The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

Having your eyebrows done right will not only help bring out your eyes, but also improve your face’s overall symmetry. Learn about which eyebrow shape suits your face and look younger and beautiful.

Round Face
If your face is round, you should make your eyebrows very angular as a rounder face lacks definition. High-arched and perfectly angled brows can define your facial bone structure.

Square Face
To soften the angularity of a square jaw, rounded eyebrows are the way to go. But beware of making your eyebrows appear too round, as you do not want to create a rainbow shape.

Long Face
A long face makes your features look vertically stretched out. It is important to extend the tails of eyebrows beyond the outer corner of the eyes to play up the horizontal features and balance the face shape.

Heart-Shaped Face
Due to a petite jaw line and emphasis on the upper part of the face, it is best to keep eyebrows thin, well-manicured and exceptionally groomed. The tight eyebrows on the top part of the face will serve to balance a smaller chin.

Oval Face
For this well-proportioned face shape, classic, balanced eyebrows are a perfect choice.

The right eyebrows will make you look fresh, rested, and more attractive. Raise an eyebrow with perfectly groomed brows!

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