Recreate the Look: Rihanna’s Style

She’s bold and she’s fearless. 

Other than her great singing skills, Rihanna is also known for her brave yet classy look. She frequently changes her hair color and style. She wears makeup shades most of us are too doubtful to wear for ourselves. She puts on daring and fiery outfits. Yet, on top of all these, she retains her beauty and glamour. It’s no wonder why many people are wanting to be like her. 

Apparently, you don’t really need to be a celebrity or hire several professional makeup artists in order to look like Rihanna. You can use her own make up secrets to look like her. Here’s the list:


Rihanna has such a healthy glow in her skin. She’s been taking care of her skin right by cleansing, moisturizing and toning it on a daily basis. She takes vitamins to ensure her skin’s health. The right foundation is also helping her achieve the perfect complexion. 

To attain the same youthful glow on your skin, try using a foundation that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone

Rihanna has naturally black skin and a foundation lighter than her skin color gives that added highlight on her face without making her look odd. You just have to remember to blend everything well together. You can use your hands in doing so. Their warmth will make sure the product gets blended well with your skin.


Rihanna’s eyes are very expressive and her smokey eye makeup adds the right drama to them.

To recreate her look, you need to blend a smoky shade on your lower lash lines and extend the color towards your temples. You have to keep in mind to blend them well. If you have the same boldness as Rihanna, you can try using a different color other than black. Dark purple is a good shade to start with. Swipe a few coats of mascara after and line your eyes for extra emphasis.

As for mascara, you can use the same shade you chose for your eye shadow. This can create a more modern look for you, particularly when you’re going out for an evening party.

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Lip liners are some of Rihanna’s secrets to her pouty lips. Most of the time, you’ll be seeing her wearing shades of berries. To make them pop more, Rihanna traces a bit outside of her natural lip line to achieve a luscious effect.

You can do the same thing to make your lips plumper. You just have to be sure that the color you are picking is not too dark for your lips and your skin. Also, to get more accuracy in your application, you can try stretching your lips over your teeth.


When it comes to hairstyles, Rihanna seems to be capable of pulling almost everything. She’s worn long curly locks, short bobs and even shaved hair. Her style, on such note, can be summarized by creativity and spontaneity. 

Cutting or dyeing your hair is a big decision particularly if you’re aiming for Rihanna’s boyish crop or her exciting preferences. Make it a point to pick your choices well.

These makeup secrets can help you achieve the look you want. However, the decision on whether or not you’ll follow this list completely is entirely up to you. Whatever style you decide on, make sure that it can help you love your body more. After all, it’s all that matters.

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