1 week to younger looking skin - Anti-aging and Rejuvenating skin-care

Sounds incredible to have younger looking skin in 1 week!  In a long run, a proper beauty and health maintenance is the only way to turn back the time and reverse the aging process.  Taking anti-aging nutrients externally to your skin and living a healthy lifestyle create an instant effect to restore the glow and radiance to your skin.
I call it miracle magic serum.  This Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule from Missha really surprises me!  It strengthens my skin’s original power for a prompt improvement of skin’s conditions.   The lactic acid fermented ingredients, Bifida, Lactobacillus and Lactococcus, are DNA repairing agents, eliminating accumulated cell damages and fortifying new cells to reveal younger and fresher skin. I start incorporating this ampoule into my night beauty routine to stimulate skin’s natural healing system during sleep.  My skin feels reborn in the morning!

After the ampoule is deeply absorbed, applying the face cream with different kinds of anti-aging nutrients for a diverse collection of anti-aging properties.  I choose High Concentrate Coenzyme Q10 Moisture Cream which contains an effective dose of CoQ 10 protecting collagen and elastin from free radicals and resulting in an outstanding face lifting.  In the morning, I integrate this cream with sunscreen for a better sun protection.  CoQ10 helps neutralize skin oxidation caused by UV rays.

For a weekly intensive facial treatment, EVE LOM Rescue Mask is my favorite!  All the naturally occurring minerals work the best to draw out the impurities from skin and meanwhile to soothe sensitive, dry and reddish skin.  One of specialties of this mask is that it wakes up your tired eyes.  Just use it as a normal wash-off eye mask.  One of the active ingredients, Camphor, stimulates blood circulation, eliminating dark circles and bags under your eyes.  For the best rejuvenating result, having a regular deep clean enhances the skin’s absorption of nutrients and thereby anti-aging nutrients can permeate much effectively into clean skin. 
Take charge of your skin’s age!  Age is nothing but a number.  As long as you aspire to maintain your beauty and health, you can be an ageless beauty.  Not forgetting, anti-aging nutrients need to be taken externally and internally.   

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