How To Get And Keep The Beautifully Bronzed And Sun-Kissed Look

The bronzed glow of a summer tan makes us all appear more beautiful and relaxed, full of all the good things in life! Getting and keeping this gorgeous look can be a bit of a contradiction – we all know that excessive sun exposure causes premature ageing and skin cancer, so it’s safety first!

Scrub up

However, it is possible to care for your skin and get a radiant sun-kissed glow at the same time. To start with, make sure you exfoliate thoroughly before your vacation or sun exposure. The sun stimulates the production of a pigment called melanin, which colours the top layer of your skin with your tan. This skin layer sheds approximately every ten days to two weeks, so it’s best to get that tan on the new cells! Exfoliation also helps your moisturiser to really sink in and do its job. For an exfoliating treat, try Decleor Crème Exfoliant with a double action to gently eliminate impurities in the skin as well as any roughness or dead skin cells. The result is instantly renewed, revitalised skin.

Hydration internally and externally

Staying moisturised and hydrated is important in order to stop dryness and flaky skin, which means bye-bye tan! Keep your water bottle filled and at your side at all time and eat foods with a high water content such as melons, cucumber and celery. You can also switch to a moisturising shower oil instead of a gel or soap, which will lock moisture in your skin and prolong your tan. For total moisture and a satin-smooth finish, try L’occitane Almond Shower Oil, a lavishly decadent softening foam, rich in almond oil and nourishing lipids. And the fragrance is heavenly too, it’s hard to get out of the shower when it smells this good in there!

Eat up for a great tan!

The raw materials our cells need to produce melanin is called tyrosine. So make sure your cells have enough of it by eating foods rich in tyrosine, such as turkey, egg whites, cottage cheese, salmon, soy, almonds and avocados. And don’t think you can speed up your tan by not wearing a high enough SPF protection against UV rays. If you let your skin burn, it will simply flake and peel, not to mention an unsightly red colour and be dried out and damaged. Build your tan slowly by wearing an SPF at all times, and your tan will last a lot longer too!

Shimmy shimmer

One way to always enhance the tan that you have, is to wear a moisturiser with a gentle shimmer to it. This gives the appearance of a deeper tan and looks absolutely beautiful if you choose the right one, like Nuxe L'Huile Prodigieuse®. It can be used to add a delectable shimmer to face, body and hair while nourishing and repairing. The golden shimmer makes your skin glitter gently every time you move.

Tan safely and successfully and keep that skin glowing long into autumn!

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