Treatment Oil Recommendations

Ok, I am going to put it out there. I am an oily girl! I know that sounds a bit strange, but I love treatment oils. Not the ones that sit on top of your skin and hair and make you look like a seal (much as I adore cute seals) but the ones that sink into your skin and hair and impart comfort, softness, nourishment and a radiant, glowy sheen. So when I say I am an oily girl, I mean I am a well-moisturised girl with soft skin and hair that smells great!

Many of the treatment oils that give this softness and moisture are plant-based. It may seem counter-intuitive, but natural plant-based oils are even very good for acne-prone skin, as they sink gently into your skin and nourish from within, helping your skin to regulate and not over-produce sebum in order to try and nourish the skin.

Facial Oils

So, there you have it, oils are an absolute treat for your face, body and skin and it is worth having a shop around to find the ones that suit your skin, your pocket and your preferences! For face, I am an SK-II Facial Treatment Oil fan. 

This oil provides immediate moisture, with 6 different types of natural plant oils including olive, jojoba and avocado, and the scent is faintly dominated by a soothing lavender, which is lovely. It is particularly great and putting back the moisture that air conditioners, dry weather and in-flight environments take out of you, so one to try if you are a jet setter who is often in air-con environments, or live in a dry climate. You only need apply 5-7 drops after cleansing, enjoy the comforting lavender and soothing skin experience, then follow with your standard moisturiser, essence or serum.

Body Beautiful

When it comes to a treat for the rest of the body, an oil gives your skin elasticity and a firming and toning function. I find treatment oils on my body also give my skin a lustre and sheen, great for summer dresses or short shorts! Clarins has a lovely range of body treatment oils that really are a treat! My classic favourite is Clarins Body Treatment Oil (Contouring & Strengthening). 

It is made from 100 % natural plant extracts and aromatic essential oils, and if you ever get that tired, heavy feeling in your legs, it helps to relieve that. It reduces any “sponginess” in your legs for a more refined look and lighter feeling, by naturally stimulating your natural circulation process.

Silky Hair

And lastly, a good hair treatment oil can do wonders for your tumbling tresses! ‘’Dear hair – sorry I give you such a hard time, with colour, with hair dryers, straightening irons some days, curling irons the next. But you do know I really love you and make up for it with hair treatments oils, don’t you?” Yes, that is me talking to my hair. A good treatment oil can make sure you have less of the straw, and more of the silk.

Olioseta Oro Del Marocco Oil Treatment for Hair, with Argan and Linseed Oil, is a great product that loves my hair and suits my pocket! My hair becomes shiny, bouncy, soft and manageable. Best of all, it is no-rinse (time-saver bonus), you just massage a few drops into towel-dried hair, gently comb through, do whatever styling you want (or none!) and you’re ready to rock! 

So, take my advice and join the oily girls group! You will never look back!

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