Easy Ways to Fix Your Makeup Throughout the Day

You know the story. You wake up and spend time applying your game face, ready for the busy day ahead. You look in the mirror and you like what you see, a beautiful face! So off you go into the world to make your mark for today. Only problem is that when you go to the bathroom a few hours later and look in the mirror again – well, that carefully applied makeup has disappeared, or worse, was not in the place that you originally put it. And we have all experienced the dreaded raccoon eyes staring back at us. It’s not the same face that looked at us in the mirror at home this morning!

But, fear not! There are some makeup tricks that mean it will stay in place all day, through the rigours of modern life. The heat, the humidity, the rain and sometimes tears, hopefully tears of laughter but we all have “those days”.

Fresh and clean, every day!

To start with, make sure your face is super clean. We all know that oil and water don’t mix, and the science applies to your face too. A face that is a bit oily will mean that the makeup comes sliding off before lunch time! Making sure you exfoliate a few times a week helps keep your skin super clean too. To cleanse my (slightly oily) skin I love Aveda Botanical Kinetics™ Purifying Gel Cleanser. The light gel foam cleans gently but thoroughly and leaves skin soft and refreshed. I love essential oils and this cleanser has 16 of them, in a lovely and unobtrusive aroma. 

Set the scene

Next, it is worth investing in a good primer to use under your foundation. For four good reasons! It fills pores, blurs imperfections and your makeup looks smoother and lasts longer. Enough said! I can’t get enough of Christian Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refining Matte Primer. It makes my skin and my makeup look luminous and amazing! I sometimes wear it on its own without foundation, to give my skin a more flawless look. 

Get the products that stay put!

Choose a long-lasting or waterproof foundation with a good SPF, and apply in thin layers and build up to your required coverage – a thick layer is more likely to look cakey and comes sliding off! In fact, if long-lasting makeup is your requirement, waterproof products can do the trick when it comes to eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow too. Using a lip and cheek stain is also a great idea as it lasts longer and doesn’t go careering around your face into places where it is not welcome!

One of the worst culprits (a la the raccoon look mentioned earlier) is eyeliner. If you do curl your lashes, make sure you do so before you apply your eyeliner, so it doesn’t smudge. Also, if you have just had a bath or shower, do not apply your eyeliner in the bathroom where it is still steamy, because that will mean your look might not be what you wanted it to be, before you have even left home! My go-to eyeliner that comes in an amazing multitude of colours is Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner. This baby is not going anywhere! A built-in sharpener adds a lovely, convenient touch! 

After creating your long-wearing makeup face you can set the scene with a translucent powder, and for the final trick, use a setting spray on top, just to make double sure it all stays where you want it!

So there you have it long-lasting, superwomen. Make sure your make up works as hard as you do!

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