Vogue’s Best: Your Top Picks to Beauty

So you want to look beautiful?

When they say that natural is better, that doesn’t have to mean you need to flaunt your pale cheeks and unlively set of lips around town. Whether you’re a professional make up artist or a simple beauty enthusiast, you know a little color wouldn’t hurt. And while you’re at it, why not try it with  the best ones?

Here’s Vogue’s Best of the Best.


If you’re too scared to get an all out red lip color, you may want to try the subtle ones first. Burt’s Bees is the perfect piece to start getting your lips acquainted with colors. First, it’s a lip tint. Second, it’s a lip balm.
With 100% natural ingredients, you are not only splashing colors on your lips but giving them the hydration they need too. You may want to try it in Hibiscus - not too red, not to pink.

This tint can give you the natural glow you want. It’s not too strong and not too pale. It’s just the right shade to give you that rosy cheeks and kissable lips. Yes, it can give you both.
Just dot three spots on the apple of your cheeks or wipe some of the color on your lips. Either way or both, you’ll look instantly fresh and aglow.

You know you want those doll eyes, right?

Well, apparently, you don’t need to get too envious anymore. Lancôme can give you the same wide eyed look without clumping your lashes. This mascara also just doesn’t simply curl your lashes up, it makes each lash shine too.

If you don’t want the flare and flirty look or if you have tried and failed miserably at it, you can stop blaming your stubborn lashes now. Chanel found a good way of lengthening and curling them up. It makes sure they stay that way as well.

It has a long lasting formula that is also waterproof. You can stop hating the hot weather now.

OPI Nail Lacquer


No, it’s not for your face.

However, if you’re afraid of painting your face, why not do it on your nails instead? OPI Nail Lacquer in Red can give you the same pretty feeling. It’s pinky-toned red in color that can perfectly match your tan.

Remember, a set of pretty nails can have the same effect as a well made face.

Not a fan of make up? There’s still something else you could try.

Burberry has a scent that can make you think of rain and the British Garden Floral. My Burberry is Burberry’s signature scent that at one whiff will remind you of its famous trench coat. If putting colors on your face is not clearly your type, why not smell beautiful instead?

If your confidence is low and you are feeling a little need to boost yourself, you may need to take a step forward and experiment on things. It may not necessarily require you to swipe colors on your face or curl your lashes. You just have to find what’ll work best for you. Besides, you also have to be comfortable in your own skin first.

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