The Perfect Travel Kits for Your Summer Vacation

A summer vacation is the ultimate treat – a reward for all the hard work you have done throughout the year. A chance to retreat, relax, see and experience new places, people, food and fun. A chance to soak up some dazzling sunshine in exotic countries, with beautiful people!

Be Beauty-Wise

When packing, it’s worth planning ahead and being beauty-wise with what you take with. On the one hand, who needs a whole lot of extra baggage? On the other, you do not want to be caught out with an amazing party to go to, without all your favourite products that make you look and feel like the vacation belle of the ball!

I love beauty travel kits – products come in smaller sizes so you can still have all your favourites while you travel, without having to carry a suitcase that is bigger than you are! Travel kits are often beautifully packaged, and bring together everything you need to care for your skin, create flawless makeup looks and keep the pool or beachside body beautiful.

All eyes on you

Amazing eyes are the window to the soul, and the most unforgettable thing about a face! So two of my travel kit favourites are all about caring for and making up the eyes to look simply spectacular, eyes that will be remembered, long after the vacation has ended!

The skin around the eyes is delicate and needs extra special care to look smooth and clear of puffiness and dark circles. The revolutionary SK-ll Magnetic Eye Care Kit promises visibly less fine lines around the eyes within 10 days of use, and in this case, it delivers. The anti-aging kit contains Stempower Eye Cream, a potent formula that firms the skin around the eye, strengthens it and visibly reduces sagging and the appearance of wrinkles. A magnetic wand is included, the first of its kind in the world, that delivers the formula deeply into the skin, with three times the absorption power than if you were to simply use your finger. Boasting some serious science, the wand uses tri-magnetic technology and an innovative bi-polar magnetic micro array, to ensure the skin around your beautiful peepers is fresh, smooth and perfect! 

With the skin around the eyes looking youthful and luminous, it’s now time to enhance their natural beauty. You can have those “you have the most beautiful eyes” comments coming at you thick and fast when you follow the instructions on the Benefits “Big Beautiful Eyes” kit. It’s a real miracle worker, with a primer, an Alabaster pink base shadow, a cocoa shimmer contour shadow, and two precision brushes for perfect application. The kit also includes an illustrated, step by step makeup lesson leaflet, to guide you in the application of show-stopping eyes! This kit is the best for defined, contoured, exquisite eyes. 

The body beautiful

On holiday you might be soaking up some sun and exposing more skin than usual, so keeping your skin soft, smooth and supple is vital. The Clarins Body Care Collection has everything you need to exfoliate, moisturise and contour your body with the Tonic Body Treatment Oil. The Collection comes in a beautiful white bag, perfect to pop into your suitcase.

So, intrepid and beautiful traveller, make sure you get kitted out with some beauty treats next time you venture out on vacation!

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