How to get that Pop Star Look

We all know the power of makeup – it can transform an most people into a superstar. With the increasing popularity of K-Pop music, Korean style makeup has become a big trend recently. In the West, classic winged eyeliner and contouring are some of the favorite tricks for celebrities. Today, we are going to show you how you can do your makeup like a star. 

Korean Pop Stars’ Makeup

The emphasis of Korean star makeup is a moisturized, radiant and natural complexion. On top of that, the K-Pop stars like to draw thin, upward eyeliner to accentuate their eyes. They also prefer straight, thick eyebrows and gradient lip makeup.

1. Foundation: To get that dewy, glowy look, after priming your face, use a BB cushion and gently pad it over your face. It will give a sheer, luminous finish you often see in Korean singers and actresses. Another method is to apply 1-2 drops of face oil over your regular foundation, focusing on the cheekbone and T-zone, thus giving a radiant complexion. 

2. Eyeshadow: The Korean eye makeup emphasizes a simple, natural look. Pick a light orange or champagne shimmery eyeshadow and apply it all over the eye lids. 

3. Eyeliner: This is the essential part of Korean star makeup. Using a pencil eyeliner, draw and dot on the inner eyelids. Then, taking a liquid eyeliner, draw a thin line on the upper eyelids and extend it upward for about 1cm from the outer corners of the eyes. This will give a smiling look to your eyes.

4. Mascara: Choose a volumizing mascara and apply it on your upper lashes to create mesmerizing volume. Follow by lengthening mascara on the lower lashes for bigger-looking eyes. 

5. Eyebrows:
Thick, soft and straight brows are desired by Koreans because they give a gentle appearance that is youthful and baby-like. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw straight lines on the front and bottom edges of your brows. Then, fill in the eyebrow with brow powder or a brow pencil. 

6. Blush: Since a natural complexion is preferred, the Korean stars usually put on a hint of pink on their faces only. Use a pale pink or purple pink blush and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. 

7. Lips:
This is another focus of the K-Pop makeup look. The gradient lip look is a huge trend in Korea right now. Dot a red or pink lip tint / lipstick on the inner side of your lips. Smooth the color out a bit by dapping it with your fingers.
Be careful not to dap it on the outer edge of your lips, otherwise you will lose the gradient effect.

Western Pop Stars’ Makeup

When talking about Western Pop Stars’ Makeup, we are generally referring to the US. Pop singers such as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are often seen with their signature winged eyeliner, bright red lips and a perfectly highlighted and contoured face. Let’s see how they do it:

Winged eyeliner: After applying your foundation, you can move on to the eyeliner. Winged eyeliner is a classic look and yet still very popular today. You will need an angled brush and an eyeliner gel. Using your brush, draw an upward line from the outer corner of your eye. Then, apply the eyeliner close to your lash line. Join up these two lines and fill in the gaps with more eyeliner gel, and you’re done. 

Contouring & Highlighting: Contouring can help enhance the cheekbones and slim your face while highlighting can give a gorgeous glow to your face.

To contour, use a shading powder that is one shade darker than your skin, and apply on the each side of your nose (to make it look slimmer), under the jawline (to slim the face), around the hairline (to warm the face) and the underside of the cheekbone (to strengthen your bone structure).

To highlight, choose a highlighting product that is similar to the color of your skin and without noticeable sparkles, which can look unnatural. Highlight the bridge and tip of your nose, the high point of cheekbone (to define the cheek), the area between the brows, and the eyebrow arches.

Follow with smokey eyes for bigger eyes and your favorite blush.

Red lips: red lips and winged liner are perfect match and the latest trend among Western celebrities and models.
Fill in your lips with a red lip liner of your choice and apply a lipstick in the same shade.


With these few simple tricks, you can create a celebrity-like makeup look easily. Do you have any tips on doing a glamorous star makeup? Share with us in the comments!

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