Top 4 Autumn Lip Care Tips

----By Kylie Tang----

We feel so cosy in autumn yet it recalls your unpleasant experience on lips – you find them always dry, chapped and painful even though you have put on much lip balm…...These are what you may not know: the thickness of the skin on lips is only 1/3 (!) of that of the other skin on the body, with no oil glands acting as a barrier for it. Its thinness makes it so fragile. You must have experienced hurt and painful lips in autumn before.

Never omit lips protection techniques! You may spend this autumn trying these Do's and Don’ts, and you may have big surprises! 

Do Lip Exfoliation

You would find skincare products work more effectively on impurity-free lips! Never tear off dead and cracked skins directly (you are brave!) and maintain regular lip exfoliation (lips definitely need it). Have a massage at least once a week. A warm towel may help softening your lips, followed by a good scrub. sara happ the lip scrub™ helps eliminating dry and flaky skin. It is enriched with Grape and Jojoba Seed Oil that make your lips feel hydrated. Don’t forget to work cautiously on your fragile lips.

Do Always Prepare A Good Lip Balm

Look for a good lip balm with the right nutrients. In autumn, we need to know these typical names: Coconut oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Beeswax, etc., which help moisturize your lips. Although sunlight may not be so vigorous recently, we need a product with SPF to reinforce protection.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15 is a good choice. It is a super-protective stick with great ingredients like Castor Seed Oil and Vitamin E that treat your lips to eight hour care. With this lip protectant stick, your lips become soft, moisturized and smooth. A SPF 15 basis is also fascinating!

L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Lip Balm Stick is good enough with Shea Butter and Castor Oil which nourish, repair and protect the lips. It leaves your lips comfortable, supple and soft, at a very beautiful price!

Know the proper way to put on lip balm? Apply it on your lips and press them together for 5 seconds to ensure it absorb completely. Use your lipstick afterwards. Moreover, your lips need a mask at night! Apply a liberal amount on lips. Gently clean with a cotton pad after 15 minutes. Your lips will become supple again!  

Don’t Lick Lips Anymore!

Licking your lips may bring them moisture……for an instant only! You feel that your lips are hydrated after licking them but you shall get rid of this habit from now on. It dehydrates lips and what is even worse is that saliva contains digestive enzymes which will destroy the protective barrier on lips, especially under the dry climate. Better prepare a good balm instead of keeping a bad, lip-licking habit.

Why not keeping a dermatologist-recommended skincare brand lipstick? Say goodbye to painful and dry patches. La Roche-Posay Nutritic Levres Lips is renowned for its long-lasting smoothing effect.

Don’t Get Dehydrated…

Drinking adequate water is good for your body, skin and lips! (At least 8 cups daily). Cups of water bring you changes. Have a try for a week if you haven’t done so before.

You do not need the greatest lip balm but excellent and effective protection techniques! Healthy lips will definitely help you become confident and pretty. Share them with your friends!

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