The Best Blush and Brush Pairs

“You’re blushing!”

It’s a fact that almost everyone wants to have that rosy glow on their cheeks and be complemented about it. It makes them look more vibrant and young. However, mimicking the same blushing effect could be frustrating for some. Other than choosing the right color, you’d have to find the perfect brush to make it look natural.

To lessen your frustrations, here’s a list of the best blush and brush pairing:

           bareMinerals All-Over Face Color means natural beauty. It’s made up of pure minerals in  coral pink glimmer, making your skin safe and beautiful. Whether you’re light or brown skinned, this blush can make you look beautifully glowing.

Need a brush?

The bareMineralsFlawless Application Face Brush has soft tapered semi-round bristles to perfectly infuse that sun-kissed glow into your skin. It’s light and it gives off a light to medium coverage.

        Simply swirl the brush to get the right amount of color and tap to remove any excess. Swipe the brush to your centerpoints. That includes your forehead, your cheeks and your chin. Other than your cheeks, you can also apply it to your lips and pair it with a nice lip balm.

.        Tired of feeling sticky? This 3 Concept Eyes Powdery Lip&Cheek can give you a light powdery finish. It comes in  4 shades. Each of this shades blends easily with your skin, creating the illusion that you’re just simply aglow.

Need a brush?
        The Too Cool ForSchool Marshmallow Puff could probably catch your eyes anyway. It’s creatively shaped which makes it interestingly nice to use. Other than making you save on your creams more, its unique shape allows versatility in application.


        You need to use the underside of the puff to dab the color on the apple of your cheeks. Start with a small amount and then just work your way until you get the right color.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N has 4 colors in its box. You can choose to either use one or blend all shades for that dewy finish. Plus, it’s long lasting, too.

Need a brush?

  Chanel Touch-UpBrush has a rounded shape that makes it perfect to use for easy blending. It’s made of natural and synthetic fiber brush hair. It’s an ideal one to use for a quick fix if you’re on the go.

  Adjust the amount first before you apply. You can load your brush and tap it on the back of your hand. This way, you can control the color you put on your cheeks.

4.     Bobbi BrownBlush
        If you want it matte and natural, this Bobbi Brown Blush will do wonders on you. Not only is it available in shades to fit your skin tone, it’s long lasting as well. It feels silky when you apply yet it delivers an even and more natural look.

Need a brush?

        Bobbi Brown FaceBrush is big and fluffy. However, it has a short handle which makes it easy to use when you’re on the move. Plus, you can also use this to remove excess products on your face.


        Swipe the brush and tap to remove excess blush. Apply it to your cheeks in dusting motion for a more natural look.

        It’s more than a blush- it’s a mineral blush. Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush is made without any chemical dyes to harm your skin. Also, it has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which make it even safer. You can use it on your eyes and lips.

Need a brush?
        Jane IredaleChisel Powder Brush is soft mainly because it’s made of goat hair. It can grab powders well and distributes it evenly on your face.

Pick up a small amount and begin by layering. There’s no need to load everything at once.

Whether you simply want to add color or just feel beautiful, putting on makeup can boost your confidence. However finding the right product can also give you a less than desired effect if you don’t apply it right. You wouldn’t want to overdo it, would you?

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