Hair Styles That Never Go Old

Your hair is your crowning glory. So, why not make it your best attraction?

Each year, hair trends change from length, color and even texture. The styles of last year would actually feel a bit “obsolete” if you flaunt it in today’s runway. Say for example, the frizz. For 2015, experts say that there’s no need to tame it anymore. If the spring runways are giving any hint, it’s high time that you keep your serums locked away.

However, although hair trends vary over time, there are styles that actually never get old. If you’re not one of the brave souls to try in a bolder look this year, these steps and styles could actually make you feel refreshed.
Want to change your look?

Perhaps, this is one of the easiest way to achieve that new look you have been planning about this year. You don’t need to cut your hair shorter or to dye it with another color. What’s more fun is that you can actually test first how it would look on you before you head to the salon to have it done.

1.    To start off, you need to go through your hair. Comb it and brush away any knot.
2.    You have to divide your hair into sections. This way, you’ll get the curling tongs to heat the sections evenly.
3.    Try parting your hair around an inch thick for each part. Take one part and wrap it around the barrel of your curling tongs.
4.    Remove and check the curls. Pin it against your head.
5.    If you’re satisfied with how it’s curled, you can allow it to set and cool.
6.    Repeat the same process for the remaining sections.

 If your hair is a bit stubborn or if it is fine and limp, try misting it with2chic Ultra Volume Tangerine & Papaya Butter Big Body Hair Spray
It can give you more volume that can resist humidity. It’s long lasting, too.

     Volume Up

While curls look good as they are, it’ll actually be much better looking if you add volume to it. How?

1.    Start off by unpinning your curls and running your fingertips through each section.
2.    With the use of a teasing brush, you can start brushing at the roots of your hair. This way, you lift your hair while adding volume to it.
3.    As for the rest of the hair, you can run a paddle brush to make your curls more loose.


You can use the Lucido-L Hair Wax to fix the ends of your curls, whether you want them to stay inwards or outwards. It actually absorbs oil as well, so you won’t need to feel sticky the entire day.

You can also try for a hair oil, if you prefer. The Orofluido Beauty Elixir can give your hair both body and movement. It actually has a nice scent, too.

Actually, you can use both to manage your curls. Just mix a little amount of both wax and oil on your palm and work it on your ends.


        Want to add spice? You can add braids to your curls.

1.    Take a small section of hair on top and near the front of your head. Make sure to leave some strands to frame your face.
2.    Put the section into a fishtail braid, keeping it flowing backwards as you go.
3.    Once you get to your ear part, you can stop braiding and pin the section behind it.


To keep the braid in place, you can try misting it with a hairspray. The
Logona Silk Gloss Hair Spray gives your hair volume without pulling it down. You can spray it around 12 inches from your hair and make sure to avoid getting the product on your eyes.

        There are several hairstyles that you can actually try if you want something new. However, since your hair is your crowning glory, you wouldn’t want to go overboard right? It’s still better if you keep it simpler.

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