How to Create a Full, Pouty Pucker

If you were born with lips that are less than full, you may be envious of women who have a full, pouty pucker. While you could pay big bucks for painful injections to make your lips plump, it's a lot easier and safer to use noninvasive methods to get that kissable look. 

Choose and use a lip-plumping product. With full lips all the rage, it's easy to find a number of lip-plumping products on the shelves. These products often rely on irritants like mint, cinnamon or peppers to cause your lips to puff up in response to them. The results typically last a few hours. Expect a tingling sensation when you apply such products. 

Condition your lips with the moisture-rich products. Select a lip balm that moisturizes and conditions your lips. Products containing ingredients like beeswax, urea, glycerin, cocoa butter and dimethicone help lips retain moisture and look fuller. 

Exfoliate your lips daily. 
Brushing your lips with your toothbrush each time you brush your teeth removes dead skin cells and increases blood flow to your lips, helping them to look fuller and softer with minimal effort.  

Use cosmetics to create a full, plump lip look. Use a nude lip pencil to line and cover your lips completely to create a blank canvas on which to build your lip look. Use a lip pencil in a shade that is slightly darker than your lipstick to line your lips slightly outside your natural lip line for a fuller look. Fill in your lips with a rich, creamy lipstick with a gloss or a sheen to it to help the light reflect off your lips and make them look as voluptuous as possible. 

Avoid smoking, sun exposure and dehydration. All of these things suck moisture from your lips and cause them to appear thinner than they really are. Kick the smoking habit, use lip balm with sunscreen when you're in the sun and drink plenty of water every day. Picking up these habits will help your lips look their best. 

Even if you weren't born with lips so full and plump that they drive men wild, by taking the time to maximize your lip potential you'll soon have lips that are pucker perfect.

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