Top 3 Nails Ideas For Fall / Winter 2016

by Brenda Chan

Much like the rest of a total look, from clothings, shoes, makeup to accessories, the nails are an essential part to completing your beauty look. Somehow, they seem to set the moods of your outfit, playing it up or toning it down. For this fall/winter, we see the nail trends going minimal, with a play in color combination and the use of simple ornaments to create subtly beautiful, elegant digits. 

Using Two Or More Colors

Applying two different or more pure nail colors is the biggest trend for 2016 fall/winter. We have seen various photos of this nail style being shared on social media. Grey is the perfect color for the cooler season. You can combine a light and a dark shade of grey with nude polishes to create a very warm and harmonious effect. If you are not a fan of minimalism, you can play it up by adding a shiny nail color for more glamour.

Via Pinterest, credit to article from goodhousekeeping.com

Via Pinterest, credit to nailartbuzz.com 

If you are like me, who has a wardrobe filled with dark color clothes, a brighter nail color is your go-to pick. I don’t normally go for denim shade as the color is too bright, but when it is paired up with grey color, it looks so much cooler and chic! Definitely going to try this color combination next time!

Via Pinterest, credit to Brit Morin

Deep Color Lacquer

Winter is the season of deep colors. Black long coats, brown ankle boots, deep red lips... your outfit will not be complete without a deep color manicure. Dark, rich nail polishes give your look a more “wintry” feel, and make you more feminine. Dark polishes always go well with gold glitters. You can add some glitters to your nails and make them all shiny and bright! It will surely attract a lot of attention in a party or when you are simply strolling down the street. 

Via Pinterest, credit to Emma Cooper JEWE

Via Pinterest, credit to Emma Cooper

Add In Some Lines Or Rhinestones 

Minimalism is widely popular in the beauty world recently, as seen in nude makeup, natural hair style and simple dressing style, just to name a few, so is it for the nail trend this season. “Simple is the best”. It is true when it comes to choosing your nail style this fall and winter. Simply draw lines or add rhinestones to your digits to create gorgeous, stylish-looking manis.

Via Pinterest, credit to Nadyana Magazine

Minimal has maximum appeal and this is seen in the 2016-17 Fall/Winter Paris Fashion Week where Delpozo presents a nail design on a model with clear background and simple line down the center of the nail.

Credit to fashionisers.com

If sparkly things are your favourite, then pure nail color with a touch of rhinestones is the style to go for. The sparkling stones on pink, nude polish add glamour to this simple, modern look that you'll certainly love.

Via Pinterest, credit to article from Popsugar 

Essential Items For Perfectly Gorgeous Nails

When it comes to creating beautiful manicure, choosing the suitable nail polishes and nail care products are important. Here’re some of my all-time favorite products for gorgeous, healthy and strong nails.

OPI Start To Finish (Base & Top Coat)

This is a breakthrough, three-in-one nail treatment that combines a base coat, top coat and natural nail strengthener in one high-performance product.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour

Delivering high-shine color and gloss, this formula contains bioceramides of natural origin and ceramides for hardening, nourishing and protecting actions.

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go 

Contains Vitamin E plus Avocado, Sunflower, Sesame, and Kukui Nut oils, this nail care gel replenishes essential moisture and lipids. It comes in a convenient, go-anywhere tube with soft-touch brush, which is perfect for pocket or purse.

Which of the above nail styles is your favorite? They are all easy, manageable and you can do them yourself at home. Try them to complement different outfits and enhance your beauty look this fall and winter!

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