DIY - at home, for your face!

People always talk about at home facial, but normally we need to use cleansing foam/milk to clean our face, then put on paper mask, then apply toner and cream...etc. Sounds all too complicated, isn't it?!

But now, there is one device which can clean, moisturize your face and even tighten the pores. That's right! Hitachi Ion beauty devices, just look at the slim, lightweight design in a classic simple white colour. There are 2 power levels, and don't forget to try the cooling pampering as the last step.

What if you want a device which focuses on cleansing? No problem! There is also another one which is also as slim and lightweight, and with a choice of pink or black. 4 power levels which suit your different needs.

And what's more, Hitachi knows the needs for men in pore cleansing as well, thus there is a chic slick black device for them. It also consists of 4 power levels, just choose the one which suits you best at the time of using.

Bring it home now and try it yourself! :)

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