Power of Plants: Clarins Up to 40% Off

As busy working women, we often neglect to take good care of our face and body – rushing through face wash in 5 seconds and exfoliating body every 6 months are just part of our norm. 

Living in a polluted world only makes it worse, as our skin is exposed to daily environmental stresses which can lead to premature aging. So, it’s time to get down to business and start your own beauty and body routines. 

And why not try out Clarins’ wide range of natural, effective skincare and body products?

Clarins at COSME-DE.COM

Clarins is the No. 1 best-selling high-end skincare brand in Europe, specializing in slimming, anti-aging, bust-enhancing, and facial lifting products. With its unique expertise in plant extracts, advanced technology and flawless innovation, Clarins has brought well-being and natural beauty to women across the globe for more than 50 years.

Now, you can experience Clarins’ botanical power with bargain savings up to 42% off, from facial cleanser, moisturizer, BB cream, body treatment oil to slimming essence. Click here to see the offers. 

Here’s a list of must-try Clarins products: 

Body Lift Cellulite Control
Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control
Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control,
COSME-DE.COM 200ml / 400ml / 200ml x2

How do you reduce "orange peel" skin on your thighs? 

The answer is Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control

It contains potent plant extracts of Celosia Cristata and Mentha Aquatica which target cellulite before it starts, combating both early and stubborn cellulite. Your hips, buttocks and thighs look visibly smoother. 

This is a winning product at ELLE International Beauty Awards 2014, too. 
Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control is a winning product at ELLE International Beauty Awards 2014

Double Serum [Hydric + Lipidic System] Complete Age Control Concentrate

Have crow’s feet started creeping up around your eyes? 

Luckily, we have Double Serum, an effective anti-aging concentrate that combines water and oil age-fighting serums in one optimum golden ratio to defy the signs of aging. 

Powered by 27 years of plant science, this 2013 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards winner is infused with a blend of 20 plant extracts to make your skin younger and more radiant. 
Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate
COSME-DE.COM 30ml / 50ml

Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel (Shapes & Tightens)

Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel at COSME-DE.COM
Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel (Shapes & Tightens) COSME-DE.COM 15ml / 50ml

Perk things up with this refreshing gel that delivers an immediate “lifting” effect to your breasts. 

Vietnamese Vu Sua extract, also known as Breast-Milk Fruit, helps firm, tone and smooth bust silhouette, while Oat Sugars fight sagging by creating an invisible "natural bra", which helps breasts appear higher on the bust line, and hold a more defined shape.

Who says busy women can’t take the time to pamper themselves? Get started with your beauty and slimming routines with amazing discounts today!

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