Celebrating Elizabeth Arden: Discounts on Signature Items

Elizabeth Arden was an exceptional woman, a pioneer in beauty and in business. She was the sole owner of Elizabeth Arden cosmetics and one of the richest woman in the world at the peak of her career. She was one of the first to promote an understanding of scientific formulas to nourish and beautify skin, and her excellent products are the staples of many women’s beauty routines around the world to this day.

Discounts on the signature products

To celebrate this powerful woman and her brand, we have discounted some of the most popular and revered Elizabeth Arden products for you at COSME-DE.COM, so get clicking and get your discount on one of the world’s most effective product ranges.

The skin around our eyes is delicate and thin, and one of the first places to show aging and wrinkling. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum are pure, potent, intensive single dose capsules that help fight fine lines and crow's feet and give eyes a virtually lifted, smoother, brighter look. Using these magical capsules visibly lifts and contours the look of sagging skin in the eye area. The product supports natural collagen levels to give skin a firmer, less lined appearance. It contains natural skin soothers which help calm skin and relieve puffiness, and the eye area appears re-texturized and visibly younger. It’s an absolute winner! And it can be used by everyone, even those with very sensitive skin.

If you have read interviews with models, actresses and beauty gurus, they are often asked what their most often used products are. Nearly every time these high flyers will reply –Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. This super-moisturising balm is a must-have in your hand bag – used for many things. It prevents skin drying out when exposed to air conditioning and central heating, it helps relieve any skin conditions such as roughness, redness, chapped lips, cracked heels or dry cuticles. It adds shine to eyelids, cheeks, lips and legs. It can be used before or after waxing and shaving and can be used as a moisturizing, soothing after-sun balm. The only thing it doesn’t do is make you a cup of tea!

For one of the freshest, cleanest and most gorgeous fragranced body creams, look no further than a tub of this super-moisturising all over body cream, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. Infused with real honey and green tea extract, this is a euphoric blend that soothes and calms skin with the most rejuvenating scent.

So, we would like to celebrate Elizabeth by giving you a chance to try some of the most successful product ranges – if you haven’t tried them before, do it now, you will be hooked!

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