering your skin at night is incomparable to the long term effects you’ll experience. Decide on a routine now and you’ll be so glad you did!

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