Essential Beauty Tips For Men

Skin care routines aren’t just for women. 

As a matter of fact, men’s skin also needs proper care and nourishment to be at its best. Unfortunately, because most men are only familiar with washing and shaving, changing routine can be both confusing and difficult. 

Men have different skin needs than women. This is one of the reasons why men’s skin care products boomed overtime. However, because there are a lot of products to choose from, picking the right ones can be really hard. 

If you are not sure where to begin, this list of essential products can help you start taking care of your skin better:


Men generally have thicker skin than women. They also have a higher sebum production and collagen density. Because of these differences, men should only be using products that are intended for their skin’s needs.

Biotherm Homme T-Pur Anti Oil & Wet Clay-Like Unclogging Purifying Cleanser can address all of these concerns. 
Biotherm Homme T-Pur Anti Oil & Wet Clay-Like Unclogging Purifying Cleanser
Biotherm Homme T-Pur Anti Oil & Wet Clay-Like Unclogging Purifying Cleanser

It’s formulated to control oil and shine to keep you looking fresh all day. This cleanser helps unclog pores by clearing all the dirt and dust that have accumulated the entire day. It has clay like texture that can help lessen impurities as well.  You can use it twice a day for better results.


Exfoliation is a process where you take off dead skin cells to reveal healthier ones. It is usually done twice or thrice a week to help keep your skin looking young and glowing.

The best product to use for exfoliation is the Aromatherapy Associates The Refinery Face Scrub

Aromatherapy Associates The Refinery Face Scrub

This facial scrub is gentle yet effective enough to brighten up your skin complexion. It is also helpful in preventing in-grown hair development as well as in giving you a closer shave.


Keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated is very important if you want to maintain its health. The most guaranteed way in achieving this is applying an efficient skin moisturizer daily.

The Laneige Homme Active Water Cream Set with Captain America Figure is good for all skin types. 

Homme Active Water Cream Set

It isn’t sticky when applied and is also light. This moisturizer effective in replenishing dehydrated skin and can give you a long lasting hydration and protection. The set comes with a Captain America Figure too, which is popular among guys. 

Taking care of your skin isn’t all about product application. You should also nourish it from within. Start eating healthier and be more physically active and your skin will surely thank you in the long run.

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