Girls’ Heartthrob of all time – Dr Hauschka

Elegant, classic, delicate, nourishing, caring, thoughtful…  If I have to suggest a skin care brand which embraces all these adjectives, I will intuitively say ‘Dr. Hauschka’.  Will it be your answer too?  This girl’s heartthrob utilises flower power from nature to pamper your skin.


I have sensitive and combination skin; my face cream has to be thin and light to avoid build-up of grease and oil.  I tried Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream and fell in love with its flowing and thin texture.  It keeps my skin hydrated and moist the whole day, and thus my skin doesn’t generate excessive sebum.  For the comparatively dry areas, like cheeks, I just apply a bit more.  The botanical ingredients, Anthyllis Vulneraria and Calendula, support the skin’s healthy moisture balance and make it soft and supple.  After a full day out, my skin still looks fresh without a build-up of oil on my face!

You see the watery texture? 
It gives your skin a dewy and moist touch!
A little goes a long way! 
It smells mildly floral.


Facial mask is the dessert that my skin savors!  I love the healing and revitalising effects of Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask.  It not only pumps up the moisture, but lightens the marks and spots on my face.  On the affected areas, I put a thin layer of this mask and leave it overnight.  After a few uses, my acne marks are almost invisible and my skin tone looks more even, bright and fresh. 

After being exposed under the sun, I would also use it to prevent any freckles and spots appearing.  No one would realise that I have spent a whole day on the beach.  I always bring it with me when traveling to hot and sunny countries.  It is always better to restore your skin health before the signs of sun damage appear. 
It is a decent hydra-boosting sleeping mask and very easy to apply with its creamy consistency.  Extracts of Quince Seed extract and Wheat Germ oil are very essential antioxidants to repair skin damage and promote new skin cell generation. 
Why am I a loyal fan of Dr. Hauschka?  The skin care of Dr. Hauchka is prepared with a thoughtful selection of organically grown plants, free of synthetic elements.  It really transfers the powers of nature directly to your skin.


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