Lay The Right Foundation For Flawless, All Day Beauty

While I am an absolute fan of the ‘barely there’ no makeup look that has been popular for a long while now, there are some situations where it just doesn’t cut it! Like, when you need to take over the world, or get married, or win an Oscar, or globe trot from boardroom to boardroom. Or just get through a long, hot, rainy, cool, sweaty, busy day. You don’t really want makeup migration in all directions all over your face. You don’t need a little meltdown at the wedding. What you do need, is a handy long-lasting foundation, there for you through thick and thin, something with a bit of backbone!

Beauty Tech is our friend!

Some long-lasting foundations had a bad reputation in the past, for being cakey and drying out the skin. Well, technology in beauty and makeup is definitely our friend and the formulations are silky, smooth and lightweight, they don’t dry out the skin and yet last and last when you need them most!
So, whatever is on your skincare ‘be gone with you’ list – be it dark circles, scars, blemishes, pigmentation, redness, visible pores or any other gremlins, it’s worth finding yourself one of the foundation friends that does not abandon you after a paltry couple of hours!

Prime spot

One of the best ways to ensure your makeup stays put while you get around, is to use a primer under your makeup. Primers don’t have an immediate visible effect, but they do work hard for their money – minimising the appearance of pores and keeping the foundation on top firmly in place. Laura Mercier has a winner with its Foundation Primer. A colourless, lightweight creamy gel that creates an invisible layer that acts as a buffer to outside elements. It keeps your makeup looking fresh and colour-true all day. As an added bonus it contains Vitamins A, C, and E, which are antioxidants and protect the skin from harmful, aging effects of the environment. If you are in a warm weather climate, you can keep it in the fridge before applying for a refreshing blast that reduces puffiness.

Once you have done your preparation, it’s time to choose your hard worker! A product that stops me from doing a Cinderella and leaving at midnight is Guerlain Tenue De Perfection Timeproof Foundation Ultimate Lasting Perfection SPF 20 / PA++. It is a delight when it comes to colour and texture, with a velvety soft finish. It blends into my skin for a perfect-looking complexion, and then it lasts, and lasts, and last! After-party anyone? 

Another favourite long-wearing foundation is Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10. Like Estée herself, this foundation is hard working and innovative. A worry-free 15 hours of staying power that stays fresh and natural-looking for all the activity we can dream of getting up to! It also comes in a wide range of colours so you can match your skin tone perfectly! 

Magic mist!

So, you’ve primed your face, used a long-lasting foundation and done the rest of your makeup and you can’t help a little ‘wow’ as you look in the mirror! You need your makeup to stay EXACTLY like this all day! There is one more trick, used by catwalk makeup artists everywhere – it’s fixing spray! These are fine mists, often with nourishing and cooling properties that set your makeup ‘just so’. Yes! A magic mist that keeps your game face on all day! A brilliant fixing spray is Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief. It helps set makeup, replenish thirsty skin, and restore moisture equilibrium. Its gentle texture provides an immediate feeling of freshness and well-being, leaving the skin soft and supple. Just spritz and be merry! 

So, it’s easy to keep super girl’s makeup exactly where she wants it – all day, and right into the club! Hear hear!

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