3 Asian Cosmetic Brands You Really Need to Check Out

Asian skin seems to be capable of defying signs of aging. 

More than skin care, Asian cosmetics are also known to play a major role in giving Asians their youthful glow. This could also be one of the reasons why some Western countries are suddenly taking interest in their beauty products.  

To help you get a clearer idea on how asian cosmetics contribute to their bright and beautiful skin, here’s a list of some of their cosmetic brands. 

CHA LAB is available on COSME-DE.COM
CHA LAB is a medical cosmetic institute in South Korea that provides researches and discoveries to the country’s top hospitals.  This research institute’s most popular cosmetic product is the Pore Clear Mask.
CHA:LAB Pore Clear Mask can be bought at COSME-DE.COM
CHA LAB’s Pore Clear Mask at COSME-DE.COM

CHA LAB’s Pore Clear Mask is also known as the Vacuum Cleaner Pore Mask because of its ability to suck away blackheads and pimples

The product also claims to provide seven efficiencies. The list includes opening pore channels, shrinking your pore size, improving your skin’s texture and even enhancing your skin’s brightness. It can also hydrate your skin by 72% while nourishing it with several essential nutrients. 

IOPE is available at COSME-DE.COM
IOPE believes in the harmony of science, nature and human. It’s the first cosmeceutical brand that also specializes on quality herbal extracts in creating the best products for your skin. IOPE’s signature product is the Air Cushion XP SPF50+ / PA+++.
IOPE Air Cushion XP SPF50+ / PA++ at COSME-DE.COM
Air Cushion XP SPF50+ / PA+++ at COSME-DE.COM

The Air Cushion XP SPF50+ / PA+++ is a moist foundation that helps protect your skin against the harmful UV rays while making sure you look radiant and glowing.  It repels sweat and oil that makes it last longer on your skin. 

This product also has 30% mineral water for a moisturized dewy finish. As IOPE focuses on nature’s essences, it has infused six Siberian plant extracts to minimize your pores and protect your skin.

VDL Cosmetics is available at COSME-DE.COM
Violet Dream Luminous aspires to enhance women’s beauty through colors. The brand is a collaboration between makeup artists and several professionals. VDL’s most known product is the Expert Color Lip Cube Moisture SPF10.
VDL Expert Color Lip Cube Moisture SPF10 (Multiple Color Option) at COSME-DE.COM

The Lip Cube takes lipsticks to a whole new dimension with its edges. It contains SPF for protection against the sun’s harmful rays and is also infused with elegant and luxurious colors.  This lipstick has a silky feel upon application and vows to  last long on your lips. 

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