Four Effective Tips for Dealing with An Oily Face

Does your face shine more than it glows? You probably have an oily face.

This is a common problem for young people, although oily skin can be a problem at any age. It seems that no matter how you cleanse, the oily shine is always there – not to mention the break outs. 

Fortunately, dealing with an oily face doesn’t have to be so difficult. By making a few simple changes to your skin care routine you can reduce the greasy shine and breakouts that are so often a problem with an oily face. 

Stop Touching Your Face

Many people put their hands on their face without thinking about it. This is a big contributor to breakouts. Train yourself to keep your hands off of your face, and wear your hair off of your face as much as possible to reduce exposure to oil. If you have an oily face, resist the urge to get a hair cut with bangs that hang down across your forehead.

Stop Over-Cleansing

It’s important to keep oily skin clean, but cleansing too aggressively can be counterproductive. If you completely remove the protective layer of oil on your skin, the sebaceous glands respond by pumping out more. 

Use a gentle, oil free soap or cleanser and a mild astringent and cleanse only twice a day. Follow up with a light, oil- free moisturizer only in the driest areas of your face such as under the eyes. Resist the urge to scrub off every last trace of oil, but be diligent about cleansing. Never go to sleep without removing your makeup if you have an oily face – no matter how tired you are. 

Change Your Makeup

An oily face needs light, oil-free foundation – if you use foundation at all. With oily skin it’s best to use as little makeup as possible. Instead of using a foundation, use an oil-free pressed powder to even out skin tone, cover flaws, and reduce shine. If you need more coverage in areas, use an oil-free concealer. The less gunk you apply to an oily face, the better. 

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Once a Week, Use a Clay Mask

A clay mask is good for soaking up excess oil, but should be used only once a week. You can buy a clay mask at most drugstores and cosmetic counters, but it’s simple to make your own using a Fuller’s earth clay. You can find various recipes on the internet.

If you have an oily face that’s prone to frequent breakouts, ask your doctor if you’re a good candidate for Retin-A. Retin-A can be highly effective for reducing the frequency of annoying breakouts. 

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