Summer Grooming From Tips to Toes – Taking Care Of Your Hands And Feet

Part of being super-groomed extends to being cared for from the tips of your fingers to the tops of your toes! And in summer, our feet do not want to be closed in tight, restrictive shoes. Firstly, it’s just too hot, and secondly it is our chance to show off lovely summer nail colours in beautiful sandals and strappy high heels for the club at night. To do this, you need to make sure your feet are in tip-top shape. As for your hands, well, more of us are on display in summer, so we need to make sure our hands are as beautiful and groomed as the rest of us!

Cute Cuticles
To start with, you need to make sure your cuticles are cared for, on all ten of your fingers and your toes! Cuticles are actually part of your skin that sit atop your nail and provide a barrier of protection for your nail bed. It is never advisable to cut the cuticles, as this could open you up to a painful infection. If you want to push them back, you can soak your hands in warm water and then very gently push them back with an orange stick. As with all skin, your cuticles need moisture, and an ideal product to do just this is Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. You can give your fingers and toes a natural, moisturising treat that softens the cuticles and fortifies the nails with sweet almond oil, vitamin E and cocoa butter, with the beeswax sealing in the goodness. The best bit is the lemon oil, which makes your nails appear and smell just delightful! All you need to do is massage into your cuticles once a day, or for an intensive overnight treatment, add a little extra before going to bed.

Wrap Your Hands In Fragrant Moisture

Keeping your hands soft and moisturised all the time is vital, and it’s wonderful to have a tube of something that works a treat and smells delicious in your handbag. If you have sensitive skin on your hands (and let’s be honest – the poor hands are always busy and out in the elements), you can repair and care with the heavenly NUXE Rêve de Miel Hand And Nail Cream. Wrap your hands in the non-greasy softness of rose, avocado and sweet almond oils, with acacia honey working hard to repair any damage to your skin, as well as providing elasticity – your hands will thank you for it!

Foot Fetish

And then there are our poor dear feet, trussed up in socks and closed shoes all winter, punished with high heels and stood on all day long! Summer is the time to give these hard workers some love and attention, and slip them into some gorgeous sandals with a lovely nail colour. If your feet have hard skin and calluses, it’s easy to reverse this with a moisturising foot balm that softens and smooths the hardened skin to make feet pretty and camera-ready again! Koelf Foot Care Peeling Balm is the product to the rescue, and is especially great for pampering feet after prolonged wearing of high heels. We know it looks fantastic, but your feet can take a real beating! After cleansing and drying your feet, just massage the peeling balm into your feet until it is fully absorbed. If it’s a major rescue operation, use morning and night until your feet are as smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom!

It is a great idea to alternate your high heels with flat shoes and a medium heel. This gives your feet a break, and your calf muscles get a bit of a workout too with the different activation depending on what type of shoe you are wearing.

Get your colour on!
Now that you have given your nails, hands and feet some tender, loving care, it’s time to choose some colour. And the choice is so vast and endless, how do you know which one to choose? Luckily, you don’t have to stick to one colour, you can keep changing with your moods and looks! So, either just choose a shade that looks great to you, or choose shades that complement your skin tone.
If you have a light skin, you will rock pastels and brights – steer toward nudes that have a pink undertone, cool (blue-toned) reds, all the pinks can work and navy is a great hue for you! For medium olive toned skin, you can plump for orangey reds, peachy pinks, intense blue and deep (grape) purple. For darker skins, go for the brightest pinks (fuchsia), a berry purple, bright cobalt blue and deep reds.
Try Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colours, in a range of gorgeous shades for a glossy, high shine colour that nourishes, hardens and protects your nails.

Keep your hard working hands and fighting fit feet looking fabulous this summer, to be the one who is truly well-groomed, from tips to toes!

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