Three Simple Ways to Fight Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be an unfortunate reality for women who have undergone surgery, had a baby, or experienced significant changes in their weight. 

With cosmetic procedures such as laser treatment and microdermabrasion costing hundreds of dollars, some women may feel hopeless and simply accept that they will have to live with stretch marks forever.

However, there are simple steps you can take to prevent and treat stretch marks.  Here are three easy ways to fight against stretch marks so you can feel more confident in your own skin:

1. Increase Your Vitamin D Intake

Getting enough vitamin D could stop stretch marks in their tracks.  In a study published in a 2015 edition of Dermatology Research & Practice, researchers found that women who experienced stretch marks after surgery had significantly lower blood levels of vitamin D when compared to women who did not develop stretch marks following the same surgical procedure.  

As the study authors explained, vitamin D is involved in skin regulation.  Keep your own skin looking healthy by taking a vitamin D supplement or by upping your intake of vitamin-fortified milk and cheese.

2. Turn to Almond Oil

The research has shown that almond oil can prevent the development of stretch marks. Scientists for a 2012 publication of the Journal of Clinical Nursing analyzed the impact of almond oil on the development of stretch marks in pregnant women.  Study results showed that women who massaged with almond oil for 15 minutes were significantly less likely to experience stretch marks.  

The women massaged themselves with almond oil every other day between the 19th and 32nd weeks of pregnancy and daily after week 32 to achieve this effect.  Find almond oil at a health food store or Internet retailer to stop the development of stretch marks.  

3. Invest in Bio Oil

Numerous products currently on the market claim to possess the ability to eliminate stretch marks, and it turns out that Bio Oil is in fact effective.  In a 2009 study in the journal South African Family Practice, researchers compared the impact of Bio Oil to that of women's normal moisturizing routines.   Study participants had stretch marks on their stomachs, and they applied Bio Oil to one side of their abdomen twice daily for 12 weeks, while simply moisturizing the other side.  

After four weeks, the women noticed significant improvements in stretch marks in the areas treated with Bio Oil, and objective laboratory tests showed significant improvements after just two weeks.  You can find Bio Oil, which is moderately priced, at most drug stores and mass retailers.

Bio-Oil Nature Skincare Oil

Bio-Oil is the No.1 selling and award-winning specialist skincare product that is clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars, pregnancy stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. 

Bio-Oil helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone caused by hormonal fluctuations, skin-lighteners or excessive sun exposure. Visible as dark patches on the face or body, uneven skin tone often becomes most apparent during pregnancy, menopause or after exposure to high volumes of UV light.
Bio-Oil Nature Skincare Oil
Bio-Oil Nature Skincare Oil

With products like Bio Oil, you can treat stretch marks at home without spending hundreds of dollars on cosmetic procedures.  If you are pregnant or preparing for a surgery, you can be proactive with measures such as taking a vitamin D supplement or applying almond oil.  If you are already experiencing stretch marks as a result of childbirth or weight gain, Bio Oil could significantly improve the appearance of your skin.  By using the aforementioned simple strategies, there is no need to undergo laser treatments or microdermabrasion.

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