2015 Spring Makeup Trends

We saw a lot of different trends in 2014. We saw plenty of hair colors, no makeup selfies, baby bangs, and colorful nail arts. Now that fashion weeks are on, a lot of 2015 spring trends are being predicted. We have already seen models walking with damp skin, air dried waves, wet hair looks and bold eye lines in recent shows. Based on some smart talks with top makeup artists, here are the big 5 2015 makeup trends for you this spring. 2015 certainly is going to be a fab season for makeup experiments.

1.   Supernatural Skin

Yes the barely-there look is in. A lot of makeup artists have used bare minimum in many shows this season. You can perfect this look so easily by enhancing your natural beauty and achieving a flawless bare look with minimal/natural makeup. So the next time you’re prepping for a party, just go with a nude foundation or a BB, no mascara, no liner, no eyeshadow, just come-as-you-are. You can try the all new LANCĂ”ME City Miracle CC CreamComplexion Beautifier Daily Defense SPF50 / PA+++, which has it all the illuminator, hydrator, sun protection and complexion care foundation.
2.   All-Over Eyeshadow

Shows like Dior, Fendi and Peter Som have used bright colored stickers made of leather or satin to surround the upper and lower eye lids and make a bold statement. Cream foundations and wipes of lipstick are perfect to achieve this look. Achieve this look with the Pro Longwear Paint Pot from M.A.C. It is cream based and will work perfect with any M.A.C. shadow or liner.

3.   Red lips

Red lips have always been in trend irrespective of the season and irrespective of the era. Just a tint of red lipstick with no other makeup on will enhance your entire look for a perfect party night. Bloody red or deep berry, softly defused around the edges and pressed with a fingertip. You can achieve this look so easy with the Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy CC Lipstick that feels soft and light, gives you color plus care for quite a long and is also available in many other shades.
4.   Rock Star Statements

Weird rock star experiments were seen a lot in this spring season. Some statements such as gothic wings or glam-rock pops of glitter at the corners of or around eyes, choppy bowl cut in a roman style, and brow piercing were seen everywhere this fashion season. So pick any style and make it your own gypset boho statement this spring.
5.   Undone Hair

It feels young and cool to just air dry your hair or leave deconstructed knots and loose. Not done hair rather the polished ponytail is in this spring. You can style perceptible bend at the ends with center partings with any spring’s prints and it will go.

Fashion is what you confidently wear. So wear your confidence and rock any style that pleases you. 2015 fashion is easy and doable all by yourself. So, leave those knots at the end of your hair undone and apply some dark red lipstick on a nude makeup and you are all set for any occasion.

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