5 Top Hair Trends for 2016

Out with the old, in with the new for 2016. In the world of hair, a lot of the old is new again - call is classic. The natural look is trendy, but even if you prefer to sport hair with raspberry or lavender accents, complementing the skin tone is a must. Here are the top hair trends for this year. 

Melting Colors 

Color melting looks natural, since highlights are applied in varied tones. The colors indeed "melt" together, with darker roots lightening through the rest of the strands to the ends. It takes a while to apply, but because it looks so natural, you don't have to return to the colorist as often for touch-ups. Your hair can grow out quite a bit and still retain a natural appearance, instead of rapidly turning two-toned if just a single shade is used. Color melting fits all hair lengths, even shorter cuts. This leads us to another hot trend for 2016 - the bob.

The Bob Returns

The bob made its first appearance back in the 1920s, and was revolutionary at the time. For thousands of years, women wore their hair long. The bob changed all that, and nothing defined the modern woman like a short cut. The bob is back, and the 21st century version features texture, and some tousle. No matter whether your hair is wavy or straight, this timeless look is a winner. Another classic is back this year - bangs.

Bangs are Back 

Bangs and bobs are made for each other, and a bob with bangs is the au courant look. It doesn't matter what type hair you have - fine, thick, curly or straight - a bob with bangs is a great look. Bangs aren't limited to bobs this year. It's also a hot look for shoulder-length and longer hair. Very long hair is another top style statement.

Long as You Can Grow It Hair

For younger women, there's not much of in-between in 2016. Hair is either short or fabulously long.  If you opt for the latter, that doesn't mean you have deal with the upkeep of very long locks. 

Hair extensions give you the look without the maintenance. Whether your hair is real or purchased, texture is tops, along with a comfortable look suiting night or day. Grace your long hair with delicate highlights, another 2016 trend.

Baby, It's You 

Small children's hair boasts subtle highlights. For adults, that delicate highlighting is known as babylights, and it's a look that's staying the course. The highlights are just a shade or two lighter than your natural color. Babylights focus on your hairline, crown and hair tips. It's a muted look that's much more subdued than ordinary highlighting, and doesn't require nearly as much maintenance.

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